Top iOS apps and games of the week #18

Navigate your precious Egz through a dangerous universe, discover out the secret of the missing ghouls and enjoy hours of Angry Birds fun in our top iOS games of the week. On the app front, we have a keyboard that helps you make puns, plus a unique audio app that lets you engage with the sounds around you.


Jottit_iconJottit (Rs 120)

Jottit is a productivity app for creating checklists and making notes. It also lets you set reminders and due dates, keep track of upcoming reminders, and mark tasks as in progress or complete. Like Evernote, the app organises everything into notebooks, which you can use for checklists, notes or both. You’ll also be able to add shelves to store and organise your notebooks further. The app features a dark theme, swipe gestures, iCloud Sync and Apple Watch support.

Jottit_1 Jottit_2 Jottit_3

Hemingboard_iconHemingboard (Rs 120)

If you’ve always wanted to be more articulate or witty in your conversations, Hemingboard might just be the keyboard for you. Designed to be used alongside the regular iOS keyboard, it features a built-in thesaurus, pun finder and rhyming dictionary. When you’re ready to use the app, all you need to do is tap the globe icon at the bottom of the keyboard and select Hemingboard. You can then select the word you want to use with the cursor, and the keyboard will show you synonyms, rhyming words and puns related to it.

Hemingboard_1 Hemingboard_2 Hemingboard_3

Hear_iconHear (Free)

Hear is a unique app that wants to spice up your experience of the sounds around you. The app features a choice of seven sound ‘filters’ – Super Hearing, Relax, Happy, Talk, Office, Sleep and Auto Volume. For instance, the Relax filter plays a series of sound waves designed to help you unwind, while the Happy filter turns ambient noise into psychedelic tunes. It’s an interesting app, and features various parameters that can be adjusted for each filter. Just remember, you’ll need your headphones in order to use it.

Hear_1 Hear_2 Hear_3


Angry Birds Action_iconAngry Birds Action! (Free)

A game based on the Angry Birds movie, in Angry Birds Action! you’ll have to slingshot the birds through a pinball-like maze in order to save the eggs. You’ll get to play as the three heroes from the movie – Red, Chuck and Terence ­– bouncing from wall to wall, avoiding obstacles and collecting gold coins on the way. The game also integrates BirdCodes – small round badges that can be scanned to unlock new content, mini games and power ups. The BirdCodes are available at theatres, on merchandise and other locations.

Angry Birds Action_1 Angry Birds Action_2 Angry Birds Action_3

Egz_iconEgz (Rs 190)

In a newly-created universe, the first living things to be birthed are the Egz. In this charming puzzle game, your objective is to help your Egz survive in dangerous surroundings, taking care that they don’t break. You’ll have to help the Egz roll, bounce and jump across various obstacles, and fight the occasional boss battle too. You’ll get to customise and upgrade your Egz, and unlock their special abilities. The game features seven worlds spanning 80 levels, 69 achievements and three mini-games.

Egz_1 Egz_2

War Tortoise_iconWar Tortoise (Free)

A blend of a shooter, idle game and tower defense, in War Tortoise you’ll control a heavy tank that’s armed with powerful weapons and automatic turrets. You’ll need to equip your tank with weapons, build defences, collect resources and defend yourself against enemy onslaught in huge battles. The game features tons of units, upgrades and defenses, dozens of enemy types, an auto play mode and eight different worlds.

War Tortoise_1 War Tortoise_2

Dog Mendonca_iconDog Mendonca (Rs 300)

Based on the graphic novel trilogy of the same name, Dog Mendonca is written and illustrated by the same folks who wrote the comics. In this dark, funny interactive adventure, the vampires, ghosts and ghouls have disappeared from the streets of Lisbon and it’s up to supernatural detective Dog Mendonca and his wacky sidekicks to find out why. The game features a new mystery based on the books, where you’ll get to solve riddles, visit ghostly locations, talk to crazy characters and more.

Dog Mendonca_1 Dog Mendonca_2

Agent Gumball_iconAgent Gumball (Rs 190)

A roguelike spy game from Cartoon Network, in Agent Gumball your job is to find out who’s spying on you. You’ll get to go undercover, sneaking past enemies to collect secrets, plant bugs, rescue missing agents and take down targets. There are a range of spy gadgets at your disposal, like the Power Belt, Tech Watch and Spy Glasses, which you can use in battle. You’ll also get to run your own spy agency, recruit Gumball’s friends, and send them on missions to earn coins while you’re away. There are a bunch of stealth missions you can unlock too.

Agent Gumball_1 Agent Gumball_2 Agent Gumball_3

App of the Week

Dragon Hills (Free)

This week, you can download the adventure game Dragon Hills for free. Playing a princess who’s out for revenge, you’ll help her steer a dragon down hills, destroying her enemies and everything in her path.

Other notable new games to check out include Boxy Kingdom, Victorious Knight and Spellbinders.

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