Top iOS apps and games of the week #21

“Learn how to train your dragon and battle 16-bit alien invaders in this week’s roundup of the top iOS apps and games”

As new movies from the X-Men and How to Train Your Dragon franchises hit theatres, the inevitable companion games are also making their red carpet appearances on the App Store. But if word games are more your style, there’s something special in store with the new Ruzzle Adventure. On the productivity front, Mac users can get their hands on the incredibly useful Notifyr, an app that mirrors iOS notifications on your computer. And to get you started on a rewarding week ahead, there’s the new brain training app Elevate.

Elevate_iconElevate (Free)

Elevate is a new brain training app that aims to boost your confidence and productivity by improving your focus, speaking skills and information-processing speed. The app offers users a personalised daily training program featuring games and puzzles which adapt over time to increase in difficulty. To keep you motivated, Elevate features a daily performance tracker and workout calendar.

Elevate_2 Elevate_3 Elevate_1

Fresco News_iconFresco News (Free)

Fresco News is a refreshing news app that keeps you updated on the latest happenings from around the world through images and captions. If there’s a particular piece of news you’re interested in, you can click on the image and you’ll be redirected to multiple full-length news reports from The New York Times, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post and more. The app also supports push notifications and background app refresh.

Fresco News_1 Fresco News_2 Fresco News_3

Notifyr_iconNotifyr (Rs 250)

If you’ve used Pushbullet for Android to mirror notifications on your desktop, you’ll appreciate what Notifyr has to offer. Using Bluetooth Low Energy to pair your iPhone to your Mac, the app displays all incoming notifications on your computer’s display. By default, the app mirrors all notifications, but you can choose to mute specific apps in settings.

Notifyr_1 Notifyr_2 Notifyr_3

Screenshotter_iconScreenshotter (Free)

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, Screenshotter is an app that organises the screenshots on your iPhone. Once you open the app and give it access to your camera roll, it automatically displays your screenshots separately. You can then create and name folders, and move selected screenshots into them. There’s also an archive button to keep screenshots you don’t immediately require out of sight.

Screenshotter_1 Screenshotter_2 Screenshotter_3

Tunepics_iconTunepics (Free)

Tunepics is a new Instagram-like social network, which lets you share photos with accompanying music. The app gives you access to over 35 million tracks from the Apple store, letting you add short song previews to each image. There’s also the regular lineup of filters, and weather effects like sunshine, rain or snow. With a focus on ‘moments’ rather than pictures, you can express how you feel about other Tunepics using the ‘emotion wheel’.

Tunepics_1 Tunepics_2 Tunepics_3


Alone in the Dark_iconAlone in the Dark (Rs 60)

The 1992 PC classic horror game Alone in the Dark is now haunting the App Store, thanks to Atari. Featuring the same old-school 3D graphics from the original game, you’ll be tasked with solving mysterious death of Jeremy Hartwood. Playing as the private detective Edward Cornby or Jerermy’s niece Emily, you’ll have to complete challenges and solve puzzles to make it out alive from the spooky Hartwood mansion.

Alone in the Dark_1 Alone in the Dark_2

Bill Killem_iconBill Killem (Free)

Superstar Bill Killem’s new blockbuster premiere in LA has been interrupted by an alien invasion. In this endless runner adventure, you’ll have to help the little pixelated movie star gain revenge on the intruders from outer space. Equipping Bill with machine-guns, lasers and bazookas, you’ll have to blast anything in your path. And in true Hollywood style, you can disguise him as a cowboy, explorer and even a zombie.


Bill Killem_1 Bill Killem_2

Dragons_iconDragons: Rise of Berk (Free)

The much-awaited sequel to How to Train Your Dragon will be hitting theatres soon, but the official iOS game has already been launched. Featuring the lovable dragons from movie, including Toothless, Hookfang and Skullcrusher, you’ll be able to collect and hatch over 18 dragon species and train your dragons at the academy. You’ll also get to explore 25 islands in Viking territory and protect your village from intruders.

Dragons_1 Dragons_2 Dragons_3

Ruzzle Adventure_iconRuzzle Adventure (Free)

From the creators of the popular word game Ruzzle comes Ruzzle Adventure. Featuring hundreds of levels with classic Ruzzle style puzzles, each level comes with its own story, characters and challenges, such as completing a level before water fills the screen. Primarily a single-player game, there’s also an optional Facebook login so you can compete with your friends. For when things get tough, there are boosters available to help you get past difficult levels.

Ruzzle Adventure_2 Ruzzle Adventure_3

X Men_iconUncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past (Rs 190)

Accompanying the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, comes a new game based on the movie. The side-scrolling platformer lets you play as your favourite characters like Kitty Pryde, Wolverine, Cyclops and more, and battle against villains like Magneto, Nimrod and Master Mold. You can upgrade your mutant abilities, and choose from two control schemes. As you get through the levels, you’ll be able to uncover character bios, concept art, comic book covers and more.

X Men_1 X Men_2

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