Top iOS apps and games of the week #17

This week, Apple finally confirmed the dates of its WWDC developers conference. The annual event takes place between June 13th to 17th this year, and you can expect big announcements on the future of iOS and previews of the next big update. WWDC is still a couple of months away though, so in the meantime, let’s take a look at the best new and updated iOS apps and games to hit the App Store this week.


Snapchat_iconSnapchat (Free)

Snapchat has received a couple of interesting updates over the last week. The app now lets you press and hold on an emoji to pin it on a video snap. Additionally, it lets you face swap with any photo from your camera roll. The app is able to detect faces from your camera roll, and lets you pick a photo to face swap with. Other new features include the ability to replay any snap for free once, and support for lenses on older iOS devices.

Snapchat_1Snapchat_2 Snapchat_3

Viber_iconViber (Free)

Following in WhatsApp’s footsteps, Viber too has released an update with end-to-end encryption for all its chats. You’ll now see a padlock to confirm your security status on all messages, including group and cross-platform messages. The update also brings the ability to hide specific chats, lets you ‘like’ media from the preview screen, and reduces the overall size of the app.

Viber_1 Viber_2 Viber_3


Orbit's Odyssey_iconOrbit’s Odyssey (Rs 190)

Orbit’s Odyssey is a puzzle strategy game where you play an intergalactic adventurer who travels the multiverse in search of treasure. With a charming papier mâché 3D art style, the game features over 90 levels, with a total of 100 stars to collect. You’ll also have to collect coins and precious gems in order to unlock five different characters, and face off against evil robot monsters.

Orbit's Odyssey_1 Orbit's Odyssey_2 Orbit's Odyssey_3

Fallen London_iconFallen London (Free)

The popular Victorian Gothic browser game Fallen London is finally available on mobile in this iOS port. In the game, the city of London has been stolen by bats, and now resides under the ocean, infested by dark creatures. The literary RPG features over 1,500 words of text, and lets you direct your own story based on the decisions you make. You’ll get to choose from several avatars, meet and befriend hundreds of characters, and shop for various items, outfits and pets at the bazaar.

Fallen London_1 Fallen London_2 Fallen London_3

Star Knight_iconStar Knight (Rs 190)

Star Knight is a beautifully designed platformer where you play the knight Naro, who must defeat the evil dragon who stole the sun. The game features various objectives you must complete, in a land filled with difficult terrain and numerous traps. You’ll need to defeat increasingly powerful enemies, and overcome bosses to claim your rewards. You’ll also get to collect coins to purchase weapons, collect runes to claim skills, and find hidden items and jewels to make your character more powerful. The game also features an arena mode where you’ll be able to fight against endless waves of enemies and compete with other players.

Star Knight_1 Star Knight_2

Choppa_iconChoppa (Free)

An ‘80s style arcade game with a rock music soundtrack, in Choppa you play Rick Guiver, a coast guard pilot who’s on a rescue mission after an oil rig explosion. The game features randomly generated levels, and you’ll need to rescue as many people as possible without exploding or falling into the sea. You’ll also be able to unlock and purchase new helicopters, upgrade your armour, engines and rescue gear, and complete challenging missions while aiming for the top score.

Choppa_1 Choppa_2

HeavyRockets_iconHeavyRockets (Rs 120)

HeavyRockets is a cave shooter where you play a daring rocket pilot. The game features a selection of modes, including a Race mode where you race against your friends for the best battle time, a Battle mode which is an underground dogfight where the last player standing wins, and a Multiplayer mode where you can play against your friends on a shared Wi-Fi connection. The game features arcade-style controls, gems you can collect to upgrade your ship and weapons, 17 arenas you can compete in, and Game Center and Facebook integration.

HeavyRockets_1 HeavyRockets_2

App of the Week

Calendars 5 (Free)

This week free App of the Week is the smart calendar app Calendars 5. The app features day, week and month views, a task manager, custom recurring events and an elegant interface. 

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