Top iOS apps and games of the week #4

Headlining our weekly apps roundup are not one, but two apps from Apple’s stable, both targeted at musicians. On the gaming front, the Kickstarter-backed Exploding Kittens has finally made its way to the App Store, along with an interesting game about censorship and a crafting RPG set in space.


Music Memos_iconMusic Memos (Free)

Apple has launched a new music app called Music Memos, which lets you easily capture your new music ideas. It lets you record your music, and listen to it accompanied by a virtual drummer and bass player. The app analyses your music and suggests chord names, but you can also fine-tune this, with the drum and bass background music adapting automatically to any changes. The app also lets you edit your music, name and tag songs, use iCloud Drive to sync your music across devices, and open your song in GarageBand to add more instruments.

Music Memos_1 Music Memos_2 Music Memos_3

GarageBand_iconGarageBand (Free)

Speaking of GarageBand, the popular native app has been updated with a very cool feature. Called Live Loops, the feature lets you create music like a DJ. It brings over 1,200 loops and sounds, a collection of Apple-designed templates like EDM, House and Hip Hop, a virtual drummer, and DJ effects like filters, repeaters and vinyl scratching. You can also record your loops, and import or export them via iCloud Drive.

GarageBand_1 GarageBand_2

Road watcher_iconRoad watcher (Rs 120)

Road watcher is a useful app that lets you turn your iPhone into a dash cam. The app records videos in a continuous loop, limiting the disk space it uses by overriding old videos. It annotates videos with date and time, and tracks your movements while recording or viewing it later on the map. It records in HD, but you can choose lower quality video, black and white video and screen fading to save space and create longer videos. You can also record audio, and instantly snap a photo while recording video. 

Road watcher_1 Road watcher_2 Road watcher_3

Piku Piku_iconPiku Piku (Free)

A fun new app, Piku Piku lets you easily create GIFs using your iPhone’s camera. You can use both the front or rear cameras to record videos, and use the screen flash or LED flash to capture videos in the dark. The app lets you apply real time filters, enable self timers, record in portrait or landscape mode, and save your results as a GIF or video. It also features a Notification Center widget, and supports 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

Piku Piku_1 Piku Piku_2 Piku Piku_3


Exploding Kittens_iconExploding Kittens (Rs 120)

Kickstarter’s most well-funded game, Exploding Kittens, is finally available on iOS. The local multiplayer card game lets you play with two to five other players in the same room, on separate devices. In the game, players draw cards until someone draws an Exploding Kitten, at which point they die and exit the game. Unless they draw a Defuse card, which lets them defuse the kitten with belly rubs, laser pointers and catnip sandwiches. There are also a bunch of other cards in the deck, all of which can be used to move, avoid or mitigate the Exploding Kittens.

Exploding Kittens_1 Exploding Kittens_2

Crashlands_iconCrashlands (Rs 300)

Crashlands is a story-driven crafting RPG where you play a galactic trucker who gets stranded on an alien planet after losing your cargo. You’ll need to adapt to life on the planet Woanope, making friends, crafting items, fighting enemies, exploring your new world, and ultimately, finding and delivering your packages. The game features over 500 craftable items, the ability to incubate and grow creatures, skill-based combat, easy base building, RPG style character progression and hundreds of side quests.

Crashlands_1 Crashlands_2

Lost in Harmony_iconLost in Harmony (Rs 250)

Lost in Harmony is a narrative musical story where you’ll help the teenage boy Kaito overcome his fears in a futuristic city. Accompanied by an immersive soundtrack, you’ll have to guide Kaito and his love interest Aya on a skateboard, avoiding vehicles, ditches and other obstacles, while also tapping out rhythms of the accompanying tunes. The game features over 30 hand-painted environments, and lets you customise your character’s clothes, headphones and skateboard. Additionally, you’ll also be able to create your own levels by adding your choice of music, landscape and character.

Lost in Harmony_1 Lost in Harmony_2

The Westport Independent_iconThe Westport Independent (Rs 300)

The Westport Independent is an interesting game about censorship, corruption and newspapers. You’ll play the editor of the Westport Independent newspaper, and your job will be to edit news published about the recently elected Loyalist Party and the rebel faction. You’ll get to edit and censor articles to your liking, with your decisions impacting reactions from your colleagues. You’ll also receive letters from employees, rebel leaders, public figures and other characters who have been affected by your actions.

The Westport Independent_1 The Westport Independent_2

App of the Week

MarcoPolo Ocean (Free)

Free all this week is the learning game MarcoPolo Ocean. The game lets children create their own aquarium, build a coral reef, explore the sea and even make dolphins jump. It features build-and-play activities and free play exploration, while educating kids about the ocean landcape and wildlife.

Other notable new games to check out include Sky Chasers, Dungelot: Shattered Lands and Rogue Agent.

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