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Adobe Lightroom
Family Guy
Groundskeeper 2
Trials Frontier
Wind-Up Knight 2

This week was packed with major iOS game releases, with the official Family Guy game making its iOS debut, along with the sequel to the popular platformer, Wind-up Knight. Our top apps have been dominated by photography yet again, with big releases like Adobe Lightroom and Dropbox’s Carousel taking centre stage. There’s more good news for iPhone photographers too, with Apple offering big discounts on its Amazing photo and video apps selection for a limited time.

Lightroom_iconAdobe Lightroom (Free)

The long-rumoured Adobe Lightroom has just made its way to the App Store as a new iPad app. The popular image editing software lets you edit your iPad photos and Raw DSLR images, automatically syncing all your edits with Lightroom 5 on your desktop. Featuring all the familiarLightroom controls, users can also share images with various social networks from within the app. Although the app is free, users require a Creative Cloud subscription to use it.

Lightroom_1 Lightroom_2

Carousel_iconCarousel by Dropbox (Free)

Complementing its cloud storage services, Dropbox has launched its first photo-gallery app, Carousel. The app pulls photos from your Dropbox account and organises them by time, date and event. It also automatically backs up photos from your phone’s camera roll to the cloud, but storage is restricted by your Dropbox limit. Carousel also has a handy private conversations feature, which lets you share images and videos, and chat with other users from within the app.

Carousel_3 Carousel_1 Carousel_2

Morning_iconMorning (Rs 250)

Morning, the all-in-one organisational app which iPad-only so far, is now available for the iPhone and iPod thanks to its latest update. It offers eight panels – weather, reminders, commute, news, calendar, stocks, countdown and date/time, keeping you updated on all the important stuff before you head out the door. The panels can be dragged around and rearranged, and the app can be customised with over 15 available themes.

Morning_2 Morning_3 Morning_1

Windy_iconWindy (Rs 190)

If the idea of unwinding to the sound of wind seems appealing, check out Windy, a new relaxation, meditation and sleep app. Plug in your headphones or turn up the stereo and listen to the six natural wind recordings and background music by an award-winning Hollywood composer. The app also features an illustrated storyline, following the girl Windy as she travels to different locations, each with their own distinctive wind sounds.

Windy_1 Windy_2

Xtrapop_iconXTRAPOP (Free)

A fun new creative app for your photos, XTRAPOP lets you add some funk to your images with a selection of stickers, frames and filters. You can choose several different effects and layer them to create unique photos. The app even lets you create photo collages, complete with decorative frames. Once done, you can share your creations on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Xtrapop_1 Xtrapop_2 Xtrapop_3


Breakfinity_iconBREAKFINITY (Free)

If you’ve spent hours playing Brick Breaker on a BlackBerry smartphone, you’ll love BREAKFINITY. A modern take on the addictive retro brick-breaking game, the aim is to smash through bricks by deflecting a bouncing ball on a paddle, which can be moved left or right. Your goal is to break your way through each level before getting crushed by the wall. The game also features boss battles after every fifth level.

Breakfinity_1 Breakfinity_2 Breakfinity_3

Family guy_iconFamily Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Free)

The town of Quahog has been destroyed in a fight between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken, and your task is to help Peter rebuild the town. With hilarous quests, silly outfits and all your favourite Family Guycharacters, it’s bound to be a riot. The game features original content from the show’s voice actors, new jokes and an iOS exclusive ‘Fool’s Gold’ quest.

Family guy_1 Family guy_2

Groundskeeper_iconGroundskeeper2 (Rs 120)

If you’ve grown up with old-school game consoles, you’ll love the pixelated graphics and arcade-style action of Groundskeeper2. Thrown right into the middle of a war with monsters and robots, you’ll battle enemies using guns, lasers and rocket-launchers, beamed through portals by your trusty scientist sidekick. You’ll also have to collect bits from destroyed monsters and extra lives to get you through the fast-paced fun.

Groundskeeper_2 Groundskeeper_1 

Trials frontier_iconTrials Frontier (Free)

Trials, the popular stunt-biker PC game series has made its way to the mobile platform in Trials Frontier. You’ll play the hero of a dusty village, where you’ll complete missions, improve buildings, upgrade your bike and collect loot. You’ll get to race and perform stunts on over 70 unique tracks, compete with your friends and engage in some multiplayer mayhem. The freemium game promises new features and content with future updates too. 

Trials frontier_1 Trials frontier_2

Windup Knight_iconWind-up Knight 2 (Free)

Wind-up Knight 2 is the sequel to the popular platformer, and brings your favourite little clockwork knight back to the App Store. Set in a bigger world with new mechanics, you’ll have to jump, run and roll through Ice Blocks, Bouncy Pads, Rolling Boulders and more, while using your shield and sword to avoid hazards and battle enemies. The game also features side-quests in every level, power-ups and tournaments.

Windup Knight_1 Windup Knight_2

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