Top iOS apps and games of the week #6

Pull a hungry chameleon’s tongue to help him get to the popcorn, defeat mysterious machines armed only with your briefcase, and meet your favourite Avengers as students in this week’s top games. Our apps roundup includes a loaded email client, plus two entertaining video apps.


Airmail_iconAirmail (Rs 300)

Popular mail client for Mac, Airmail, is now available for iOS too. The powerful app supports Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP and POP3 accounts, and offers 3D Touch integration as well. The app features workflow customisation options like snooze, interactive push notifications, customisable swipes, multiple signatures, bulk message editing, and thread and single message support. It allows quick full body previews, and also lets you create high-quality PDFs. With iCloud sync, it ensures that all your mailbox preferences are synced across the iOS and Mac apps for a unified experience.

Airmail_2 Airmail_3 Airmail_1

MSQRD_iconMSQRD (Free)

If you’re looking for a fun selfie app, look no further. MSQRD is a live face-filter app that lets you apply a mask, take a photo or record a video, and share it on social networks and your friends. Among the live effects are bug eyes, crying waterfalls, the poop emoji and celebrity masks like Yoda, Freddy Mercury, Obama, and even the Joker. The app’s advanced algorithms ensure that the filters fit your face perfectly, while face tracking allows the mask to stay in place while your record a video.


MadLipz_iconMadLipz (Free)

MadLipz is an app that’s best described as the opposite of Dubsmash. Instead of recording your own video with famous dubbed sounds, you’ll get to record your voice over famous video clips. The app lets you choose a clip (not longer than 15-seconds) from its library, and record up to three tracks on each video. You’ll be able to save your videos, or share them via Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and more.

MadLipz_1 MadLipz_2 MadLipz_3


Pull My Tongue_iconPull My Tongue (Rs 60)

A cute physics-based puzzler, in Pull My Tongue you’ll have to help Greg the hungry chameleon fill his tummy. Greg loves popcorn, but to feed him, you’ll have to pull his long tongue through several puzzles involving zappers, spikes, balloons, chewing gum and more. The game features a total of 90 challenging levels spread across five worlds.

Pull My Tongue_1 Pull My Tongue_2 Pull My Tongue_3

Ultimate Briefcase_iconUltimate Briefcase (Free)

In Ultimate Briefcase, you’ll play a little businessman who gets caught in the onslaught of automatic doomsday machines, with nothing to protect himself but his briefcase. Using your mad dodging skills, you’ll have to avoid falling bombs and lasers, trying to stay alive as long as possible. Through the course of the game, you’ll be able to unlock special characters and items, explore different areas of the city, and collect security footage to find out more about the mysterious machines.

Ultimate Briefcase_1 Ultimate Briefcase_2 Ultimate Briefcase_3

MARVEL Avengers Academy_iconMARVEL Avengers Academy (Free)

In MARVEL Avengers Academy, you’ll get to build your very own superhero academy and see all your favourite Avengers as students. You’ll be able to play as Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Loki and others, develop their powers, go on missions and send them to activities, sporting events, classes and more. You’ll get to build your dream campus, complete with dorms, classrooms, training facilities and sports stadiums. There are tons of events you can participate it, and future updates to the game will bring new storylines and quests.

MARVEL Avengers Academy_1 MARVEL Avengers Academy_2

All is Lost_iconAll is Lost (Free)

In a post-apocalyptic future, mankind is holed up in massive space stations scattered across a dangerous universe. The crews live in constant fear, and it’s your job to rescue them. You’ll have to travel from station to station, navigating a path to safety and avoiding obstacles in your way. The game features a range of cosmic environments, achievements and online leaderboards, as well as Game Center and iCloud support.

All is Lost_1 All is Lost_2

Space Grunts_iconSpace Grunts (Rs 250)

In Space Grunts, you’ll be part of a team of intergalactic problem solvers, sent to explore a moon-base that has been sending distress signals. You’ll have to find your way to the base, dealing with enemies like aliens, robots, security drones and more. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect a range of ‘Consumables’ that include weapon enhancers, destructive toys, armour, explosives and system-hacks, among others. You’ll start the game with three weapons, which you can enhance and upgrade, and eventually add more to your arsenal. You’ll also get to uncover secrets to complete the game, like underground routes, mysterious items and secret rooms. 

Space Grunts_1 Space Grunts_2

App of the Week

Over (Free)

All this week, you’ll be able to download the feature-packed graphic design and photo-editing app Over for free. The app features over 300 fonts, 800 illustrations and a range of editing tools to help you create professional-looking images. Other notable new games to check out include Adventures of Mana, Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood and Splash Cars.
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