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It’s the weekend, which means it’s time for a new edition of the top iOS apps and games. Trigger-happy gamers will have their hands full with new releases from the Metal Slug and Zombie Gunship franchises, but if you just want to unwind, the zen-like … and then it rained is worth a look. There were some big app launches this week too, with Google Docs andGoogle Sheets taking centre stage. Plus, the ephemeral photo-sharing app ephemeral Snapchat received a major update too.

Google Docs_iconGoogle Docs (Free)

Microsoft recently launched Office 365 for the iPad, and now Google has introduced individual mobile apps in its web productivity suite. The search engine giant has launched Google Docs, to let you create and edit documents, share and collaborate with others, add and respond to comments and even work offline, from your iOS device. You can access all your documents in the cloud, with your progress saved at every step. Google also announced Google Sheets for spreadsheets, with a Slides app for presentations coming soon.

Google Docs_1 Google Docs_2 Google Docs_3

Mingle_iconMingle (Rs 60)

Mingle is an interactive contacts app for the iPhone. You can select four from a number of built-in actions, accessible by swiping a contact’s photo. You can also set up custom actions with specific apps. Actions include making a call, sending a message via WhatsApp, opening a contact’s Twitter or Instagram profile, scheduling an event with Fantastical 2 or making a video call with Skype.

Mingle_1 Mingle_2 Mingle_3

Snapchat_iconSnapchat (Free)

The ephemeral photo-sharing app Snapchat has released a big update for its iOS app, adding two new features – ‘Chat’ and ‘Here’. With Chat, you can now IM your friends, although like photos, chats will disappear when you exit the screen. However, you can always save them by tapping the screen or taking a screenshot. The second feature, Here, lets you video chat with your friends when you’re both active in Chat.

Snapchat_1 Snapchat_2 Snapchat_3

Vhoto_iconVhoto (Free)

Vhoto is a smart new app that finds the best photos hidden inside your videos. You can either record videos using the app or import existing ones from your camera roll. Vhoto will then scan the video and show you the best pictures, and you can save your favourites. There are a bunch of filters and editing options available, and once you’re done you can share your images to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

 Vhoto_1 Vhoto_2 Vhoto_3

You&Me_iconYou&Me (Free)

A private messaging app for couples, You&Me is a platform for you to share messages, photos, videos, stickers and more with that special someone. There are tons of photo editing options available, like frames, filters and fonts, and a fun Photobooth feature too. You can also send videos and voice messages, and share your favourite songs to create your own ‘Soundtrack’. The app organises your memories in a beautiful format, so you can access all shared files without having to scroll through chat history.

You&Me_1 You&Me_2 You&Me_3


And then it rained_icon… and then it rained (Rs 120)

A minimalist arcade game with colourful visuals and soothing acoustics, …and then it rained is set in an abstract world. The gameplay is simple – drag around and reorder towers to catch matching coloured raindrops as they fall from the sky. The intuitive one-finger controls and meditative audio-visual experience make it an ideal relaxation game. However, if you want something more challenging, there are more difficult modes available too.

And then it rained_1 And then it rained_2 And then it rained_3

Dwarven Den_iconDwarven Den (Free)

With elements of a mining game and a puzzler, Dwarven Den follows the adventures of a little dwarf as he attempts to rescue his ancestors from underground mines. You’ll have to mine underground and search for loot, avoid monsters and cave-ins, and rescue trapped dwarves by solving puzzles. You’ll also be able to collect ore to forge better tools and blow up blockages with bombs. The game features 80 levels, with more coming in future updates.

Dwarven Den_1 Dwarven Den_2 Dwarven Den_3

Metal Slug Defense_iconMetal Slug Defense (Free)

Metal Slug, the popular 2D shooter, has been launched on iOS in the form of a new tower defence game, Metal Slug Defense. Unlike traditional tower defence games, you won’t have to build towers, but you will have an army at your disposal, which you can send out to take over enemy bases while maintaining your own. You’ll be able to level up your troops and choose from over 60 characters and units. There’s also a multiplayer mode that lets you play with your friends over Wi-Fi.

Metal Slug Defense_1 Metal Slug Defense_2

Star Wars_iconStar Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace (Rs 420)

Combining an interactive storybook with a racing game, Star Wars Journeys: The Phantom Menace is a whole new way to experience theStar Wars story. The game features illustrated scenes from The Phantom Menace with the option of a voiceover or text narration. You can even tap on objects or characters to reveal hidden content. Plus, you’ll be able to engage in some pod racing, customise your own podracer and participate in tournaments, time trials and daily racing events.

Star Wars_1 Star Wars_2

Zombie Gunship Arcade_iconZombie Gunship Arcade (Free)

What started out as an April Fools’ joke by the makers of Zombie Gunshipis now a full-fledged app in the form of Zombie Gunship Arcade. The side-scroller is fashioned like an old-school tough arcade game, where the objective is to kill a horde of zombies from your gunship, being careful not to crash into the ground in the process. The challenge is to avoid killing a human, because if you do, it’s game over. The game also features MFi controller support.

Zombie Gunship Arcade_1 Zombie Gunship Arcade_2

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