Top iOS apps and games of the week #21

This week, we’ve got big updates to your favourite apps, plus an interesting group sharing platform from Google. On the games front, we have a puzzle game that Monument Valley fans will love, plus an fun adventure game starring a heroic crab.


Spaces_iconSpaces (Free)

Google has announced a new app called Spaces iOS and Android. The app is meant to be a tool for ‘small group sharing’. Essentially, it lets you create a group based on any topic, and invite friends and family to join. Spaces integrates Google Search and YouTube, so you don’t need to leave the app to share a link or video. Members in a group can comment on any post, and you can easily use keywords to search for any content shared in your spaces.

Spaces_1 Spaces_2 Spaces_3

MuseCam_iconMuseCam (Free)

MuseCam is a simple yet advanced camera app and image editor. The app lets you capture photos with an array of manual controls like shutter speed, white balance, ISO and focus. There are a range of film-inspired presets you can apply to your photos, and the option to create your own. There are also editing tools to adjust curves, colour, split toning, depth of field, and more. The app stores your complete edit history, so you can make changes to your workflow at any point.

MuseCam_1 MuseCam_2 MuseCam_3

YouTube_iconYouTube (Free)

YouTube for iOS received an update this week to add support for Google Cardboard, a feature that’s already been around for Android users for a while. With the update, you can watch regular 2D videos and even 360-degree videos in VR, by tapping on the menu button at the top right corner. You will need a Google Cardboard or basic VR headset to experience this though.

YouTube_1 YouTube_2 YouTube_3

Dubsmash_iconDubsmash (Free)

Popular app Dubsmash that lets you dub well-known quotes, songs and more and create videos has received a useful update. The app now lets you share dubs with your friends. Additionally, the update also brings a fresh new design, full screen videos (as opposed to square videos earlier), bug fixes and improvements.

Dubsmash_1 Dubsmash_2 Dubsmash_3

Yahoo Mail_iconYahoo Mail (Free)

Yahoo Mail has received an update to version 4.4, bringing a range of new features. You can now send emails with beautiful stationery designs like Floral, Thank You, Happy Birthday and more. The app will now display link previews – basically informative snapshots of a link – in emails. You can choose to share the previews in the middle of the email or at the bottom. Lastly, the update brings support for Yahoo Mail from the iOS sharing menu, allowing you share photos, videos, notes, links and more directly to the app.

Yahoo Mail_1 Yahoo Mail_2 Yahoo Mail_3


Mekorama_iconMekorama (Free)

If you loved Monument Valley, Mekorama is a new puzzle game you should definitely check out. The game requires you to guide an adorable little robot to the exit of complicated 3D structures. There are a total of 50 levels that appear in the form of cards, and are unlocked as you play. There are bonus levels to unlock by scanning cards you might find on various places online, and even the option to create your own levels. The game is free to play, but you have the option to donate money to the developer if you want. 

Mekorama_1 Mekorama_2 Mekorama_3

Mr Crab 2_iconMr. Crab 2 (Free)

Mr. Crab is back in the second edition of the popular adventure game. This time, the heroic crustacean is on a mission to rescue the baby crabs once again. The game features several levels set over four words. You’ll need to save the baby crabs in each level, as well as collect all the gold medals, which you can use to customise your crab’s outfit.  There are also several new characters you can unlock as you play.

Mr Crab 2_1 Mr Crab 2_2 Mr Crab 2_3

Imbroglio_iconImbroglio (Rs 250)

Imbroglio is a rogue-like game with deck building elements. The game features a total of eight heroes you can play as, each with their own unique abilities. You’ll play on a grid that’s made up of 16 cards. Each card represents a weapon, so your position on the board will determine how you attack oncoming enemies. There are a total of 32 weapons you can use and level up, and four enemies you can battle.

Imbroglio_1 Imbroglio_2 Imbroglio_3

RAID HQ_iconRAID HQ (Free)

A shoot ‘em up game with Clash of Clan elements, in RAID HQ you’ll get to construct and defend your own island fortress. You’ll get to build and upgrade your collection of squad cards, and construct a raiding deck to defeat opponents. You’ll get to defend your island with turrets, tanks, choppers and more, and raid other players across the world, stealing their trophies and treasure. You’ll also get to create clans to share troops, chat and build a community, as well as compete in wordwide leagues and leaderboards.


App of the Week

Pull My Tongue (Free)

This week’s free app of the week is the cute puzzle game Pull My Tongue. In the game, you’ll need to feed Greg the hungry chameleon by pulling his tongue through obstacles like zappers, spikes, chewing gum and more. 

Other notable new games to check out include Titan Quest, Warhammer 40000: Regicide and Rush Rally 2.

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