Top iOS apps and games of the week #7

Loot your way into becoming the king of thieves, eliminate the Darklings to save the world and help a lost couple reunite in our roundup of the top iOS games. On the app front we’ve got the official entry of the ICC Cricket World Cup, a feature-packed photo editor and a personal finance organiser.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2015_iconICC Cricket World Cup 2015 (Free)

With the Cricket World Cup kicking off, what better way to keep tabs on your favourite team than with the official app? ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 provides you full coverage, including live scores, ball-by-ball commentary, and exclusive match videos and highlights. You’ll also get access to score notifications, tournament stats, match reports, breaking news, exclusive columns and polls.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015_1 ICC Cricket World Cup 2015_2 ICC Cricket World Cup 2015_3

Darkroom_iconDarkroom (Free)

Darkroom is a feature-packed photo editor which displays your entire photo library, saving you the hassle of importing pictures. For basic edits, you can choose from 12 premium included filters, or experiment and create your own. With an in-app purchase, you’ll get access to raw editing tools like curves. The app saves your entire editing history, so you can always go back to a previous step in case you made a mistake. 

Darkroom_1 Darkroom_2 Darkroom_3

Legend_iconLegend (Free)

If you love words and quotes, you’ll love Legend. The app lets you animate your text and turn it into six-second videos or GIFs. You only need to write your text, choose an animation style and a background, and the app takes care of the rest. You can crop images, trim videos or search for images on Flickr to use as backgrounds. Once done, your creations can be shared on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Facebook and iMessage.

Legend_1 Legend_2 Legend_3

 Saver 2_iconSaver 2 (Rs 190)

Popular personal finance app Saver is back in a brand new avatar in the form of Saver 2. The app features a colour-coded interface which makes it easy to view your data, and even provides interactive charts of your finances. You’ll be able to specify entries with tags and categories, and add notes and photos to each. You’ll also be able to set budgets for categories and view your financial history by week, month or year. The app features a built-in calculator, Passcode and Touch ID security, and support for multiple currencies. 

Saver 2_1 Saver 2_2 Saver 2_3


King of Thieves_iconKing of Thieves (Free)

From the creators of Cut the Rope comes a fiendish new game called King of Thieves. A blend of a platformer and PvP, in the game you’ll have to steal gems and loot from other players to compete for the throne. You’ll also have to lay traps and design your dungeons to prevent other thieves from infiltrating your defences. Plus, you’ll get to craft unique outfits for your character and create and join guilds. And if you’re not a fan of multiplayer action, the game has 80 single-mode levels on offer.

King of Thieves_1 King of Thieves_2

Darklings Season 2_iconDarklings Season 2 (Free)

Acclaimed endless adventure game Darklings is back in an all new season. Joining Lum, the face of light, you must destroy the Darklings and recover the stars to save the world. Set in a new world with a new map, you’ll need to conquer all the locations and defeat new enemies. The game also features brand new objectives, bonuses, special abilities, trophies and more.

Darklings Season 2_1 Darklings Season 2_2

Staying Together_iconStaying Together (Free)

Staying Together is new puzzle platformer game that celebrates the true spirit of Valentine’s Day. In the game, you’ll control two lovers simultaneously, as you strive to make them reunite. Each level displays both characters, and your job is to control both their movements and get them to a meeting point. Along the way, you’ll also need to gather scattered heart pieces. The game features hand-crafted graphics, and packs in obstacles, traps and collectibles to make for a challenging experience.

Staying Together_1 Staying Together_2

Daytona Rush_iconDaytona Rush (Free)

Daytona Rush is an endless lane-changer racing game, where your objective is to drive as far as you can while trying not to crash your car. You’ll need to conserve fuel by drifting, but you’ll also have to tank up on gas at pit stops along the way. You’ll also have to eliminate swerving cars whenever possible, while keeping an eye on stewards who will catch you if you break any rules. The game lets you customise and tune your car and features over 100 missions, bonuses and upgrades.

Daytona Rush_1 Daytona Rush_2 Daytona Rush_3

App of the Week

Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2 (Free)

Free on the App Store this week is Dr. Panda’s Restaurant 2, a fun cooking game for kids. In the game, your child will get to choose from over 20 ingredients, chop, bake, boil and fry their dish to perfectionm and experience how customers react. The game is free of ads and is child-safe.

Other notable new apps include Radical, Tempo and Might Switch Force! Hose it Down!

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