Top iOS apps and games of the week #29

This week on the App Store, you can delve into an alternate reality with players from around the world, slay monsters with your best poker hand, and engage in some shoot-em-up with cowboys, ninjas and chickens. For the more faint hearted, we’ve shortlisted a useful new time-management tool, a social location-sharing app and a beautiful new Reddit client.


Hours Time Tracking_iconHours (Rs 300)

Created by an award-winning Apple design team, Hours is a slick new app that helps you track time spent on projects. Aimed primarily at professionals, the app lets you create different timers based on projects, clients and tasks, letting you start, stop and switch between them with a single tap. It features a timeline to show you how long you’ve spent on each project, and can email you a detailed report. Additionally, Hours can also send you timely reminders to start and stop a particular task.

Hours Time Tracking_1 Hours Time Tracking_2 Hours Time Tracking_3

Jink_iconJink (Free)

Jink is a useful location-sharing app, that aims to help you find and meet your friends easily. The process of sharing your location starts only once you choose to ‘Jink’ a friend. You can view each other’s location on a map, which is tracked in real time. The location-sharing ends as soon the app detects that you’re both in the same place. Jink can be used for group meet-ups, and also integrates a messaging feature. The app is available on Android too.

Jink_1 Jink_2 Jink_3

Feedworthy_iconFeedworthy (Free)

If you’re a Reddit user, Feedworthy is a gorgeous new client you should check out. If you’re logged into your account, you’ll see a floating horizontal list of all your sub-Reddits. If not, you’ll be greeted with a top featured list. The app also displays images, GIFs and photo albums in full-screen mode. You can view comments, vote on posts and share threads via Facebook, Twitter, email and more. There’s also a night mode for reading in the dark.

Feedworthy_1 Feedworthy_2 Feedworthy_3

Overcast_iconOvercast (Free)

Overcast is a brand new podcasts app that lets you collect and listen to all your favourite podcasts in one place. You’ll be able to download podcasts for offline listening, create custom playlists, configure push-notifications for new episodes, subscribe to podcasts, or simply listen to a new show. The app also includes a ‘Voice Boost’ feature to improve speech volumes, and ‘Smart Speed’ to increase playback speeds by skipping over silences.

Overcast_1 Overcast_2 Overcast_3

MMR eFile_iconMMR eFile (Free)

The income-tax filing service MakeMyReturns has launched its first mobile app in the form of MMR eFile. The app lets you file your IT returns directly from your phone. You’ll need to log in, fill in personal info, salary and loan amounts, investments, and other details. The app provides a neat summary of your tax filing, and provides customer support from within the app, right until you file your taxes.

MMR eFile_1 MMR eFile_2 MMR eFile_3


Ingress_iconIngress (Free)

Google’s popular sci-fi augmented reality game Ingress was launched on iOS last week. The app centres around finding and gaining control of a mysterious energy that is capable of influencing humankind. In the game, you’ll need to choose a side – ‘The Enlightened’ who want to use the energy to influence humanity, or ‘The Resistance’ who want to defend humans from its effects. The app uses your location, requiring you to walk around your neighbourhood and find sources of energy. You’ll be able to capture territory, ally with others, track the progress throughout the world, and communicate with other users using an ‘Intelligence map’.

Ingress_1 Ingress_2 Ingress_3

Swords & Poker Adventures_iconSwords & Poker Adventures (Free)

Swords & Poker Adventures is a puzzle adventure game that lets you to battle your enemies by playing poker. The turn-based game offers a shared deck of cards, and your objective is to play the best five-card poker hand to win. The better the hand, the more damage you do to your opponents. You can choose from a vast array of weapons, shields and magic to arm yourself for each round. The game also features a storyline, several unlockable items and the ability to play against friends.

Swords & Poker Adventures_1 Swords & Poker Adventures_2 Swords & Poker Adventures_3

Ninja Up_iconNinja UP! (Free)

Ninja UP! is a new endless jumper game, that tasks you with sending a little pixelated ninja flying high in the sky. You control his movement by drawing trampolines on the screen. The smaller the trampoline, the higher the jump is, but you’ll need to be wary of dangerous obstacles, UFOs and other bad ninjas in your way. The game lets you jump all the way to the moon, and if logged into Facebook, displays your friends’ highest achievements too. 

Ninja Up_1 Ninja Up_2 Ninja Up_3

Mad Bullets_iconMad Bullets (Free)

Mad Bullets is an old-school fast-paced arcade shooter with 3D graphics. Set in the Wild Wild West, you’ll walk the streets of an old town, shooting at the scenery and enemies in your path. Using a simple tap-to-shoot control, you’ll be able to blow up crates and boxes to collect coins and ammo, shoot enemies and even destroy bullets coming your way. The bad guys are outlined in red, while the good guys are in green. The game is set across three detailed locations, and offers 50 levels, 200 missions, 33 achievements and upgradable equipment. A dubstep soundtrack and silly characters like ninjas, chickens, cowboys and piranhas will keep you entertained.

Mad Bullets_1 Mad Bullets_2

Zombie Commando_iconZombie Commando (Rs 120)

Zombie Commando puts you in command of a team of eight zombie slayers, who must travel the world and weed out the zombie menace terrorising the world. You’ll be able to unlock new characters as you complete levels, and swap them to rearrange your team. It’s not all slaying though, you’ll also need to rescue civilians, complete missions and escort VIPs to safety. Featuring 16-bit graphics, the game offers 50 levels, 15 playable classes, 5 bosses and 18 zombie types.

Zombie Commando_1 Zombie Commando_2

App of the Week

Cinamatic (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is Cinamatic, a fun video app from the creators of Hipstamatic. The app lets you create stop-motion pictures by recording and combining multiple short clips. You can then apply filters and share your creations to Vine, Instagram and Facebook. 

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