Top iOS apps and games of the week #31

Headlining the App Store this week is the long-awaited interactive adventure 80 Days, based on the famous Jules Verne novel. There’s also the latest installment in Sega’s Crazy Taxi series, and the Kickstarter-backed monster-catching RPG Micromon. Notable launches on the app front include smart time assistant Timeful, and MapMyIndia‘s official navigation app.


Clima_iconClima (Rs 60)

Clima is a minimalist new weather app that visually depicts the current temperature and weather through a series of coloured bars. You can also check the hourly/daily forecasts, precipitation, sunrise and sunset times, wind speeds and humidity. The app features a swipe-driven interface and lets you specify your preferred measurement units for temperature and wind speed.

Clima_1 Clima_2 Clima_3

NPR One_iconNPR One (Free)

NPR One, the public radio network, has launched a new iOS app that provides a curated stream of radio news and stories. The app creates a mix of radio segments based on your location and interests, and will never duplicate content you’ve already listened to. It also lets you search for your favourite shows and podcasts, skip, rewind and pause while listening, and even share stories with friends. 

NPR One_1 NPR One_2 NPR One_3

NaviMaps_iconNaviMaps (Free)

MapMyIndia‘s official navigation app, NaviMaps, has just been launched on the App Store. It offers features like turn-by-turn voice navigation, 3D maps and three alternative routes for each destination. You can download maps for your zone for offline access, share your location with others, and view live traffic too. The maps are available for four zones in India (north, south, east and west), as well as for Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

NaviMaps_1 NaviMaps_2 NaviMaps_3

Timeful_iconTimeful (Free)

Timeful is an ‘intelligent time assistant’ that combines your calendars and to-do lists for better time management. You can drag your to-do items to your calendar to create reminders, create and schedule habits to repeat daily, weekly or monthly, and sideline events to create more time for important tasks. Timeful will create your schedule once it learns your personal routine, suggesting times when you can complete specific tasks or tackle goals.

Timeful_1 Timeful_2 Timeful_3

Indiegogo_iconIndiegogo (Free)

Popular crowd-funding platform Indiegogo has globally released its iOS app. The app lets you search for and follow campaigns, discover recommended campaigns and share campaigns with friends. If you’re running a campaign, the app will send you a notification for every new contribution made, and let you manage comments, post updates, view contributors, send personal messages and run promotions on social networks. 

Indiegogo_1 Indiegogo_2 Indiegogo_3


80 Days_icon80 Days (Rs 300)

Inspired by the Jules Verne novel ‘Around The World in 80 Days’, this interactive steampunk-style adventure follows the travels of Phileas Fogg, who makes a bet that he can travel the world in 80 days. Playing as his assistant Passepartout, you’ll have to make choices that will determine your relationship with your master and the final outcome of the adventure. The game features 150 cities to explore, a script with over 500,000 words, an original musical score, and a live feed where you can track the progress of other players around the world.

80 Days_1 80 Days_2 80 Days_3

Crazy Taxi_iconCrazy Taxi: City Rush (Free)

The latest installment in Sega’s Crazy Taxi series, Crazy Taxi: City Rush will put you in the driver’s seat of a cab, as you ferry passengers around the city by speeding, drifting, flying off ramps, swerving around corners and performing other wacky stunts. The game lets you customise and upgrade your cab, collect an entire fleet of taxis and complete a various missions and challenges. 

Crazy Taxi_1 Crazy Taxi_2 Crazy Taxi_3

Deep Loot_iconDeep Loot (Free)

In Deep Loot, you’ll explore the depths of the ocean to discover submerged treasure and lost ruins. Using the coins you earn, you’ll be able to upgrade your equipment and unlock bigger boats and diving suits, each with their own set of perks. The game features five unique depths, over 200 pieces of collectable loot, and several missions and achievements.

Deep Loot_1 Deep Loot_2

Micromon_iconMicromon (Rs 60)

Funded on Kickstarter, Micromon is a Pokemon-inspired monster catching RPG. Set in the world of Pixekai, you’ll need to capture, train and battle over 130 monsters. On your quest to become the top monster tamer in the realm, you’ll also uncover a storyline, complete missions, explore the world, challenge other tamers and customise your monster’s skills.

Micromon_1 Micromon_2

Puzzix_iconPuzzix (Free)

If you like puzzles, Puzzix is a match-three type game that combines intensive gameplay with a soothing soundtrack. The game starts off with a few puzzle pieces on the board, with a constant stream of more pieces flowing down from the top. You’ll need to fit at least three puzzle pieces into each other to knock pieces off the board, being careful not to touch the boundary line on top. Fitting four or more pieces will create a bomb that will clear more blocks. 

Puzzix_1 Puzzix_2 Puzzix_3

App of the week

Deemo (Free)

Free for the next week on the App Store is musical rhythm game Deemo. The game requires you to play different tracks on the piano to unlock more bits of the story. It features hand-drawn graphics, real instrumental feedback and over 33 songs from famous composers. 

Also worth checking out this week are Sharknado, Murl the Squirrel and Epic Skater.

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