Top iOS apps and games of the week #20

This week, we’ve got not one, but two challenging ninja-themed games to keep you busy. On the apps front, we’ve got a music player that promises to deliver 3D surround sound, plus a big update to Instagram. 


Instagram_iconInstagram (Free)

Instagram has just received its biggest design overhaul yet. The iconic polaroid camera and rainbow icon has been replaced with a more modern, colourful one. The app’s interface has also been modified with a black and white theme in order to keep photos and videos in focus, with notifications appearing in red.

Instagram_1 Instagram_2 Instagram_3

Boom_iconBoom (Free)

Boom is an audio player for iOS which lets you listen to downloaded tracks in 3D Surround Sound with any headphones. The app features a 16-band equaliser, with presets like Dubstep, Pop, Bass Booster, etc. It can also intelligently apply equaliser to any tracks. Additionally, the app features an audio intensity slider, plus the ability to build custom playlists and queue songs. 

Boom_1 Boom_2 Boom_3


Bushido Bear_iconBushido Bear (Free)

An action game where you play a sword-wielding ninja bear, in Bushido Bear you must become the guardian of the forest. The game requires you to hack and slash endless waves of enemies with two giant swords, creating kill chains by drawing lines through enemies. The game features unlockable characters, such as the tiny Lone Cub who can slip past enemies, Smoky bear who can teleport and Neo bear who can slow down time. The game also features random powerups that let you unleash shockwaves and add armor, among others.

Bushido Bear_1 Bushido Bear_2

Leap Day_iconLeap Day (Free)

Leap Day is a fast-paced platformer where you need to jump off walls, bounce on springs and avoid traps and monsters to leap as high as possible. However, the mainstay of the game is that it gets a brand new level every day. The levels are set in new locations, and are the same for all players worldwide. The game is played in portrait orientation, and features colourful retro-style pixel art.

Leap Day_1 Leap Day_2 Leap Day_3

Caterzillar_iconCaterzillar (Rs 190)

In Caterzillar, you’ll have to help Bob the caterpillar embark on a danger-filled adventure to rescue the princess and defeat the evil insects. There’s no up or down in this game, and instead you’ll have to navigate Bob through the game by helping him stick to surfaces. The game features four chapters, 32 levels and epic boss battles too.

Caterzillar_1 Caterzillar_2

Ninja Madness_iconNinja Madness (Free)

Ninja Madness is an action game where you’ll get to put your ninja skills to the test. You’ll need to jump, climb and roll over traps, throw shuriken blades and battle samurai bosses. The game features over 70 challenging levels which get harder as you progress.

Ninja Madness_1 Ninja Madness_2

App of the Week

King Rabbit (Free)

The gorgeous puzzle-action game King Rabbit is App of the Week this time around. The game requires you to rescue your bunny citizens, defeat monsters, collect magical items and solve puzzles.

Other notable apps to check out include Puzzlepops!, Smash Fu and Final Friday.

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