Top iOS apps and games of the week #20

Play as a Godfather or help save the city against the destruction caused by Godzilla in this week’s edition

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Kayak PRO
Pocket Travel
Godzilla – Smash3
Haunted House
I Dig It
Overkill Mafia
Table Tennis Touch

Giant lizards, haunted mansions and the mafia have invaded the App Store this week, ensuring an entire weekend of gory fun. But if plain ‘ol sport is more up your alley, there’s also an advanced table tennis game to test your skills with the bat. Plus, you can check out Foursquare’s new Swarm app, and electronic music superstar deadmau5’s subscription-based channel for fans.

deadmau5_icondeadmau5 (Free)

Popular electronic musician deadmau5, who just completed his Indian tour, has launched a new subscription-based iOS app to give fans access exclusive content. The app will feature live streams, unreleased music, chat boards and behind-the-scenes photos. Users will also be able to learn interesting facts about the musician, and even interact with him via private messages.

deadmau5_1 deadmau5_2 deadmau5_3

Kayak_iconKayak PRO (Free)

The pro version of popular travel planning app Kayak is this week’s App of the Week. The app lets you search and book flights, hotels and car rentals, and offers a host of other useful features like a flight tracker, price alerts and airport terminal maps. Kayak PRO will be free to download for the next week, so grab it while you can.

Kayak_1 Kayak_2 Kayak_3

Pocket Travel_iconPocket Travel (Rs 150)

A currency converter and price calculator, Pocket Travel lets you convert prices, calculate tips and factor in discounts, all in one easy step. Covering over 240 countries, the app can automatically detect the country you’ve travelled to and identify its currency. For when you don’t have access to data, the app can work offline, remembering the last exchange rates it retrieved.

Pocket Travel_3 Pocket Travel_1 Pocket Travel_2

Swarm_iconSwarm (Free)

Foursquare is branching off into a discovery-only app, bringing its popular check-in functionality to a new app called Swarm, complete with the ability to post status updates. Swarm also features ‘Neighbourhood Sharing’, allowing you to view nearby friends, suggest plans and exchange messages. This feature will continue to update your general location in the background, but you’ll have to manually check-in to specific destinations.

Swarm_1 Swarm_2 Swarm_3

Wthr_iconWthr (Free)

Wthr is a comprehensive weather app featuring detailed information on temperature, humidity, wind speed and air quality, complete with gorgeous animations. The app offers a unique gesture-based dial interface to view hourly weather predictions in an interactive way. Wthr also features a 7-day forecast, world clock and push notifications for daily weather updates.

Wthr_1 Wthr_2 Wthr_3


Godzilla_iconGodzilla – Smash3 (Free)

The official game of the Godzilla movie, Godzilla – Smash3 will put you in complete control of the terrifying monster. By matching the puzzle tiles at the bottom half of the screen, you’ll be able to wage destruction with slashes, bites and stomps. Set over 80 levels in cities across the world, you’ll get the chance to battle Muto monsters and even unleash Godzilla’s Atomic Breath by collecting enough energy.

Godzilla_3 Godzilla_1 Godzilla_2

Haunted House_iconHaunted House (Free)

A remake of the 1981 Atari classic, Haunted House is an endless runner game that puts you in the shoes of a boy who gets lost in a scary place. You’ll have to maneuver your way through tricky obstacles, avoid spiders, bats and vampires, watch out for deadly traps and foil monsters before they get you. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect hearts, coins and urns to boost your health and level up your character.

Haunted House_1 Haunted House_2

I Dig it_iconI Dig it: Journey to the Core (Free)

I Dig it: Journey to the Core gives you the chance to journey to the centre of the earth to collect rare artifacts and find complete sets of buried relics. Using a deep earth digger, you’ll be able to customise your rig and upgrade it for better performance. While digging, you’ll end up displacing an underground network of lava, water and acid, so you’ll need to be careful not to create an explosive combination.

I Dig it_2 I Dig it_3 I Dig it_1

Overkill Mafia_iconOverkill Mafia (Free)

Overkill Mafia is your ticket to advance from ratty street gangster to the Godfather himself. With a variety of weapons at your disposal, like Tommy Guns, Bar Machine Guns and Molotov Cocktails, you’ll have to win Street Reputation Battles, take over the Drunken Elephant Bar and the local airport to expand your business. Set in 1920’s Chicago, the game features black and white film noir-style graphics and a jazz soundtrack.

Overkill Mafia_1 Overkill Mafia_2

Table Tennis_iconTable Tennis Touch (Rs 250)

Table Tennis Touch is the ultimate game for fans of the sport, giving you control of a 3D floating bat you can use with simple swipe controls. There are several modes to choose from, including a Career mode to compete in tournaments and leagues, an Arcade mode to play various mini-games, and a Training mode to improve your gameplay. The developer has also promised a multiplayer mode in a future update.

Table Tennis_1 Table Tennis_2

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