Top iOS apps and games of the week #22

This weekend, why not play Marco Polo with your iPhone, or control a mite-sized army of Roman soldiers who are engaged in battle on your carpet? No, we didn’t make that up. And yes, there’s an app for that. Understandably, you might want some less crazy options. So we’ve selected two challenging puzzle games and the premium version of Pocket. Take your pick. 



Pocket_iconPocket (Free)

Pocket, the popular service that lets you save articles on the web to read later, has announced a paid version called Pocket Premium.  While the app itself is free, the premium service will cost you $5 a month or $44.99 a year. Among its new features is Permanent Library, which keeps a permanent copy of all articles you save, so you can access them even if they’re deleted from the web. In addition, the premium service offers improved search and tagging features. 

Pocket_1 Pocket_3 Pocket_2

Stache_iconStache (Rs 120)

Stache is a new app that adds a visual appeal to your bookmarks. Rather than plain ‘ol text titles, Stache stores every page as a screenshot to help you identify and preview pages at a glance. The app also features content search to make it easier to find bookmarks, and lets you save pages using a bookmarklet for Safari. Stache is also available for Mac, with iCloud storage to sync your bookmarks across devices.

Stache_3 Stache_2 Stache_1

SKRWT_iconSKRWT (Rs 120)

SKRWT is a photo-editing app that doesn’t focus on filters and effects, and instead attempts to correct lens distortion. If you’ve ever taken a photo to find that it’s assymetrical, SKRWT will help you fix it with adjustable grids and a high-precision crop tool. It also offers vignette correction and a full auto-cropping mode. You can upload photos directly to Instagram, and the app will automatically add white borders to images that don’t fit the 1×1 ratio. 


Marco Polo_iconMarco Polo (Rs 60)

Ever played Marco Polo in the pool? You can now play it with your iPhone, thanks to this new app. Designed to help you find a misplaced phone, all you have to do is shout ‘MARCO!’ and the app will answer with ‘POLO’ to help you locate it. The app keeps running in the background, and only responds when you need it. It works even in sleep or silent mode, and displays push notifications to light up the display, making it easy to find your iPhone in the dark. You can also customise the input phrase to trigger the response.

Marco Polo_3 Marco Polo_2 Marco Polo_1


Two Dots_iconTwoDots (Free)

The addictive puzzle game Dots has a sequel, and it’s called TwoDots. The object of the game is to find horizontal and vertical lines of coloured-matched dots to clear the board. Although similar to the previous game, TwoDots adds an accompanying storyline and 85 levels, each with a different objective. You can play by yourself or challenge your friends via Facebook. 

Two Dots_1 Two Dots_2 Two Dots_3

Delivery Outlaw_iconDelivery Outlaw (Free)

In Delivery Outlaw, you play a disgraced daredevil, forced to do community service as a delivery boy to a crime overlord. Your objective is to make deliveries before you run out of gas. You’ll also need to perform some physics-based stunts to avoid obstacles in your path. The game features 32 stages, each with their own set of challenges. There are six upgradable vehicles on offer, and 25 Game Center achievements to complete.

Delivery Outlaw_2 Delivery Outlaw_1

Romans in my Carpet_iconRomans In My Carpet! (Rs 190)

You’re probably oblivious to the fact that there’s a war happening right before your eyes. In your room. On your carpet. An epic battle of tiny proportions, Romans In My Carpet! is a turn-based strategy game with adorable 16-bit graphics. Tasked with freeing the imprisoned dust mites, you’ll control a microscopic army of Roman soldiers pulled by spider-drawn chariots. You can either hone your skills in single-player mode, or engage in some multi-player matches.

Romans in my Carpet_1 Romans in my Carpet_2

Folt_iconFolt (Free)

A minimalist puzzle game, Folt requires you to flip tiles across a board and connect three squares of the same colour to make a match, while taking care not to get locked in a corner. The game offers over 150 levels, each with its own obstacle type. There’s also an endless mode available, and power-ups for when things get tough.  

Folt_1 Folt_2 Folt_3

Battleheart Legacy_iconBattleheart Legacy (Rs 300)

After two years in the making, the sequel to Battleheart has finally hit the App Store.Battleheart Legacy is an epic RPG fantasy game with an array of heroes to play, including a powerful wizard, noble knight, notorious rogue or even a savage barbarian. There are over 150 skills to master and 200 pieces of equipment to customise your character’s style. The game offers advanced combat and boss battles, with iCloud backup to sync your progress across devices. 

Battleheart Legacy_2 Battleheart Legacy_1

App of the Week

Infinity Blade_iconInfinity Blade II (Free)

As part of Apple’s App of the Week promotion, Infinity Blade II is free for a limited time. The second installment in the three-game saga features high-quality graphics, advanced combat and a mesmerising storyline. The universal game can be played on the iPhone 3GS and up, and is definitely worth a download if you’ve got 1.1GB of space to spare.

Infinity Blade_2 Infinity Blade_1

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