Top iOS apps and games of the week #16

A war simulator set in a dysfunctional galaxy, a spelling and action RPG mashup and an adorable yet challenging platformer headline this week’s top iOS games. Among our selection of apps, we’ve got two calendar apps, one for budding astronomers and the other a notable update to Google Calendar. Read on for our roundup of the top iOS apps and games of the week.


Solaris Sky Calendar_iconSolaris Sky Calendar (Rs 120)

A beautifully designed astronomy calendar, Solaris Sky Calendar shows you hundreds of upcoming celestial events including meteor showers, lunar eclipses and planet conjunctions, and sends you timely notifications so you don’t miss a thing. You’ll get notifications of events occurring right over your head, and control which type of events to get notifications for. The app features a night-time stargazing-friendly design, and features tons of Easter Eggs to unlock hidden functionalities.

Solaris Sky Calendar_1 Solaris Sky Calendar_2 Solaris Sky Calendar_3

Google Calendar_iconGoogle Calendar (Free)

On its 10th anniversary, Google Calendar has added new functionality that turns it into a personal goals app. The inclusion of the feature is pretty genius, since no one knows your schedule better than your calendar. You can now add a new goal, as you would an event, choosing from the various categories or adding your own. You can then specify how many times a week you want to work on your goal, and the best time to do it, and Google Calendar will automatically create a schedule.

Google Calendar_1 Google Calendar_2 Google Calendar_3

SERIST_iconSERIST (Rs 150)

If you’re a TV show buff, SERIST is an app that can help you keep track of all the episodes. You can search for and follow TV shows, and access your personal ‘To Watch’ list. You can manage your full watch history, and get real-time push notifications when a new episode airs. You can also opt for daily or weekly email notifications, with the assurance that everything is spoiler-free.



Warbits_iconWarbits (Rs 190)

Set in a dysfunctional galaxy, Warbits is a war simulator that different factions use to settle disputes, without casualties. The campaign mode of the game features 20 missions set over five environments. There are over 16 power-ups to boost your army, and 15 Game Center achievements. The heart of this game though is in its multiplayer matches. You can choose to team up with Game Center friends, or play against AI opponents. There’s also a unique tagging system in the leaderboards, where you can join one of the several custom-tagged matches, or create your own.

Warbits_1 Warbits_2

Spellspire_iconSpellspire (Free)

Spellspire is a cross between an action RPG and a word game. The game requires you to pick letters from a grid to spell words, and shoot them as spells from your wand. Longer words mean greater damage. You’ll get to collect gold dropped by slain monsters to buy more powerful wands, hats, robes and other enhancements. You’ll also get to use magical items to get through tough encounters, and play with your Facebook friends.

Spellspire_1 Spellspire_2 Spellspire_3

Monster Raid_iconMonster Raid (Free)

A Pokemon-style monster collection RPG, in Monster Raid you’ll get to collect over 350 monsters which you can evolve, enchant and transform. The game features an engaging storyline with over 300 quests, set over seven islands, each with a unique environment. You’ll get to pit your monsters against other beasts and raid over 200 dungeons. The game also features a multiplayer system where you can team up with your friends to take down giant bosses, or face off against other players in arenas.

Monster Raid_1 Monster Raid_2 Monster Raid_3

Back to Square One_iconBack to Square One (Free)

A silly side-scrolling platformer, in Back to Square One you’ll have to make your character move block-by-block, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. The game sounds easier than it is though, since your path is filled with spikes, explosives, enemies and other dangers. If you die, you’ll need to start all over again. The game features over 20 adorable characters you can collect and unlock, each with their own unique abilities. The best part? It can be played in portrait or landscape mode. 

Back to Square One_1 Back to Square One_2 Back to Square One_3

App of the Week

Space Marshalls (Free)

For the next one week, you’ll get to download the popular sci-fi western adventure Space Marshalls for free. In the game, you’ll play specialist Burton, who’s on the hunt for dangerous fugitives after a prison break.

Other notable new games to check out include Fear the Walking Dead: Dead Run, Unforgiving and Mars Mountain.

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