Top iOS apps and games of the week #10

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Click! 2
UP Coffee
Devious Dungeon
Knock-Knock game
Mines of Mars
Smash Hit
iOS users are in for a treat this week, thanks to the many offbeat and interesting apps making their App Store debut. An atmospheric mining game and horror-style hide-and seek adventure await you on the gaming front. There are also some cool photo-editing tools, a crowd-sourced map and an app to help you kick your caffeine addiction.

Brushstroke_iconBrushStroke (Rs 170)

Turn your photos into works of art with this new editing app. BrushStroke lets you automatically transform your photos into paintings, and edit, sign and share them on social networks. You can choose details like canvas material, colour scheme, paint type and brush style/stroke. Additionally, you can use various special effects, and correct temperature, saturation and brightness. Brushstroke_1 Brushstroke_2 Brushstroke_3

Click_iconClick! 2 – the Time Warp camera (Rs 55)

Click! 2 is a camera app which offers advanced controls for capturing action shots. Apart from standard camera features, Click! 2’s highlight is its ‘Time Warp’ feature. Enabling this will let you take up to seven photos in burst mode. You can later review your images and discard the ones you don’t want. The app also offers an easy 16x digital zoom control, ‘Steadycam’ for blur-free images and tons of sharing options. Click_3 Click_1 Click_2

Findery_iconFindery (Free)

From Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake comes Findery, a social discovery app. Spanning the globe, Findery allows users to leave notes – either public or private – at locations on a map. Notes can take the form of photos, tips, personal experiences or trivia. The app is meant to be used at your current location, but you can also browse notes from around the world. Additionally, you can follow other users or crowd-sourced ‘Notemaps’ of locations. Findery_2 Findery_3 Findery_1

Up Coffee_iconUP Coffee (Free)

Jawbone, the audio technology company, has launched UP Coffee, an app to monitor your caffeine addiction. With practically every type of coffee/tea drink listed, plus menus from popular chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, all you have to do is enter every cup of java you drink in a day. UP Coffee will analyse the results and tell you how your sleep will be affected. Up Coffee_3 Up Coffee_1 Up Coffee_2

WeTransfer_iconWeTransfer (Free)

WeTransfer, the popular service for sending large files across the internet, has launched its debut iOS app. It allows users to send photos and videos up to 10GB in size from their Camera Roll, via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G. Once a file has been transferred to another person, they will receive an email with a notification and download link. The app offers gesture-based controls, and the ability to pause and resume transfers. WeTransfer_1 WeTransfer_2 WeTransfer_3


Devious Dungeon_iconDevious Dungeon (Rs 55)

Joining the league of retro-style games flooding the App Store, Devious Dungeon combines RPG combat with medieval action adventure. You’ll play a sword-wielding warrior who is tasked with ridding the kingdom’s catacombs of evil creatures. In each level, you’ll get to fight enemies, collect loot and find a key to progress to the next. Set over five worlds, the game features tons of weapons and epic boss battles. Devious Dungeon_1 Devious Dungeon_2

Glint_iconGlint (Free)

Designed by an ex-Hollywood special effects expert, Glint is a Fruit Ninja style slash-and-match puzzle. Except, instead of fruits, it has glowing, colourful discs. The aim is to slash through like-coloured balls in a single swipe, and clear the way for more to fall into the screen. The fast-paced gameplay gets harder as you go along, with over 100 levels to explore. Glint_1 Glint_2 Glint_3

Knock Knock_iconKnock-Knock Game (Rs 270)

The insomniac Lodger lives in a cabin in the woods, but it seems like he’s not alone. In this horror-inspired survival game, you’ll have to hide from creepy intruders, while repairing and maintaining the cabin rooms to ward off evil. As you attempt to survive the night without losing your mind, you’ll begin to discover the mystery of the Lodger’s nightmare. Knock Knock_1 Knock Knock_2

Mines of Mars_iconMines of Mars (Rs 270)

Mines of Mars is a beautiful mining game set in the Red Planet, which combines crafting with combat. A lonely miner on Mars, your task is to excavate gems and minerals to upgrade your mining suit. While you wait to be rescued, you’ll get to explore the planet, collect resources and engage in boss battles. The atmospheric game has a running storyline, day and night modes and three mini-games too. Mines of Mars_1 Mines of Mars_2

Smash Hit_iconSmash Hit (Free)

We all need to let off steam sometimes, and Smash Hit could be that cathartic outlet you’re looking for. An endless-style game from a first-person perspective, you’ll travel through surreal landscapes, smashing different glass obstacles and doors with metal balls. The game features over 50 different rooms and 11 graphic styles, power-ups, checkpoints and iCloud support. Smash Hit_1 Smash Hit_2 Other worthy apps to check out are Busy Shapes, StackMotion and SquareOne.
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