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App of the Week
Facebook Messenger
Fantastical 2
15 Coins
Cross Wars
Monument Valley
Polar Bowler

Earlier, we reported that Apple was planning to raise App Store prices in India and other countries owing to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. The revised prices have now come into effect, with the minimum rates for apps going up from Rs 55 to Rs 60. With the new prices in place, you’re likely to think twice before hitting that buy button. To make those decisions a little easier, we’ve curated the best new iOS releases and updates across the App Store. Read on for your weekly dose.

App of the Week

Every week, Apple selects one app to go free as its App of the Week. This week, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf makes the cut. An iOS adaptation of the popular fantasy series, the app is a cross between an interactive story and RPG. Donning the character of the last hero of a mighty warrior clan, you’ll fight against the forces of the Darklords.

Cameleon_iconCameleon (Rs 120)

Cameleon is a live filter app loaded with over 40 filters. An innovative ‘Qube’ format lets you scroll vertically to see live previews of each filter in a category, or horizontally to flip through categories. There are four categories on offer: Retro, Lomo, Pop and Monochrome. The in-app camera lets you adjust focus, exposure and grid before taking a shot. Additionally, you can shoot 720p filtered videos, crop Instagram-ready 1:1 photos and share to various social networks.

Cameleon_1 Cameleon_2 Cameleon_3

Messenger_iconFacebook Messenger (Free)

We featured Facebook Messenger in our roundup last week courtesy of its new group chat feature, and this week it makes a re-appearance thanks to its VOIP (voice over internet protocol) integration. The latest update will let users make voice-calls to any country for free over a Wi-Fi connection. Standard data rates will apply for calls made over 3G/4G. Message threads will now display a phone icon, with the calling interface very similar to the iOS 7.1 native Phone app.

Messenger_1 Messenger_2 Messenger_3

Fantastical_iconFantastical 2 for iPad (Rs 620)

The popular Mac and iPhone calendar app, Fantastical 2, has made its big debut on the iPad. The new app brings the acclaimed Fantastical Dashboard, Day Ticker and Reminders to the iPad’s large screen. One of the app’s highlights is its natural language processing engine, which enters events and reminders when you dictate them. Fantastical 2 works with the native iOS Calendar app, Google Calendar, Exchange and others. Despite its steep price tag, the app is likely to have a lot of takers, thanks to its dedicated fan-base since its introduction three years ago.

Fantastical_1 Fantastical_2

Scanbot_iconScanbot (Rs 60)

A quality scanning app is a useful addition to your productivity folder, and Scanbot is as feature-packed as they come. When scanning a document, the app automatically detects the edges and creates high-quality 200dpi scans. You can then choose a colour mode, save scans as a PDF or JPG, email or upload them to Box, Evernote,Dropbox and other cloud services. Plus, you can create multi-page documents and manage your scans from within the app itself.

Scanbot_2 Scanbot_3 Scanbot_1

Ultrakam_iconUltrakam (Rs 420)

Aimed at the serious filmmaker, Ultrakam utilises the true capabilities of your iPhone’s camera, letting you record high-quality 2K videos. With 2,240 x 1,672 pixel resolution at 24fps, you can record videos with over 70 percent more pixels than regular HD. The app works best with the iPhone 5s, but you can shoot 2K videos with the iPhone 5/5c, at a lower 20fps. Ultrakam also supports slow-motion video and timelapse shooting on the iPhone 5s. You can also control white balance, focus and exposure while shooting, and tweak colour and generate stills in the editing menu.

Ultrakam_1 Ultrakam_2


15 coins_icon15 Coins (Rs 60)

15 Coins is a deceptively simple arcade game with a single goal – collect 15 coins before you’re killed by a clone. In the game, you’ll control a forward-moving ship, as it flies across the screen, leaving a trail of clones in its wake. Your objective is to collect a total of 15 coins, without crashing into a clone, which will kill you instantly. There are power-ups available to help, which will freeze the clones momentarily, letting you crash into them and destroy them before they unfreeze.

15 coins_1 15 Coins_2 15 coins_3

Cross Wars_iconCross Wars (Free)

A game for the ridiculously competitive crossword puzzle player, Cross Wars is a two-player crossword game. The turn-based gameplay requires you to solve the clues and place the correct word on the grid. When your opponent solves a clue using the letters of your word, the points get divided up. The goal is to have control over the most number of letters on the board by the time the game ends. There are also two boosters available – a free letter for a word, or an eraser to give you a second chance at solving a clue. You can play against your friends or random opponents through Game Center.

Cross Wars_1 Cross Wars_2 Cross Wars_3

Millie_iconMillie (Rs 60)

Millie’s dream is to learn how to fly. The only problem is, she’s a millipede. To help her make the journey to Aviation School, you’ll have to help Millie complete 90 levels before she can reach her goal. With gameplay elements similar to Snake and Pac-Man, you’ll guide Millie through mazes, collecting all the dots along the way. As you progress, Millie will get bigger, so you’ll have to be careful not to let her bump into her own tail. There are also three types of mini-games and a multitude of power-ups to get your hands on.

Millie_1 Millie_2

Monument Valley_iconMonument Valley (Rs 250)

Inspired by the works of Dutch artist M.C. Escher, Monument Valley is an ethereal architecture-based physics game. Set in a surreal landscape of palaces, temples and towers, your job is to guide the silent princess Ida through the isometric buildings, manipulating their construction with swipes and taps to uncover hidden paths. Unlike most games, Monument Valley doesn’t focus on high-scores, letting you immerse yourself in the beautiful 3D graphics and calming soundtrack that accompany each puzzle.

Monument Valley_1 Monument Valley_2 Monument Valley_3

Polar Bowler_iconPolar Bowler (Rs 60)

The decade-old popular PC title, Polar Bowler, has just made its iOS debut. Starring PB the polar bear and his penguin sidekick J, the arcade-style game will have you navigating arctic mazes and knocking down bowling pins. Unlike traditional bowling games, here you’ll be guiding PB on an inner tube, as he zooms down steep turns, loops and obstacles while attempting to knock down clusters of pins. The game features over 70 levels, nifty power-ups and some snazzy costume changes for PB too.

Polar Bowler_1 Polar Bowler_2

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