Top iOS apps and games of the week #23

This has been a big week for iOS, with Apple taking the covers off the all-new iOS 8, filled with features we can’t wait to try, like support for third-party keyboard apps. You’ll have to wait until September for the release though, so until then, here are the top new and updated iOS apps and games of the week.


Instagram_iconInstagram (Free)

This week, Instagram released a major update, bringing an array of new features. Version 6.0 offers users 10 new editing tools to tweak brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, vignette and more. The tools can be accessed by tapping the wrench icon in the filters section. There’s also a new filter strength slider, which you can use to adjust the intensity of filters.

Instagram_1 Instagram_3 Instagram_2

Camera Fx8 Free_iconCamera Fx8 Free (Free)

A stripped-down version of Camera Fx8, this app lets you apply effects and filters to your photos. You can either edit existing images on your camera roll, or take new ones using the app’s inbuilt camera, which offers tools like an on-screen grid and horizontal level. There are 15 filters available, along with a selection of shapes. You can share your results to TwitterFacebookInstagram and more.  

 Camera Fx8 Free_3 Camera Fx8 Free_2 Camera Fx8 Free_1

LIV Sports_iconLIV Sports (Free)

With the FIFA World Cup just around the corner, Sony-owned Multi-Screen Media has launched the LIV Sports app, to bring users exclusive content from cricket, football, NBA and other sports. A live streaming service lets users stream live matches on their phone by purchasing one of the paid packages available. The app also offers real-time scores, stats, commentary and even a fantasy football league. 

  LIV Sports_1  LIV Sports_3 LIV Sports_2

Google+_iconGoogle+ (Free)

Google+ has received a major iOS update, which brings some new features that were launched on its Android app last month. These include a full-fledged photo-editor with filters and tools from Google-acquired Snapseed. The update also includes Google+ Stories, which combines your photos, videos and location history to create visual summaries of your trips. In addition, the app now lets you view the total content views on a profile.

Google+_3 Google+_2 Google+_1

How To Train Your Dragon_iconHow To Train Your Dragon 2 (Rs 190)

Kids are sure to love the official storybook app of the soon-to-be released How To Train Your Dragon 2. The app features a full storyline with all the characters in the movie, complete with a musical score. Kids can also play the included interactive games, or add their own touch to scenes from the movie with colouring tools and stickers.

 How To Train Your Dragon_1 How To Train Your Dragon_2 How To Train Your Dragon_3


Rival Knights_iconRival Knights (Free)

Do you have ‘joust’ what it takes to battle like a real knight? Rival Knights will have you put your jousting skills to the test, as you compete with foes to become the best in the realm. There are over 120 lances, mounts, helms and other armoury items to unlock and upgrade, and multi-player challenges and weekly tournaments to compete in. In true medieval style, you can even customise your own crest.

 Rival Knights_1 Rival Knights_2 Rival Knights_3

Firefly Runner_iconFirefly Runner (Free)

An adorable endless runner adventure, Firefly Runner will put you in the shoes of Switch the firefly, as he embarks on a quest to rescue his trapped friends. You’ll collect light orbs and magical keys, while watching out for foes like hornets, slugs, spiders and praying mantises. There are flight badges and achievements to unlock, and online leaderboards to compete in too.

Firefly Runner_2 Firefly Runner_1

Bubble Witch Saga 2_iconBubble Witch Saga 2 (Free)

From the creators of Candy Crush Saga comes the second installment in the Bubble Witch franchise. In Bubble Witch Saga 2, your goal is to clear the rows of bubbles on your screen by firing similarly coloured bubbles brewing in the pots below them. The game features over 50 levels, with the developer promising to add more every two weeks. There are also special boosters and leaderboards available.

 Bubble Witch Saga 2_1 Bubble Witch Saga 2_3 Bubble Witch Saga 2_2

Quadblast_iconQuadblast (Free)

Quadblast is a fast-paced arcade shooter game that employs both tilt and touch controls. Tilting the display to move, you’ll have to fire your laser in one of four directions by swiping on the screen. The goal is to take out as many enemies as you can, while collecting orbs that your foes drop when the die. If you come into contact with any enemy orb, you’ll die immediately, so you’ll need to be careful. 

Quadblast_2 Quadblast_1

Sky Force_iconSky Force 2014 (Free)

Ten years after Sky Force was first launched on Symbian, the arcade-style vertical shooter game has been remastered for iOS with new touch-optimised controls. The game features a full voiceover and electronic soundtrack, an upgrade system for your weapons, weekly tournaments and epic boss battles.

 Sky Force_3 Sky Force_2 Sky Force_1

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