Top iOS apps and games of the week #13

The Chrome dinosaur game, a challenging puzzler involving bunnies, and a retro-style arcade shooter headline this week’s top iOS games. Among our shortlisted games, we have a great YouTube music player, an advanced video editor and a big update to check-in app Swarm.


TubeLike_iconTubeLike (Free)

TubeLike is basically Tinder for YouTube music. Through the app’s discover section, you’ll be able to swipe left or right on music, and save your favourite tracks. The app features a quick YouTube search, top 100 charts list, various categories and trending videos. You’ll also be able to create custom playlists, watch HD videos and enjoy full playback control and track info, just like with a regular music player app.

TubeLike_1 TubeLike_2 TubeLike_3

Swarm_iconSwarm (Free)

In this latest update, Foursquare’s Swarm has gained new life-logging features to transform into more than just a check-in app. The app features a redesigned profile page to show you various insights and photos of your check-ins. You’ll also see a map of your check-ins around the world, and a Weekly Swarm which displays your friends’ best check-ins and interesting information. The app also collates all the places you’ve forgotten to check into, and compiles them so you can fill out your map easily. 

Swarm_1 Swarm_2 Swarm_3

Videorama_iconVideorama (Rs 120)

Videorama is an advanced video editor that’s easy to use. The app features a clip-editor lets you combine your photos and videos, create movies of unlimited lengths, turn stills or videos into slideshows, as well as trip, re-scale and add colour backgrounds. The app offers real-time previews and lets you create videos in up to 1080p resolution. You’ll also be able to add text layers, subtitles, special effects, cinematic music, filters and various fonts and colours. The app saves your work as you go, so you never have to worry about losing an edit. 

Videorama_1 Videorama_2 Videorama_3

Milkeddit_iconMilkeddit (Rs 120)

Milkeddit is a new reddit client for both casual and experienced users. The app supports multiple accounts, 3D Touch, multireddit browsing, reddit-wide search, in-app gif and image viewers and notification support, among others. It also features mute filters with phrase and sub-reddit detection, notification support, a dedicated gallery mode for photo-browsing, vote and read filters, multiple themes and a night mode.

Milkeddit_1 Milkeddit_2 Milkeddit_3


Steve_iconSteve (Free)

You know the endless runner dinosaur game that pops up on Chrome when you don’t have an internet connection? You can now play it right from your iPhone’s Notification Center with Steve. The game is exactly the same, requiring you to help the dinosaur run as far as he can, jumping over the spiky cactus in his way. Once you add the game to your displayed widgets, you’ll be able to pull down from the notification bar to play a quick game from the Today view whenever you want. 

Steve_1 Steve_2 Steve_3

Total War Battles Kingdom_iconTotal War Battles: KINGDOM (Free)

In Total War Battles: KINGDOM, you’ll be able to create your own kingdom, train and army and defeat enemies. You’ll get to build and expand your kingdom with quarries, farms, blacksmiths and more, and shape the landscape by creating rivers, lakes and mountains. You’ll get to command your army in large-scale battles, expanding your territories and fighting against rival lords and other players in real-time. 

Total War Battles Kingdom_1 Total War Battles Kingdom_2 Total War Battles Kingdom_3

Super Arc Light_iconSuper Arc Light (Rs 30)

A minimalist radial arcade shooter, in Super Arc Light you’ll have to defend your base against waves of endless enemies. The game features a one-button control system, and your goal is to survive for as long as you can and rack up the highest score. There are a range of deadly weapons to unlock, each with their own visual effects. The retro-style shoot-em-up comes with its own unique soundtrack and global leaderboards. 

Super Arc Light_1 Super Arc Light_2 Super Arc Light_3

King Rabbit_iconKing Rabbit (Rs 60)

In this puzzle adventure game, you need to help King Rabbit rescue his bunny friends from enemies. The game features beautiful graphics, and is set across six worlds with 16 levels each, with more puzzles to come in future updates. There are several gold coins and diamonds to collect in each level, and you can use these for upgrades and hints. Each level also has a horde of interesting items to discover, including keys, potions, crowns, bombs, spikes, shooting turrets and rabbit holes.

King Rabbit_1 King Rabbit_2 King Rabbit_3

App of the Week

Motorsport Manager (Free)

For the next one week, you can download racing simulator and strategy game Motosport Manager for free. In the game, you’ll need to hire drivers for your team, create your car, invest in advanced racing technology and formulate the ideal pitstop strategy to win races.

Other notable new games to check out include Real Boxing 2 ROCKY, destructSUN and the final chapter of Republique.

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