Top iOS apps and games of the week #28

Puzzles and platformers dominate the latest iOS games this week, with the graphics-laden Hellraid: The Escape, and new point-and-click adventure series Blackwell hitting the App Store. You’ll also be able to get your hands on a fun new GIF creator, an app to help you create Buzzfeed-style lists, and an interactive educational storybook for kids.


Astropolo_iconAstropolo (Rs 190)

An educational app for kids, Astropolo offers eight mini interactive stories designed to help children improve their visual, auditory and motor skills. The app requires kids to perform tasks like pairing objects, singing, drawing and more. The games include singing Zleepy, the friendly alien to sleep, helping Santa find his lost reindeer, and cheering the space rocket as it takes off. For kids’ safety, the app is devoid of ads, social network requests and personal data requirements.

Astropolo_1 Astropolo_2

Ultratext_iconUltratext (Free)

Ultratext is a fun new messaging app that lets you easily create and send GIFs. All you need to do is type in text, change the background or font colour, and add an optional image or photo. The app will then instantly create a GIF for you, which you can choose to share via iMessageInstagramFacebook or email. The app is free to download only for a limited time.

Ultratext_1 Ultratext_2 Ultratext_3

Nike Football_iconNike Football (Free)

Nike has launched a new app to mark the brand’s association with football. The app aims to be a social network for football fans, letting you chat with friends, send football emoji, schedule games and keep track of which friends are coming to play. Users will also get the chance to chat with professional players, get access to exclusive content, and buy merchandise before it hits the shelves.  

Nike Football_1 Nike Football_2 Nike Football_3

Youtube Creator Studio_iconYouTube Creator Studio (Free)

Google has just launched the official YouTube Creator Studio app for the iPhone, to help you manage your YouTube channel on the go. You can check your latest stats, filter and respond to comments, get customised notifications, and monitor your channel with easy analytics. In addition, you’ll also be able to update your video details and settings from within the app. 

Youtube Creator Studio_1 Youtube Creator Studio_2 Youtube Creator Studio_3

Listicle_iconListicle (Free)

Ever wanted to create a Buzzfeed-style list? Listicle is an app that lets you do just that. You’ll be able to easily create lists, add photos, filters and captions, and share them with your friends via FacebookTwitterTumblrLinkedIn, email and more. The app is also a mini social network, letting you follow friends, discover lists and personalise your profile. You’ll even be able to like, comment and re-list interesting lists, and receive push notifications too.

Listicle_1 Listicle_2 Listicle_3


Beyond Gravity_iconBeyond Gravity (Rs 60)

Beyond Gravity is a platformer game that follows a brave astronaut who’s trying to collect parts of his spaceship that are scattered in space. You’ll need to help him jump between rotating planets, collecting as many components as you can. There are several goals, upgrades and power-ups to be unlocked, as well as score multipliers that will help you reach an all-high score. The game is devoid of in-app purchases.

Beyond Gravity_1 Beyond Gravity_2

Sonic Jump Fever_iconSonic Jump Fever (Free)

Sonic Jump Fever ditches the franchise’s traditional horizontal-running gameplay for a vertical jumping mode that requires you to propel Sonic from platform to platform, collecting all the rings in your path. The time-based game offers boosters, upgrades and unique character abilities. There’s also a frenzied ‘Fever’ mode for super-high speeds and big combos. The game offers several interesting levels, leaderboards and the ability to play different characters.

Sonic Jump Fever_1 Sonic Jump Fever_2 Sonic Jump Fever_3

Hellraid_iconHellraid: The Escape (Rs 190)

Hellraid: The Escape is an action-adventure game that relies on solving puzzles rather than combat to defeat enemies. Set in a strange world where you’ve been imprisoned by a sorcerer in a magical prison, you must escape by using your only your mental prowess to outwit the demon guards. The game offers an interesting storyline, free exploration, and gorgeous graphics powered by Unreal Engine 3. It promises free updates, and is free of any IAPs after the initial purchase.

Hellraid_1 Hellraid_2

Endless Skater_iconTransworld Endless Skater (Free)

This skateboarding game will have you skating through school halls and jumping between buildings, as you learn to master over 30 tricks including grinds, grabs, spins and flips. You’ll get to choose from five pro skaters to play, each with their own skills and goals, with the ultimate aim of getting them on the cover of the Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. You can choose to complete various missions, or play in the endless ‘Target Score’ gameplay mode, racking up a new high score.

Endless Skater_1 Endless Skater_2

Blackwell_iconBlackwell 1: The Legacy (Rs 120)

Blackwell 1: The Legacy is the first installment in a new point-and-click adventure series. You’ll play Rosa Blackwell, a journalist who also has the ability to talk to the dead, as she embarks on a quest to put the ghosts of New York City to rest. Aided by spirit guide Joey Malone, you’ll need to collect clues and solve mysteries to help the dead move on to the next world. The second and third installments of the game are already out, with the fourth and fifth slated for release soon.

Blackwell_1 Blackwell_2

App of the Week

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates (Free)

This week’s App of the Week freebie is Assassin’s Creed: Pirates. The acclaimed Assassin’s Creed franchise goes to sea, letting you play a ship’s captain, build your crew and ship, explore the Caribbean and engage in epic naval battles.

Also check out Mighty Adventure, Alphabeats and the new update to Minecraft.

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