Top iOS apps and games of the week #7

A Pac-Man inspired arcade game, a story-driven Japanese RPG and the sequel to popular platformer Shadow Blade headline this week’s top iOS games. Among our favourite new apps is a to-do list that treats each task as a battle, plus a news app that delivers all the latest updates in a unique text-message format. Read on for the entire roundup.


Instagram_iconInstagram (Free)

Instagram received a very useful update over the past week, bringing the ability to add multiple accounts. By going to profile settings, you can now switch between up to five accounts, without logging out of the account you’re currently using. Once multiple accounts are added, you’ll see your profile photo appear in various places through the app, so you’ll always know which account you’re currently using. 

Instagram_1 Instagram_2 Instagram_3

Victories_iconVictories (Free)

If you’ve been having a tough time getting through your to-do list, Victories is an app that might just help. The app treats every task as a battle, which you can either win or surrender. For every victory you score, you’ll receive encouragement, and see improvements to your avatar levels. The app also displays your stats, so you’ll know how many times and how quickly you’ve won. You can type your to-dos like notes, which will be automatically converted into tasks.

Victories_1 Victories_2 Victories_3

Anchor_iconAnchor (Free)

Anchor is an app that seeks to revive public radio. It allows you to broadcast two-minute audio clips and respond to other clips with your voice, letting you start an instant conversation or discussion. You’ll be able to listen to interesting audio from users around the world, and discover people to follow based on your interests, contacts or your Twitter account. You’ll be able to embed recordings into your blog, website or Medium post, and share them with others via text, email , Facebook, Twitter and iMessage.   

Anchor_1 Anchor_2 Anchor_3

Quartz_iconQuartz (Free)

The popular news website Quartz has just released its first news app for the iPhone, and it’s got a very interesting format. Instead of just browsing through news stories, the app displays news like a conversation. You’ll get the news in a text message format, and you can decide if you’re interested in the topic by selecting a response. The app doesn’t just send text though – you’ll also get GIFs, photos and links to make things more interesting.

Quartz_1 Quartz_3 Quartz_2


Tomb of the mask_iconTomb of the Mask (Free)

Tomb of the Mask is an retro-style arcade game that might remind you of Pac-Man in more ways than one. Set in an infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth, you’ll enter the tomb and put on a mask, which will give you the ability to climb walls. You’ll be able to navigate by swiping on the screen, avoiding traps and enemies, and collecting coins, power-ups and masks with unique powers along the way. The game isn’t as easy as it sounds though – you’ll also have to outrun the deathly flood that’s following closely at your heels.

Tomb of the mask_1 Tomb of the mask_2 Tomb of the mask_3

Shadow Blade Reload_iconShadow Blade: Reload (Rs 300)

The remake of the original Shadow Blade, in this sequel you’ll play Kuro, who must save the world from darkness and chaos. Using weapons like the katana, shurikens and kusarigama, you’ll engage in deadly ninja-style combat and fast-paced platforming. The game features over 40 levels, four boss fights, story campaign and challenge modes, a full comic storyline, plus Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

Shadow Blade Reload_1 Shadow Blade Reload_2

PRISM_icon_PRISM (Rs 190)

_PRISM is an atmospheric puzzle game set in a microcosmic galaxy. The puzzles centre around beautiful 3D geometric shapes. The crux of the puzzle involves aligning straight lines in the proper pattern, but you’ll have to do this on every surface of each multi-dimensional object. You’ll be able to pinch and zoom and rotate each object to examine it in detail. The game features a total of 13 levels, and an original zen-like soundtrack to help you relax and unwind.


Ys Chronicles II_iconYs Chronicles II (Rs 300)

The sequel to the popular Japanese RPG Ys Chronicles, in the new game the hero Adol returns, this time to free the magical city of Ys from evil. You’ll get to explore the mysterious island, use your sword skills, and discover magic, weapons, artifacts and armour. The game features a deep storyline, a choice of three soundtracks, easy gameplay and a hint system. You’ll be able to choose between Adventure and Time Attack game modes, two graphics modes and four difficulty levels.

Ys Chronicles II_1 Ys Chronicles II_2

App of the Week

The Mesh (Free)

This week, Apple is giving away the math-based puzzle game The Mesh for free. The objective of the game is to combine numbered tiles to try and achieve 200 points, and consequently unlock the 12 ancient creatures of the Zodiac. Other notable new games to check out include FINAL FANTASY IX, Tennis Club Story and Abzorb
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