Top iOS apps and games of the week #26

While the Google I/O conference has been stealing all the spotlight this week, iOS app developers have been hard at work churning out a slew of new launches. There are several interesting new games this week, including an origami-style puzzler and a hilarious adaptation of a classic Monty Python sketch. There’s also a lovely black and white photography app you can try out, along with two new instant messaging apps.


Lenka_iconLenka (Rs 190)

Lenka is a gorgeous new photo app dedicated to black and white photography. There are no filters; instead you shoot photos from within the app, with the real-time preview depicting what your final results look like. You can shoot in normal or high contrast mode, and crop/rotate photos before sharing to InstagramFacebookTwitter and more. The app doesn’t allow the use of a front camera or flash, but there is a lightbulb icon to keep the flash constantly running for when you want to illuminate your subjects. 

Lenka_1 Lenka_2 Lenka_3

Slingshot_iconSlingshot (Free)

Slingshot, Facebook’s Snapchat rival that was launched last week, is now available worldwide. The messaging app lets you shoot a photo/video, add a drawing or caption, and ‘sling’ it to your friends. Your friends won’t be able to see your message unless they sling you back. You can tap on a shot to reply, or swipe it away to delete it. Unlike Snapchat, your shots won’t disappear unless you delete them yourself.

Slingshot_1 Slingshot_2 Slingshot_3

Fly_iconFly (Free)

Fly is a simple video-editing app for the iPhone. You can either import videos from your camera roll, or shoot them through the app’s camera. There are a bunch of cool effects available, like dissolve transitions, split-screen and picture-in-picture. You can also trim and rearrange clips, and add background music and voiceovers. The most interesting feature is multi-angle support, where Fly can connect to up to four iPhones via Bluetooth to synchronise live-video capture.  

Fly_1 Fly_2 Fly_3

BeamIt_iconBeamIt (Free)

BeamIt is a new instant messaging app offering a variety of photo-centric features. Apart from exchanging messages with friends, you can like and comment on photos in chats. You can share photos in full resolution to several groups at once. There’s also a useful ‘Unsend’ feature, which lets you delete a message to remove it permanently from the chat. Plus, you can post messages even when you’re offline and communicate with people who don’t use the app via email.

BeamIt_1 BeamIt_2 BeamIt_3

Shutter_iconShutter (Free)

Shutter is a new photo app for the iPhone that’s offering free, unlimited cloud storage for all your photos and videos, forever. When you take a photo or video with Shutter, the files are automatically uploaded to the cloud, and aren’t saved to your camera roll. You can select how many recent photos you want to view offline, or download specific files. You can choose to share your photos on social networks, via email or privately. Shutter even lets you save hour-long videos, and view them on your TV via AirPlay or Chromecast.

Shutter_1 Shutter_2 Shutter_3 


Paperama_iconPaperama (Free)

Paperama is a new puzzle game based on the paper-folding art of origami. In each level, you’ll have to drag the paper and fold it to get as close as possible to the outline on the baord. The shapes get more complicated along the way, and you only get a limited number of folds per level. There are over 70 puzzles on offer, featuring 3D folding effects and a relaxing soundtrack. There are also hints available, which you can unlock as you play, or get via an in-app purchase.

Paperama_1 Paperama_2

World of Tanks Blitz _iconWorld of Tanks Blitz (Free)

Based on the World of Tanks game for PC and Xbox, World of Tanks Blitz is a mobile port of the popular online multiplayer game. The game lets you battle it out with other players from around the world in short 7vs7 tank battles. It features over 90 tanks from Germany, the US and USSR, eight battle arenas, different tank classes and detailed tutorials. The game is free to play, devoid of fuel, energy bars or timers.

World of Tanks Blitz _1 World of Tanks Blitz _2

Oscura Second Shadow_iconOscura Second Shadow (Rs 190)

Oscura Second Shadow follows the acrobatic lighthouse keeper Oscura, as he embarks on a dangerous journey through the Driftlands to collect shards of the shattered Aurora stone. The Driftlands are a dark place, full of strange creatures and hazards you’ll have to dodge to stay alive. The only sources of light are Oscura’s eternally glowing hand and the Aurora shards that are interspersed along the way. There are over 20 levels on offer, and the challenge is not only to survive, but also to collect all the scattered shards in each.

Oscura Second Shadow_1 Oscura Second Shadow_2

Monty Python_iconMonty Python’s The Ministry of Silly Walks (Rs 60)

Voiced by actor John Cleese himself, Monty Python’s The Ministry of Silly Walks is based on the famous sketch of the same name. Donning your British bowler hat, umbrella and stiff upper lip, you’ll silly walk (that means jumping, gliding and sliding) the streets of London, dodging obstacles and unpredictable pigeons. Your task is to walk as far as you can, collecting gold coins along the way that enable you to purchase power-ups and ridiculous outfits. 

Monty Python_1 Monty Python_2

Supernauts_iconSupernauts (Free)

In this social multiplayer game, you’ll play a Supernaut, tasked with rescuing stranded humans after melting polar ice-caps have submerged the Earth. You’re also responsible for housing them in a new planet, which you’ll be able to design and craft, block by block. Plus, there’s a social multi-player mode which lets you embark on various rescue missions, solve puzzles, build with friends and participate in worldwide contests.

Supernauts_1 Supernauts_2

App of the Week

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Free)

The official game of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is available as a free download all week. Playing Captain America, you’ll lead your Strike team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents and call on the Avengers in a bid to defeat iconic Marvel villains like Winter Soldier, King Cobra and more.

New and updated apps and games worth checking out this week also include Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, JELLIES! and Major Magnet: Arcade

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