Top iOS apps and games of the week #11

Apple sent out press invites for its big March event this week, where we expect to see the rumoured 4-inch iPhone SE, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and Watch updates, among other announcements. We’ll keep you posted with all the news on that front, but for now let’s check out this week’s edition of top iOS apps and games.


Shorts_iconShorts (Free)

Shorts is a social app that lets you share your camera roll with your friends. As alarming as that sounds, the app gives you full control so only the photos you choose will be shared. Every time you open Shorts, the app will search for new photos and videos, and you can choose to share the ones you want. There are no filters or captions, so the process is pretty simple. Your friends will then be able to follow your camera roll, and heart and comment on your photos. 

Shorts_1 Shorts_2 Shorts_3

Wikipedia_iconWikipedia Mobile (Free)

Wikipedia has revamped its iOS app in version 5.0, bringing a new design and improved navigation. The updated app shows you a feed of content tailored to your interests and surroundings, as well as featured articles and images. The app now lets you tap and swipe to move between articles, save articles for reading later and supports 3D touch gestures. You’ll also be able to search for articles in any Wikipedia supported language, as well as perform an emoji search or search from Spotlight for saved articles.

Wikipedia_1 Wikipedia_2 Wikipedia_3

Ulysses_iconUlysses Mobile (Rs 1,200)

Ulysses is a powerful text editor for writers, and with the latest update, it’s gone universal and is available for the iPhone as well. The app is packed with features, including the ability to add markups, images, comments, footnotes, links and code, making it useful for a wide variety of content, including blogs, websites, manuscripts or even ideas. The app features light and dark lighting modes, writing goals, text statistics, search and replace, and more importantly, iCloud Sync between iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Ulysses_1 Ulysses_2 Ulysses_3

Google Photos_iconGoogle Photos (Free)

Google Photos is fast becoming a popular choice for its unlimited photo backup facility among Android and iOS users alike. With the latest update to its iOS app though, it’s become even more useful. The app now lets you back up and view Live Photos, which will appeal to iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users. Additionally, the update reduces cache usage when you’re running low on storage, adds support for the iPad Pro as well as Split View on the iPad. 

Google Photos_1 Google Photos_2 Google Photos_3


Telepaint_iconTelepaint (Rs 190)

In Telepaint, you play a paint bucket trying to get to its painter. Things aren’t so easy though, because you’ll have to manoeuvre treacherous levels filled with walls, spikes and obstacles, while trying not to lose too much paint. You’ll be able to use various coloured portals to move around, and you’ll need to collect the right keys in order to progress through levels. The game features over 100 levels set over six different game worlds.

Telepaint_1 Telepaint_2

Retro City Rampage DX_iconRetro City Rampage DX (Rs 300)

Retro City Rampage DX is an ‘80s style open world crime rampage game. Set in an 8-bit world, you’ll get to rampage the city, rob convenience stores, steal cars and more. The game features a Story Mode with over 60 missions, as well as 40 arcade challenges. There are over 25 weapons and power-ups to collect, over 50 cars to steal, and over 200 character customisations. As you play, you’ll also discover minigames, collectibles, special characters and more. The retro-style game features over 2.5 hours of chiptune music, but the real old-school feel comes from its tiny 11MB file size.

Retro City Rampage DX_1 Retro City Rampage DX_2

Pilots of the Dawn_iconPilots of the Dawn (Free)

Pilots of the Dawn is a retro-style dogfighting game, where you’ll be able to engage in shoot ‘em up action in the air and on the sea.  There are three game modes to choose from – Endless, Daily and Campaign, as well as 30 missions to complete. Additionally, the game offers one random mission everyday. You’ll be able to unlock and upgrade five unique aircrafts, fight bosses, record your battles and compete in global leaderboards.

Pilots of the Dawn_1 Pilots of the Dawn_2

Fish_iconFish! (Rs 190)

Created for iOS and Apple TV, Fish! is a gorgeous new fishing game. You’ll get to fish in eight 3D locations, catch 30 kinds of fish and show them off in your aquarium. You can either fish at leisure, embark on a quest to find rare fish and treasure, or compete for trophies with other players. You’ll get to boost your fishing skills by unlocking fish charms, rods and reels, and choose the right bait to capture the large, rare fish that hide in each spot. The multiplayer mode lets you play on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, and if you buy the app for one platform, you can download it for the other for free.

Fish_1 Fish_2 Fish_3

Rope Racers_iconRope Racers (Free)

Rope Racers is a multi-player rope-swinging game, where you’ll get to compete with nine other real players in each race. You’ll have to attach the rope to the ceiling to gain momentum, avoiding obstacles in your path and collecting turbo boosts and cash along the way. You’ll get to collect 30 characters, explore locations around the world and challenge friends to tournaments.  

Rope Racers_1 Rope Racers_2

App of the Week

oneSafe (Free)

This week’s free app is the premium password manager oneSafe. The app provides encrypted protection for your passwords, PIN codes, bank account details, credit card numbers and more, and lets you sync them via iCloudDrive or Dropbox.

Other notable new apps to check out include Mad Robot, Handbrake Valet and Dark Sword

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