Top iOS apps and games of the week #12

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AppZilla 4
Checkmark 2
Adventure Beaks
Monster Legacy
Roll Back Home
The Collectables

Console-style games are becoming more common the mobile platform, as is evident in this week’s lineup of new game releases. While Crytec’s tactical military campaign The Collectables boasts stunning 3D visuals, Monster Legacy brings Pokémon-inspired creature battles to your smartphone. Also making their first iOS appearances are publishing platform Medium and popular online dictionary

Appzilla_iconAppZilla 4 (Rs 55)

AppZilla, the all-in-one iOS app offering a wealth of apps and games, has been re-launched for iOS 7 with support for the 4-inch displays of the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s. With app categories to make browsing easier, AppZilla 4 offers over 200 apps, like photo filters, a URL shortener, medicine alert, QR code scanner and language translator. It also includes popular games like Solitaire, Checkers, Snake and more.

 Appzilla_1 Appzilla_2

Checkmark_iconCheckmark 2 (Rs 190)

Checkmark, known for its location-based reminders, has received a major update in version 2, and brings with it an iOS 7 redesign and new features. It now supports multiple location groups, which enables you to create reminders for several locations at once, such as multiple grocery stores. It also brings date-specific location reminders, one-tap rescheduling and powerful lists that can be categorised by headers.

Checkmark_1 Checkmark_2 Checkmark_3

Medium_iconMedium (Free)

Publishing platform Medium has just launched its first iOS app. Currently, the app only supports reading articles posted on Medium, and doesn’t allow you to publish content yet. The app groups stories into collections based on common themes like ‘Better Humans’ or ‘This happened to me’. You can sign in through your Twitter account and browse through a personalised reading list based on past reads, recommendations and favourite authors. You can also bookmark and share your favourite stories from within the app.

Medium_1 Medium_2 Medium_3

Recents_iconRecents (Rs 55)

Recents is a handy app that displays all your social media updates in a single feed. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram currently, and will be adding Google+, YouTube and more in the future. The app also features a double-tap gesture to ‘like’ a post, which will be transferred to the corresponding social network. You can view different formats like articles, photos and videos, and read full stories from within the app.

Recents_1 Recents_2 Recents_3 (Rs 170)

If you’re looking to expand your vocabulary, the folks at have launched their first iOS app, which promises to expand your word knowledge through education-based games. You’ll be able to look up words, read usage examples and listen to high-quality voice recordings. The learning game teaches over 12,000 words through 120,000 questions. As you improve, the app will ask you more questions so you can progress to higher levels.

Vocabulary_1 Vocabulary_2 Vocabulary_3


Adventure Beaks_iconAdventure Beaks (Free)

Penguins meet platformer in Adventure Beaks, a fun new game which lets you assemble a party of penguins to explore new locations and complete missions. Your job is to control the penguins as they jump, run, dive and belly slide through traps, mazes and enemy territory. The game offers 50 levels, 16 challenge levels and 150 missions. On the way, you’ll also be able to dress up your birds in natty outfits.

Adventure Beaks_1 Adventure Beaks_2

Globlins_iconGloblins (Rs 110)

Cartoon Network’s latest game, Globlins is a ‘goo-busting’ puzzler. Alien globs have brainwashed the minds of Buster’s family, friends and pets, and it’s your job to use drops to make them grow until they explode. The game offers over 60 levels set in four worlds, boss battles and power-ups like extra drops, point boosters, power surges and mutant DNA.

Globlins_1 Globlins_2

Monster Legacy_iconMonster Legacy (Free)

Monster Legacy brings Pokémon-style monster battles to your iOS device. Set in the colourful world of Arborea, your task is to defeat the evil Lord Ardur. While one aspect of the game requires to capture, train and evolve monsters, the other will have you mastering magical attacks and engaging in epic monster battles. You’ll also be able to customise and build your own Monster Island, complete over 60 quests and explore the land around you.

Monster Legacy_2 Monster Legacy_1

Roll Back Home_iconRoll Back Home (Rs 110)

In this unique sketchbook style physics puzzler, your job is to guide a lost ball back home through treacherous underground mazes. By tilting your device, you’ll have to avoid various dangers by riding a mine cart, swinging on rams, rolling on barrels and detonating explosives. Apart from the challenging gameplay, the flip-book backdrop is a real visual treat.

Roll Back Home_1 Roll Back Home_2

The Collectables_iconThe Collectables (Free)

rytec, the makers of Far Cry and the Crysis franchise have launched The Collectables, an explosive combat game for iOS. You’ll take command of a group of mercenary soldiers and equip them with weapons and gear to fight grunts and boss battles. Set in lush jungle environs, you can choose your soldiers for each mission, and use special action cards to unleash Molotov cocktails, artillery strikes, Sentry guns and more.

The Collectables_1 The Collectables_2

Also check out Star Horizon, TriBlaster and Scallywags. And if you haven’t already, read our overview of the new anti-social network, Cloak.

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