Top iOS apps and games of the week #22

Escape from a maze-like chamber in a mysterious world, drive your monster truck over steep hills and guide Bob the snail to safety in this week’s top games. Our selection of top apps includes a neat group-video app, plus a gesture-based keyboard with a typewriter-themed layout.


GroupClip_iconGroupClip (Free)

If you’ve ever wanted to create a movie using multi-angle videos, you should check out GroupClip. To use the app, you’ll need to log into Facebook and invite up to four friends to start recording simultaneously. All the footage is stored on the cloud, and you can edit it directly from the app. All co-recorders will be able to create their own version of the video, with the option to add photos, music and new videos. The app features multi-frame templates, and lets you easily drag and drop clips while editing.

GroupClip_1 GroupClip_2 GroupClip_3

WRIO_iconWRIO Keyboard (Rs 190)

WRIO is a new keyboard app that uses the honeycomb keyboard layout of old typewriters. The app features large keys that match your fingers, with smart gestures like swipe left to delete one or more characters, and swipe right to restore. You can swipe up to capitalise a letter, or long press to get diacritics. The app features personalised auto-correction, and currently supports over 30 languages. It also offers over 1,000 emojis, plus a range of themes for customisation. 


Aerium_iconAerium (Free)

Aerium is a weather app that alerts you when there’s going to be rain in your location a day in advance, so you can be prepared. The app features a simple interface with swipe-based controls and personal weather descriptions. The app collects location-based weather data from, and is designed to consume minimal resources and energy.

Aerium_1 Aerium_2 Aerium_3


Warp Shift_iconWarp Shift (Rs 190)

A gorgeous audio-visual puzzle game, in Warp Shift you’ll have to guide the little girl Pi and her magical companion through maze-filled chambers in a mysterious world. You’ll get to alter your surroundings to open new ways, reaching your destination through taps and swipes. The game features five unique worlds with 15 levels each, and is designed to help you relax as you play. 

Warp Shift_1 Warp Shift_2 Warp Shift_3

MMX Hill Climb_iconMMX Hill Climb (Free)

The follow up to the popular MMX Racing, in MMX Hill Climb you’ll get to drive your monster truck over steep hills and climbs over a variety of courses. The game features several vehicles including the Big Rig, the Tank and the Muscle Classic, which you’ll get to unlock and upgrade. The game lets you compete against your friends, and features leaderboards too. 

MMX Hill Climb_1 MMX Hill Climb_2

Crashing Season_iconCrashing Season (Free)

Crashing Season is an action runner-game, where you’ll get to play as different animals in a quest to destroy the evil hunters and their bosses. You’ll need to survive and beat waves of enemies, fight bosses and complete various challenges. You’ll get to unlock different characters, each with their own unique boost. You’ll also get to upgrade and unlock boosts, power-ups and little helpers, and customise your characters with cool accessories. You can compete with other players in global rankings, and challenge other players to matches to earn rewards.

Crashing Season_1 Crashing Season_2 Crashing Season_3

Snail Bob 2_iconSnail Bob 2 (Free)

The popular physics puzzle game Snail Bob 2 is back in this second instalment. In the game, Bob crawls along a path, irrespective of the situation or obstacles in his way. You’ll need to press buttons, switch levers, move platforms and more to ensure he doesn’t come in harm’s way. The game features various hidden stars and jigsaw pieces you can collect, and different outfits you can dress up Bob in. There are a total 90 levels set across three unique worlds, and the game is designed for both adults and kids.

Snail Bob 2_1 Snail Bob 2_2

App of the Week

Octagon (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is the challenging arcade game Octagon. In the game, you’re trapped inside a fast-moving 8-sided tunnel, and you’ll need to put your reflexes to the test to avoid obstacles, deathly drops and more.

Other notable new games to check out include Hatoful Boyfriend, ROMANCING SAGA 2 and Goat Simulator Waste of Space.

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