Top iOS apps and games of the week #34

The Flappy Bird successor, the latest official Star Wars game and a new addition to the Assassin’s Creed franchise are just some of the goodies to look forward to in our selection of top games this week. There are several interesting new apps as well, including Google’s Photo Sphere Camera, the all new Star Walk for star-gazing and an app which lets you record a ‘selfie karaoke’. Intrigued? Read on for our roundup of the top iOS apps and games of the week.


Product Hunt_iconProduct Hunt (Free)

Product Hunt, the service that helps you find the latest tech products, apps, websites and more, has launched its first iOS app. The service unearths the coolest new tech products from around the world on a daily basis, and is popular among geeks and tech enthusiasts. The app displays new and trending products, lets you see what others are searching for, vote for and comment on favourite products, and follow Q&A discussions with founders. 

Product Hunt_1 Product Hunt_2 Product Hunt_3

Photo Sphere Camera_iconPhoto Sphere Camera (Free)

Photo Sphere Camera is a new photography app for the iPhone made by Google. The app lets you create 360-degree photos, which can be viewed not only side-to-side, but also up and down, giving you a complete view of the captured scene. Photos can be shared with friends, or even be published to Google Maps. It’s worth noting that the app works only with the iPhone 4s and later.

Photo Sphere Camera_1 Photo Sphere Camera_2 Photo Sphere Camera_3

Star Walk 2_iconStar Walk 2 (Rs 120)

Star Walk, the popular star-gazing app, has been completely revamped in an all new avatar. The app lets you point your iPhone or iPad towards the sky, and displays stars, constellations and comets around your location through real-time tracking, complete with illustrations and a soundtrack. With additional in-app purchases, you can view 3D models of planetary nebulae, constellations, dwarf planets, comets, asteroids and even man-made satellites.

Star Walk 2_1 Star Walk 2_2 Star Walk 2_3

Camu_iconCamu (Free)

Camu is a simple camera app that lets you apply live filters to photos and videos. You can simply swipe to change filters, and use the slider to adjust intensity. Other features include the ability to create real time collages, Super Focus to tap anywhere on the screen to refocus, and Auto Mode to automatically take a selfie when no movement is detected. You can also add text to photos, adjusting the style, size and position. The most interesting feature of the app is its inbuilt messaging service, which lets you share photos, videos and chat privately with friends.

Camu_1 Camu_2 Camu_3

McDowells No 1 Karaoke_iconMcDowell’s No 1 Karaoke (Free)

The McDowell’s No 1 Karaoke app has been updated with a bunch of new features powered by Hungama. The app now features over 150 titles, including regional tracks in Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi and Bengali. The highlight of the app is its “Selfie Karaoke” feature, where you’ll be able to watch and record yourself singing. A Platinum upgrade is in the works, which will include video karaoke, English titles and sharing to Facebook and Twitter.

McDowells No 1 Karaoke_1 McDowells No 1 Karaoke_2 McDowells No 1 Karaoke_3


Swing Copters_iconSwing Copters (Free)

The creator of the now-extinct Flappy Bird is back, and he’s got a new bird up his sleeve. Swing Copters borrows many features from its predecessor, including the retro graphics, sound effects, one-touch gameplay and of course, its legendary difficulty. In this game, the bird wears a helicopter hat, and moves vertically instead of horizontally. The obstacles here are swinging hammers, and you need to tap the screen to change the bird’s flying direction. The game is ad-supported, but you can remove ads with a small in-app purchase. You can read about our first experience with the game here

Swing Copters_1 Swing Copters_2 Swing Copters_3

Pirate Bash_iconPirate Bash (Free)

Pirate Bash is a physics-based adventure game, where you play a fearsome eye-patch wearing captain of an unruly band of pirates. Leading your crew, you’ll discover islands, do battle with inhabitants, navigate the seas, engage in nautical combat and of course, uncover buried treasure.  You’ll also need to recruit allies like skeletons, ninjas and archers, collect equipment to unlock special abilities, and destroy the competition in player vs player combat.

Pirate Bash_1 Pirate Bash_2

Assassins Creed Memories_iconAssassin’s Creed Memories (Free)

The latest title in the Assassin’s Creed franchise combines elements of an RPG, card battle and strategy game. In the game, you’ll be able to explore multiple historical periods, like the Third Crusade, Golden Age of Piracy, Feudal Japan and the Mongolian Empire. You can don the robes of familiar and new assassins, collect weapons from different eras, customise your appearance and send allies out on contract to bring back extra rewards. The game also features intense multiplayer combat, letting you join a 20-member Assassin’s Guild for epic battles. 

Assassins Creed Memories_1 Assassins Creed Memories_2 Assassins Creed Memories_3

Star Wars Commander_iconStar Wars: Commander (Free)

LucasArts has released its latest Star Wars game, where you get to side with the Empire or Rebellion. Depending on the faction you choose, you’ll have to train troops and add defenses to your base. You’ll also lead strategic battles against enemies and other players throughout the galaxy, build alliances, and call on iconic characters like Han Solo and Princess Leia for help. The game lets you explore different planets and take up missions, including a new story where you’ll play the leader of a Galactic Civil War.

Star Wars Commander_1 Star Wars Commander_2

Deep Under the Sea_iconDeep Under the Sky (Rs 190)

Featuring intricate, psychedelic graphics, Deep Under the Sea is a unique physics-based game where you don the role of a jellyfish. In the game, you’ll be exploring a colourful new world, where your task is to bring new life by planting babies in nests. The game uses only one button, but you’ll need to control your movements to either lurch forward, or explode to dispel babies. The game features four worlds, over 80 levels and a unique soundtrack.

Deep Under the Sea_1 Deep Under the Sea_2

App of the Week

Atom Run (Free)

This week’s App of the Week freebie is the futuristic platform game Atom Run. The game is set in the year 2264, where you’ll play the robot Elgo who’s on a mission to find atoms and molecules required to create new life.   

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