Top iOS apps and games of the week #27

Our selection of the top iOS games this week will let you go head to head in some extreme monster truck racing, play quick 90-second word games with opponents from around the world, and even experience what it feels like to be a mountain. Among the notable new app launches are a handy little photo organiser, and the iPad version of Facebook Messenger.  


Little Moments_iconLittle Moments (Rs 120)

Little Moments is a pretty photo-editing app that lets you spruce up your images with filters, quotes, words and designs before sharing to Facebook or Instagram. The app also integrates an optional a-photo-a-day companion, sending you daily prompts with inspirational topics that you can share with the #FMSphotoaday hashtag. 

Little Moments_1 Little Moments_2 Little Moments_3

Facebook Messenger_iconFacebook Messenger (Free)

Facebook Messenger has finally gone universal on iOS with the launch of a new iPad app. Taking advantage of the extra real estate, the app offers a split-screen view of conversations, with a list of chats on the left and the current chat window on the right. You also get access to stickers and voice calling. A few features like video messaging and split-screen selfie mode aren’t available yet, but are expected to arrive in a future update.

Facebook Messenger_1 Facebook Messenger_2

Polymo_iconPolymo (Rs 120)

Polymo is a new photo app that lets you sort and browse your photos in a simple user interface. Rather than viewing all your iPhone photos in a single camera roll, Polymo lets you add tags to your images before or after you shoot them, letting you organise and view them in their designated locations. The app also has a ‘Private Mode’ which hides photos you want to keep to yourself, secured with an optional passcode.

Polymo_1 Polymo_2 Polymo_3

Tinker_iconTinker (Rs 60)

Tinker is a productivity and to-do list app that aims to organise your life with duration-based goals. Once you enter a task, you can choose a start and end time, although each goal must be completed within 24 hours. The app will send you a notification once your task is complete or when a new one is about to begin. If you’ve been interrupted by something, you can always pause a task and resume it later.  

Tinker_1 Tinker_2 Tinker_3


Buzz Killem_iconBuzz Killem (Free)

Buzz Killem is a follow-up to the popular platformer Bill Killem, featuring a retired war veteran who also happens to be superstar Bill’s dad. Called back into action after aliens have invaded the Earth, Buzz will need to gun down the enemies from outer space, while dodging dangers, changing costumes and grabbing power-up crates. The game features the same pixelated graphics style of its precursor, and adds fun locations like Statue of Liberty and Grand Central Station to the mix. The game is free only for this weekend though, so get it while you can.

Buzz Killem_1 Buzz Killem_2

MMX Racing_iconMMX Racing (Free)

A free-to-play truck racing game, MMX Racing lets you choose your ride from a pickup, muscle car, jeep or SUV, and customise it to create your very own Monster Truck. The game features over seven events, 15 tracks and hundreds of opponents. There are no gear-changes to worry about, but you’ll need to launch your trucks over jump-filled tracks to stay in control until you reach the finish line.

MMX Racing_1 MMX Racing_2

MTN_iconMTN (Rs 60)

Not your conventional mobile game, MTN is a ‘mountain simulator’, that actually lets you experience what it’s like to be a mountain. There’s no real gameplay involved; instead you’ll just need to check in on your mountain now and then to observe climate and day/night changes, or zoom in to view any new objects and forms of life that might have appeared over the course of time. To create your mountain, you must answer a few personal questions with drawings, which will determine your mountain’s shape, vegetation and other factors. The developer says that the game offers 50 hours of generated gameplay and interestingly, even has a definitive ending, although we have no idea what it could possibly be. 


Haste_iconHaste (Free)

Haste is a live word search game that will pit you against your friends or a random opponent. The game requires you to connect letters on a board to create words using a a simple swipe gesture. Each letter has a different value, and there are bonus tiles which can multiply points. The games are short and fast-paced, lasting only 90 seconds, and the person with the most points at the end wins.

Haste_1 Haste_2 Haste_3

App of the Week

Day One (Free)

Popular journaling app Day One is this week’s free App of the Week. The app lets you add photo or text entries, log temperature and location, and even share specific entries with family and friends. If you’re interested, the Mac version of the app is also on sale until July 10th.

Also worth checking out this week are Civilization Revolution 2, The Bearded Hero and Fates Forever.

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