Top iOS apps and games of the week #19

Apple’s plans to sell refurbished iPhones in India may have met an untimely end, but the brand continues to be one of the fastest growing in India. With more users switching to the iPhone, the demand for great apps and games is on the rise, and that’s why our weekly roundup should be on your reading list. In this edition, we’ve got an amazing GIF keyboard, plus a selection of interesting games to keep you occupied this weekend.



If you’re a GIF-addict, GIPHY KEYS could be the keyboard of your dreams. You’ll get access to millions of GIFs, which you can search for right from the keyboard. You’ll also be able to browse GIFs by categories or view trending GIFs. Once you find a GIF you like, you can tap to copy it instantly and then paste it into your message. Tapping and holding lets you share to Facebook and Twitter, while double tapping lets you save it as a favourite. You can also use the built-in GIPHY hashtag commands to animate your text, discover a random sticker, call up a magic 8-ball or just find out the weather – all in GIFs of course.


Talkshow_iconTalkshow (Free)

Talkshow is an app that lets you turn text messages into public commentary. The app lets you create a Talkshow about any subject, letting you send messages, GIFs and photos to communicate with your audience. You can choose to notify your friends when your Talkshow is live, and the audience will be able to like your messages, send reactions or request to be a co-host. Talkshows can be shared to Facebook, Twitter and the web, and the best part is that people don’t need to have the app to tune in.

Talkshow_1 Talkshow_2 Talkshow_3


INKS_iconINKS. (Rs 120)

INKS. is a stunning puzzle game which combines pinball with visual art. The game replaces the traditional pinball table with a canvas and an ink-stained ball. As you play, the ball bashes into the inkwells on the edges, leaving streaks of colour in its path. The game features over 100 unique tables to play, with additional tables and powerups available as in-app purchases. You’ll also be able to share your favourite levels and high-scores with friends.


Hungry Shark World_iconHungry Shark World (Free)

In Hungry Shark World, you play a shark, and your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible by devouring everything in your path. The game features a total of 17 shark species in seven size tiers to collect, and you’ll have to advance up the ladder from the simple Hammerhead to the terrifying Great White. There are three open worlds to explore – Pacific Island, Artic Ocean and Arabian Sea. There are also 20 different missions to complete, 100’s of prey to consume, various pets to unlock, plus a range of accessories and gadgets to equip your sharks with. 

Hungry Shark World_1 Hungry Shark World_2

UNCHARTERED Fortune Hunter_iconUNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter (Free)

From the popular Playstation franchise Unchartered comes a new action-puzzle adventure game for iOS. In UNCHARTERED: Fortune Hunter, you play Nathan Drake, as you continue your pursuit to uncover long-lost treasures hidden by notorious pirates, adventurers and thieves. The game requires you to solve over 200 puzzle chambers, embark on six unique adventures and collect over 50 treasures scattered across four worlds. You’ll also get to unlock rewards and costumes, plus connect to the Playstation Network to bring multi-player rewards into the upcoming UNCHARTERED 4: A Thief’s End.

UNCHARTERED Fortune Hunter_1 UNCHARTERED Fortune Hunter_2 UNCHARTERED Fortune Hunter_3

Joan Mad Run_iconJoan Mad Run (Free)

An endless old-school run’n’gun, in Joan Mad Run you’ll have to run deep into the underworld, defeating enemies like armed guards and bosses. You’ll need to avoid traps and deadly shots, and unlock weapons to cut, explode, freeze, melt and incinerate your enemies. The game features dozens of powerful weapons and upgrades, powerups, collectible lives and ammo, various locations and challenging boss battles. 

Joan Mad Run_1 Joan Mad Run_2

Olympus Rising_iconOlympus Rising (Free)

In this massive multiplayer, you’ll get to unleash the power of the gods in the battle for Mount Olympus. You’ll get to command huge armies and conquer island empires, collect legendary heroes and upgrade them to god-like warriors, summon mythical creatures to defend Olympus, and turn the mountain into an impenetrable fortress. You’ll also get to build an acropolis and showcase your glory, and forge alliances with friends to rule Olympus together.

Olympus Rising_1 Olympus Rising_2

App of the Week

Camera Plus (Free)

Photographers rejoice, because this week’s free App of the Week is Camera Plus. The advanced photography app lets you pair two iOS devices to capture photos and videos remotely, and lets you capture detailed macro images too, among other unique features.

Other notable new games to check out include Final Meteor, Never Gone and Super Smash the Office.

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