Top iOS apps and games of the week #24

It smells like bacon in the App Store this week, thanks to the vile green piggies in Angry Birds Epic, and the unlucky porker in Pigs Can’t Fly. There’s also something interesting for board game fans, an updated Skype app, and a gorgeous expense tracker.


Skype_iconSkype (Free)

Skype for iOS has received its first major update in four years. Version 5.0 brings a remastered design, which is in line with the Windows Phone app. The voice and video calling experience has been simplified, and you can now get in-app notifications. The update is focused on conversations, letting you create messaging groups, and share photos and videos with contacts. 

Skype_3 Skype_2 Skype_1

Halftone_iconHalftone 2 (Rs 120)

Halftone 2 is the sequel to popular photo-editing app Halftone, which turns your photos into comic books. The updated app lets now you convert your comics into movies, with options to add sound effects, video timing and transition options, and an ‘auto stretch’ feature to adjust the length of a video to match the soundtrack. Created videos can be exported in 720p resolution and shared on FacebookDropbox and other compatible apps.

Halftone_1 Halftone_2 Halftone_3

Spendbook_iconSpendbook (Free)

Spendbook is a beautifully designed expense- and income-tracking app. You can break down expenses into categories and sub-categories, add a note or photo to detail a transaction, and view your expenses and income in a calendar format. The app supports multiple accounts, and can be navigated by simple swipe gestures.

Spendbook_1 Spendbook_2 Spendbook_3

Vitamin R_iconVitamin-R (Free)

Vitamin-R, the popular task-logging app for Mac, has now been launched for the iPhone. The app aims to help you boost productivity and avoid procrastination. It breaks down big tasks into smaller ones, each with easily achievable objectives. A visual progress chart is accessible at any time to keep you motivated, while regular scheduled breaks let you enjoy stress-free down-time.

Vitamin R_2 Vitamin R_1

Unread_iconUnread for iPad (Rs 300)

Unread, the minimalist RSS reader for the iPhone, has just been launched on the iPad. The app displays articles in a distraction-free, full screen view, typeset in elegant fonts. You can choose from multiple themes, and share articles to PocketInstapaperReadability and more. The app supports background refresh to bring you the latest stories from your feed, and makes them available offline for convenience.

Unread_3 Unread_2 Unread_1


Angry Birds Epic_iconAngry Birds Epic (Free)

Yesterday, Rovio launched Angry Birds Epic, a brand new turn-based RPG game. It features all the main characters from the Angry Birds franchise, including the evil green piggies. You’ll be able to lead your flock into battle, explore the fantasy Piggy Island and upgrade characters, weapons and armour. You can also craft your own (silly) weapons, and dress your heroes in ridiculous outfits.  

Angry Birds Epic_1 Angry Birds Epic_2

VVVVVV_iconVVVVVV (Rs 190)

Initially released in 2010 on Mac and PC, the acclaimed puzzle platformer VVVVVV has just been ported to iOS. You’ll play as Captain Viridian, who is in search of his crew after an accident landed him in an alternate dimension.  In order to move, you’ll have to reverse gravity to land either on the floor or ceiling. Each level is filled with traps and voids, and because of its difficult nature, you’re given endless lives and checkpoint restarts. 


Revolve_icon(R)evolve (Free)

In (R)evolve, your job is to keep your alien planet safe and thriving. By keeping the planet spinning on its axis, you’ll have to avoid getting hit by a constant stream of meteorites. In the meantime, you’ll also have to evolve and spread life, filling up the planet with three-eyed green aliens. The game offers HD graphics and features Game Center support for online leaderboards.

Revolve_1 Revolve_2

Pigs Can't Fly_iconPigs Can’t Fly (Rs 190)

Pig is an unlucky little porker who’s had the misfortune of landing in hell. He does have a pair of wings though, and you’ll have to help him escape the fiery underworld by dodging traps and demon monsters. There are 80 levels to complete, and various funny character skins to unlock by collecting stars.

Pigs Can't Fly_1 Pigs Can't Fly_2

Damn Little Town_iconDamn Little Town (Free)

If you’re a fan of board games, here’s one you can play on your iOS device. Damn Little Town is meant for 1-4 players, with an option to pass it around among your friends, or play one-on-one against the computer. The game has two phases – building a town and populating it with settlers, and then making your escape after you discover it’s been corrupted.

Damn Little Town_1 Damn Little Town_2 Damn Little Town_3

App of the Week

ReadQuick (Free)

As part of Apple’s App of the Week promotion, this week you can download the speed-reading app ReadQuick for free. The app displays articles one word at a time at a preset speed, and is designed to teach you to speed-read using content that you’ve chosen.

Other new and updated stuff on the App Store worth checking out includes Twisty PlanetsJupiter Jump and  Broken Age.

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