Top iOS apps and games of the week #32

In this week’s selection of iOS games, you’ll be able to indulge your god complex, exercise your grey cells or just let go and embrace your inner high-diving zombie. We’ve also shortlisted a couple of neat productivity tools, a colourful new email app and the all-new Foursquare


MailMag_iconMailMag (Free)

MailMag is a visual new email app that lets you add multiple accounts. The app automatically organises each account into a separate ‘magazine’, but you can create custom magazines based on contacts or groups. It even displays all attachments like documents and photos in one location to make them easier to find and view. There’s also a reschedule option that reminds you to deal with unanswered emails. MailMag doesn’t save email addresses, passwords or contacts on its servers, and all sensitive information is stored on your device instead. 

MailMag_1 MailMag_2 MailMag_3

Foursquare_iconFoursquare (Free)

After porting its popular check-in functionality to a new app called Swarm, Foursquare has been reinvented into a location-based recommendations app. You can choose your specific tastes in food, drink and venues from a database of over 10,000 options, and the app will also pull suggestions based on your past check-ins. Foursquare will then tell you which venues cater to your tastes nearby. Once you reach a place, you’ll get insider tips of what’s good, and be able to leave a few tips of your own. The app lets you follow influencers, and connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to see which places your friends have visited.

Foursquare_1 Foursquare_2 Foursquare_3

HelloTV_iconHelloTV (Free)

HelloTV lets you watch your favourite TV channels on your iOS device through a mix of free and subscription-based content. There are over 130 live TV channels on offer, as well as popular movies, short films, videos and TV shows. If you choose to subscribe, the app automatically charges your iTunes account. Content is available in English and a variety of regional languages, and there’s also a program guide to see what’s on. The app works on 2G, 3G and Wi-Fi, and can be accessed across multiple devices including a TV once you’ve registered. 

HelloTV_1 HelloTV_2 HelloTV_3

Alter_iconAlter (Rs 60)

Alter is a useful productivity app that alters a static list into an interactive to-do list. If you’ve ever typed a list in a text message, email or note-taking app, you’ll know how annoying it is to convert it into a proper to-do list in another app. With Alter, you just need to copy and paste a chunk of text into the app, and it automatically gets converted into a checklist. The app even lets you rearrange items, move them up or down, and delete them when you’re done. 

Alter_1 Alter_2 Alter_3

PandaDoc_iconPandaDoc (Free)

PandaDoc is a free electronic signing app for the iPad which lets you add legally binding signatures to PDF documents. You get three free documents to start off with, and three more for each friend you invite. You can add fields for electronic signatures, dates and checkboxes, assign recipients to fill out specific fields, comment and collaborate with others in real time, and export documents when done. For security, the app provides a signature certificate, timestamp and IP address, and unique barcode identifier for documents. It also offers Dropbox, Box and OneDrive integration. 

PandaDoc_1 PandaDoc_2


Zombie High Dive_iconZombie High Dive (Free)

In Zombie High Dive, you’ll play Hubo, a zombie with an insatiable desire for competitive diving. You’ll compete in various competitions, leaping, spinning and executing the perfect landing to impress the panel of undead judges. There are a few obstacles along the jump, and you’ll need to dodge these if you want to avoid losing any rotting body parts. The app features several leagues, weekly diving competitions, daily dives and even a boss battle.

Zombie High Dive_1 Zombie High Dive_2

Godus_iconGodus (Free)

Acclaimed game designer Peter Molyneux has released his new ‘God Game’ on iOS. In Godus, you’ll play the supreme being who has full control over civilisation and the Earth’s landscape. You’ll be able to mould the landscape to your liking, adding rivers and forests, and uncovering buried wealth and mysteries along the way. If you’ve got a sadistic streak, you can also choose to wreak destruction in the form of fires and meteors. Since you’re God, you’ll be loved and worshipped by tiny followers. You’ll watch them grow and evolve from the primitive age, and guide them to embark on voyages and explore new lands.  

Godus_1 Godus_2

Ice Age Adventures _iconIce Age Adventures (Free)

Ice Age Adventures is the newest addition to the popular Ice Age franchise of mobile games. Thanks to the consequences of Scrat the squirrel’s unending quest to find the cursed acorn, Manny, Diego and the rest of the herd have been swept out to sea. Playing as Sid the silly sloth, you’ll need to rescue your furry friends and bring them home to safety. You’ll do this by playing various mini games, which includes a match-three type puzzle and endless runner. You’ll also be able to explore different environments, defeat villains, and uncover secret treasures.

Ice Age Adventures _1 Ice Age Adventures _2

Rules_iconRules! (Rs 120)

Rules! is a challenging puzzle game that starts out with the simple premise of asking you to tap tiles in descending numerical order. The next level adds a rule, telling you to tap green tiles first. Each following level adds a different rule, such as watching out for unicorns, phones and odd numbers, and you’ll need to tap tiles in the correct order to move forward. There are over a hundred levels to complete, with new game mechanics being introduced in later levels.

Rules_1 Rules_2 Rules_3

Primitives_iconPrimitives (Free)

Primitives is a unique puzzle adventure that requires you to guide shapes called ‘primitives’ along a path to the finish line. You’ll have to collect gold stars, avoid colliding into walls, and interact with colours and triggers. In each level you’ll get one of three possible shapes – square, triangle and circle – each with varying speeds. The game offers over 90 levels, with bonus levels to unlock when you earn enough stars.

Primitives_1 Primitives_2

App of the Week

Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile (Free)

This week Apple is giving away Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile for free. The popular drawing app is ideal for artists, doodlers or anyone who likes to sketch, and offers over 60 brush presets, a colour wheel, the ability to record time lapses and iCloud support.

Also check out Dragon Quest IV, Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery: Episode 2 and Time Tangle: Adventure Time.

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