Top iOS apps and games of the week #5

Two challenging puzzle games, a beautiful endless skater and an RPG set in post-apocalyptic earth make up this week’s top new games. In our selection of the best apps, we have a great travel app from Lonely Planet, as well as an efficient task manager.


A Color Story_iconA Color Story (Free)

A Color Story is a photo-editing app with a focus on fresh, colourful filters. It features over 100 filters, and lets you save custom filters too. There are over 20 editing tools available, including curves, clarity, contrast, brightness, saturation and more. Additionally, there are over 40 movable effects such as flare, bokeh, light leaks and text. 

A Color Story_1 A Color Story_2 A Color Story_3

Guides by Lonely Planet_iconGuides by Lonely Planet (Free)

If you love travelling, Guides by Lonely Planet is a great app that’s filled with carefully curated tips and advice from experts. The app lets you explore city guides, and features offline maps that make navigation easily. You can save favourite places by bookmarking them, or use filters to find suitable activities. The app currently features destinations like Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, San Francsico, New Orleans and a whole bunch more, with more cities due to be added soon.

Guides by Lonely Planet_1 Guides by Lonely Planet_2 Guides by Lonely Planet_3

Sloth_iconSloth (Free)

Sloth is a task manager that helps you improve your efficiency by timing each task. You’ll be able to set a length for each task, and will be notified when your time runs out. The app features simple gesture controls, and lets you cycle through tasks right from the notification center.

Sloth_1 Sloth_2 Sloth_3


Merged_iconMerged! (Free)

Merged! is a new block puzzle game where your goal is to merge blocks to get higher scores. To do this, you’ll have to place three blocks of the same colour and number next to each other on the board, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You’ll also be able to rotate blocks before placing them. The game offers unlimited lives with no time limits, and also lets you compete with friends. 

Merged_1 Merged_2 Merged_3

Infinite Skater_iconInfinite Skater (Rs 60)

An endless skater app, Infinite Skater features beautiful landscapes and a calming custom soundtrack. Like most endless runners, the game predictably requires you to skate down a path, avoiding obstacles in your way. However, there are some interesting additions, like various spirit animals you’ll meet along the way. By making offering, you’ll be able to hitch a ride with them along the trail, getting short boosts like the ability to leap over obstacles with the white wolf, or fly with the help of the eagle. 

Infinite Skater_1 Infinite Skater_2 Infinite Skater_3

Twofold_icontwofold inc. (Rs 250)

Another puzzle game, twofold inc. will keep you occupied with its challenging gameplay. The game requires you to match squares of the same colour, with each matched square giving you 2 points, which is then multiplied twofold – 2, 4, 8, 16, etc. The game will display ‘requests’ on top of the board, requiring you to reach a particular score with squares of a particular colour. To make things more difficult, each request allows you a specific number of moves, which if exceeded, will reduce your character’s life.

Twofold_1 Twofold_2 Twofold_3

Last City_iconLast City (Rs 190)

In a distant future, the earth’s atmosphere has depleted, with the last surviving city protected under a huge dome. When unknown creatures suddenly arrive and start depleting your city’s energy conserves, it becomes your mission to destroy them. As part of the Dome Defense Team, it’ll be your job to assign agents to various missions to destroy the creatures and protect the power stations. All agents navigate the game by skating, and you’ll be able to perform moves like drifting, hover flying and 360-turns. 

Last City_1 Last City_2

App of the Week

Piloteer (Free)

This week, Apple has a real treat in store for iOS users. The physics-based game Piloteer is App of the Week. You’ll play a famous inventor, determined to show the world that flying with a jetpack is possible by competing in all sorts of crazy missions.

Other notable new apps include Lost Journey, Circa Infinity and Open Bar.

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