Top iOS apps and games of the week #2

The first week of 2016 was a pretty sparse one as far as iOS apps were concerned, mostly owing to the annual iTunes Store freeze. So we decided to give Week 1 a miss, and instead, bring you a loaded edition for Week 2. Without further adieu, here’s a list of the top new and improved iOS apps and games of the week.


Netflix_iconNetflix (Free)

At CES this week, Netflix announced its launch in 130 countries across the world, including India. The popular online video streaming app features a vast catalogue of TV shows and movies that users can stream ad-free for a monthly subscription. The Indian edition of Netflix features a bunch of regional content, and we expect more to appear over the coming months. The subscription plans in India start at Rs 500 per month, but Netflix is letting new users use the service free of charge for the first month.

Netflix_1 Netflix_2 Netflix_3

Microsoft Selfie_iconMicrosoft Selfie (Free)

Microsoft thinks it can improve your iPhone’s selfies, and to prove its point, the company has launched Microsoft Selfie, an app to help you enhance your mug shots. The app takes gender, skin tone, lighting and other variables into account, and automatically enhances your photos with one click. You can also choose from a range of effects to customise the image. You can either snap a photo from within the app, or pick one from your camera roll.

Microsoft Selfie_1 Microsoft Selfie_2 Microsoft Selfie_3

Selfie Stick_iconSelfie Stick (Free)

And we have another selfie app on the list. This one’s called Selfie Stick, and it lets you take selfies hands-free. All you need to do is set up your phone on a tripod, selfie stick or lean it against any surface. The app detects when your face is in the frame and makes a ‘ping’ sound to notify you. After that, all you need to do is tilt your head to start a 3-second countdown timer, after which the app automatically snaps the image. You can also use the app with the rear camera for better quality images. 

Selfie Stick_1 Selfie Stick_2 Selfie Stick_3


Halfpipe Hero_iconHalfpipe Hero (Free)

Halfpipe Hero is an arcade skateboarding game with simple one-touch controls. You’ll get to show off your skateboarding tricks, pulling off inverts, grinds, flips and more. The cash you earn can be used to unlock new locations and heroes. You’ll also get to share your best moves and fails through GIFs, as well as challenge friends. The game features retro ‘80s graphics and funky beats to get you in the groove.

Halfpipe Hero_1 Halfpipe Hero_2 Halfpipe Hero_3

Lonewolf_iconLONEWOLF (Free)

In this story-driven sniper adventure game, you’ll play the role of an assassin who’s joined a criminal organisation called the ‘Assembly’. As you play, you’ll discover the truth about this mysterious character, and the secrets behind his motives. The game features over 20 weapons to unlock and upgrade, 30 missions, over five hours of story mode, hand-drawn cutscenes and a dozen mini-games. You’ll also be able to practice your sniper skills in shooting ranges, and collect over 40 trophies. 

Lonewolf_1 Lonewolf_2

Pixel Starships_iconPixel Starships (Free)

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Pixel Starships is finally available on iOS. Set in a large 8-bit online universe, the game gives you complete control over starship management. You’ll get to build and design epic starships, control the ship’s power and resources and program situational AI commands to your systems and crew for automatic combat and offline gameplay. You’ll get to interact with other races, aliens and factions, and battle it out with other players, while managing diplomacy, recruitment, research and exploration. 

Pixel Starships_1 Pixel Starships_2 Pixel Starships_3

Jetpack Fighter_iconJetpack Fighter (Free)

Faced-paced action platformer Jetpack Fighter is all about girl power. The game will see you dash through the skyscrapers of Mega City, smashing evil robots and facing off against killer bosses. You’ll be able to upgrade your character with gear like weapons, armour and special items, and collect new fighters with unique skills. The game features dozens of levels, daily quests, unlockable achievements, rewards and bonus events.

Jetpack Fighter_1 Jetpack Fighter_2

Surfingers_iconSurfingers (Free)

Surfingers is a surfing game where you control the waves, not the surfer. Your surfer dude will continue to surf on his own, as long as you keep moving the waves up and down to keep him on the right path, avoiding all the obstacles in his way. It’s not as easy as it looks though, because the environments keep changing randomly – from sea to snow to sand. The game features over 20 unlockable characters, which you’ll be able to unlock by collecting stars along the way.

Surfingers_1 Surfingers_2

App of the Week

Super Hexagon (Free)

Free on the App Store all this week is minimal action game Super Hexagon. The geometry-inspired survival game requires you to move your triangle to the left and right before the walls close in on you.

Other notable games to check out include TMNT – Portal Power, Age of Wushu Dynasty and TraptionBakery.

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