Top iOS apps and games of the week #32

The first week of August has been a busy one on the App Store. On the gaming front, we’ve got a time-travelling mystery adventure, a Pokemon Snap-style dinosaur discovery game, and a free RPG from the FINAL FANTASY franchise. Our top apps include a handy addition for Apple TV users, a Prisma-style app for videos and a big update to Instagram.


Apple TV Remote_iconApple TV Remote (Free)

Apple TV Remote is a handy app for users with an Apple TV. The app offers most features of the Siri Remote on your iPhone. It lets you navigate your Apple TV with touch gestures, enter text, email addresses and passwords using the keyboard, and control the movie, TV show or song that’s currently playing. It features Siri integration, letting you ask for recommendations and give voice commands. It lets you play games using the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope, and enable Game Mode for simple gaming controls.

Apple TV Remote_1 Apple TV Remote_2 Apple TV Remote_3

Artisto_iconArtisto (Free)

Prisma might have taken the world by storm with its artistic filters, but users are still waiting for the anticipated video feature to roll out. In the meantime, there’s Artisto, an app that lets you apply similar filters to your videos. Like Prisma, it uses ‘neural networks and artificial intelligence’ to apply filters. You can choose a video from your gallery or record a new one, although you’ll only be able to select a 10-second clip. You can then choose and apply one of the filters, share it to Facebook and Instagram, or save it to your camera roll.

Artisto_1 Artisto_2 Artisto_3

Instagram_iconInstagram (Free)

With its latest update, Instagram has become Snapchat. Ok, we don’t mean that literally, but to say that Instagram borrowed its new ‘Stories’ feature from Snapchat would be a big understatement. Just like Snapchat, you can now take photos and record videos to add it to your Story, which will remain only for 24 hours. And like Snapchat, you can add filters, text and drawings before sharing. Instagram Stories from people you follow appear at the top of your feed, and are displayed one after the other in slideshow format. You can click a person’s profile picture to view their Story, although you won’t be able to like or comment on their Stories.

Instagram_1 Instagram_2 Instagram_3

Dropbox Paper_iconDropbox Paper (Free)

Dropbox Paper, the cloud storage service’s answer to Google Docs, is now available on open beta with a dedicated iOS app. The app is designed for teams to collaborate on documents. It supports rich text documents, letting you embed videos, audio and images, which are automatically arranged in a collage-style layout. Other team members can then comment on these files. You can create tables and checklists, and tag other members by putting an ‘@’ symbol before their name or email address. The app organises all notifications, including shares, mentions and comments in a unified list.

Dropbox Paper_1 Dropbox Paper_2 Dropbox Paper_3


Return to Grisly Manor_iconReturn to Grisly Manor (Rs 190)

In Return to Grisly Manor, you have to help Grandpa save the recently renovated Grisly Manor from being demolished to make way for a MegaMart. But in order to find the deeds to his land, you’ll need to travel back in time to the old manor, the last place Grandpa remembered seeing the documents. The game requires you to explore the old house, solve puzzles and collect items, with a companion journal keeping track of all the secrets you uncover, and a map showing all the areas you’ve explored. The game features hand-painted graphcs, an original soundtrack and a complete hint system. 

Return to Grisly Manor_1 Return to Grisly Manor_2


From the FINAL FANTASY franchise comes a new free game developed specifically for mobile devices. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY features a battle system designed for smartphones, where attacks can be chained for maximum destruction. The game features FINAL FANTASY’s ‘Job System’ where you can customise your character with various job classes and elemental abilities. The game will feature different chapter releases, with each one bringing in-game events and new playable content. 


Tap Hero_iconTap Hero (Free)

An endless arcade game, in Tap Hero you’ll need to keep tapping the screen to fend off endless waves of enemies. Enemies attack you from either side, and each tap alternates between the two sides, so you’ll have to time your attacks well. Missing even one tap will result in death. The game features five different opponents – warrior, ninja, bowman, mage and crazy dwarf, and four different seasons you can fight in. You’ll be able to collect gold coins to upgrade your armour, weapons and get an extra life, and perform a special attack when your super bar is full. 

Tap Hero_1 Tap Hero_2 Tap Hero_3

Jurassic GO_iconJurassic GO (Rs 250)

A fun game for kids and adults alike, Jurassic GO is basically Pokemon Snap for dinosaurs. The game lets you explore swamps, craters, rivers and badlands to discover various dinosaurs. Using your camera, your goal is to snap all the dinosaurs in the land, including rare ones. You’ll get to interact with the dinos, tossing goofballs and playing the harmonica to lure them out of their hiding spots. You’ll get to upgrade your camera, zooming in to snap them in their hiding places. You’ll also get to build a dinosaur museum, and gift and interact with friends to unlock hidden dinosaurs.

Jurassic GO_1 Jurassic GO_2

Crooked Path_iconCrooked Path (Rs 120)

A puzzle runner game with beautiful visuals, in Crooked Path you’ll need to navigate your character around maze-filled levels. Your character runs automatically in the game, and you’ll need to tap on the screen to make him turn to avoid falling off the path. If you do fall off, you’ll need to begin the level again. You’ll get to collect white orbs as you run, and in later levels, push buttons or use portals to open up new paths. The game features 12 chapters that are set over four seasons, each with a message about the challenges your character will face. 

Crooked Path_1 Crooked Path_2 Crooked Path_3

Free App of the Week


The challenging perspective illusion puzzle hocus. ss this week’s Free App of the Week. The game features 85 levels, with an option to create and share your own levels too. 

Other notable new games to check out include Pixel Disc Golf 2, Blitz Breaker and Sports Hero

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