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Adobe Voice
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Last Inua

Photography and video apps rule the roost once again in this week’s roundup, with brand new offerings from Hipstamatic and Adobe hitting the app store. For news junkies, the acclaimed Yahoo News Digest has finally hit international App Stores. There’s plenty of gaming action to indulge in too, with gorgeous puzzle platformersKiwanuka and Last Inua – An Arctic Adventure making their debut, along with the delightful Gameboy-inspired 2-bit Cowboy.

Adobe Voice_iconAdobe Voice (Free)

Adobe Voice is a new video tool for the iPad that lets users create 60-90 second animated videos with their own voiceover. Using your iPad’s microphone, you’ll be able to record a sentence at a time, and the app will automatically add the ideal soundtrack. To animate your video, you can choose from over 25,000 images, or add your own, and Adobe Voice will add cinematic motion to link the images together. You can share your final product via Facebook, Twitter, email or your own website.

Adobe Voice_1 Adobe Voice_2 Adobe Voice_3

Cinamatic_iconCinamatic (Rs 120)

From the makers of popular photo-editing app Hipstamatic comes Cinamatic, a new video app. Cinamatic lets you record multiple short video clips between 3-15 seconds in length, and turn them into short motion pictures. After you record, you can apply a variety of filters and share your videos to Vine, Facebook and Instagram. The app is compatible with the iPhone 4 and above, but has been optimised for the 64-bit iPhone 5s.

Cinamatic_3 Cinamatic_1 Cinamatic_2

Litely_iconLitely (Free)

Another app for iPhoneographers, Litely supplies you with all-you-can-eat film-inspired filters to pretty-up your photos. The starter pack includes nine free presets, with more available as in-app purchases. You can also tweak exposure, sharpness, vibrance and vignette, and square-crop images for an Instagram-ready photos. The app lets you edit panorama shots too, and features a two-finger tap gesture to view before and after results.

Litely_1 Litely_2 Litely_3

Three Cents_iconThree Cents (Free)

Ever wanted to create your own poll? Three Cents is a free new app that lets you do just that. Using services like TripAdvisor, Rotten Tomatoes, Yelp, iTunes and more, you can create public or private polls with topics such as where to vacation, what movie to watch, which restaurant to eat at, which app to download, etc. You can share your polls via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS, and view the results as they come in. Your friends don’t need to have the app installed to answer polls, making for a wider audience.

Three Cents_2 Three Cents_3 Three Cents_1

Yahoo News Digest_iconYahoo News Digest (Free)

Four months after it was first launched, Yahoo News Digest is now available internationally. The news summary app delivers the top news stories twice a day in an easy-to-read format. Each story is created from multiple sources, using ‘atoms’, which are important bits of information gathered from different images, quotes, maps, videos and Wikipedia references. The stories are curated by Yahoo!, and unlike other news aggregators, the app only shows you only a selected number of items, usually between 8-12.

Yahoo News Digest_1 Yahoo News Digest_2 Yahoo News Digest_3


2-bit Cowboy_icon2-bit Cowboy (Rs 60)

A platformer set in the Wild Wild West, 2-bit Cowboy mimics the two-tone colour scheme and pixilated graphics of the Gameboy era. You’ll play the new sheriff, tasked with bringing down the gang which has taken over your town. The game is set over 12 levels, with several small quests along the way. You’ll be able to customise your cowboy or cowgirl persona, gamble at casinos, drink at saloons, and ride horses, bulls and minecarts. The game also features MFi gamepad support if you want to hook up an iOS controller.

2-bit Cowboy_1 2-bit Cowboy_2

Castle Storm_iconCastleStorm – Free to Siege (Free)

The PC and console title CastleStorm – Free to Siege has made its way to iOS, complete with console-quality graphics, voiceovers, a storyline and original soundtrack. Playing one of eight heroes, you’ll be able to construct your own castle, send your troops into battle and destroy enemy fortifications. There are a total of four campaigns featuring 150 battles, with weapon and magic upgrades available too. There are also four different nations to choose from – Kingdom, Norse, Viking Elites and Royal Guard – each with their own spells, weapons and troops.

Castle Storm_1 Castle Storm_2

Dextris_icondEXTRIS (Free)

If you like a challenge, check out dEXTRIS. The premise is simple, control two cubes as they shoot up a vertical tube, and make sure you don’t slam into any of the deadly shards and diamonds along the way. Depending on the obstacle, you’ll either have to guide the cubes side by side along broader paths, or split them in two to squeeze through narrow gaps. The game features different speeds depending on how challenging you want it to be. The neon-shaded graphics are eye-catching too.

Dextris_1 Dextris_2 Dextris_3

Kiwanuka_iconKiwanuka (Rs 120)

Kiwanuka is an adorable new puzzle game, which requires you to guide a band of tiny citizens to freedom, using some smart teamwork. You’ll play a torch-bearer who carries a magic rod which flashes streaks of lightning. Depending on the direction of the lightning, your followers will stack themselves into a human-tower, which you can push over in any direction to form a bridge, enabling others to walk over them and reach imprisoned friends. The game features several tricky levels, cute geometric graphics and a dubstep-inspired soundtrack.

Kiwanuka_1 Kiwanuka_2 Kiwanuka_3

Last Inua_iconLast Inua – An Arctic Adventure (Rs 250)

A platform adventure game set in the snowy Arctic, Last Inua – An Arctic Adventurefollows the magically gifted Inuit boy Hiko and his physically strong father Ataataq, as they attempt to escape the demon Tonrar. With both characters working in sync, you can make Ataataq punch through icy pillars and climb walls, and get Hiko to walk on air and cast powerful spells. The game features handcrafted animations, an immersive storyline, tons of puzzles and interesting scenes where you’ll be able to walk through the bellies of strange beasts.

Also check out the updated Google Maps and and the brand new endless runner, Record Run.

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