Top iOS apps and games of the week #6

Rescue baby pigs from slaughter, embark on an epic adventure in deep space, and create your own Transformers team in our selection of top games this week. There’s also the long-awaited official Indian Railways ticketing app, as well as an innovative note-taking app that lets you organise your entries by hashtags.


IRCTC Connect_iconIRCTC Connect (Free)

A few months after launching on Android, IRCTC has finally released its ticket booking service for iOS users. Called IRCTC Connect, the app lets you search for and book general and tatkal tickets, view availability for multiple trains at once, and view and cancel tickets. The app lets existing users login, and also lets new users register for an account. In addition, it saves recently-added passenger details and sends you alerts for upcoming journeys.

IRCTC Connect_1 IRCTC Connect_2 IRCTC Connect_3

Snapdeal_iconSnapdeal (Free)

Popular e-commerce website Snapdeal has launched its shopping app for iPad users. The app lets you search for brands and products from over 500 categories, displays offers and suggestions, lets you shortlist products, check availability, and track, return and cancel orders.

Snapdeal_1 Snapdeal_2 Snapdeal_3

Dull_iconDull (Free)

If you’ve ever been stuck somewhere with nothing to do or just want to kill time, there’s a new app on the block called Dull. It displays cards with interesting content including news, GIFs, videos, photos and articles. You can swipe to shuffle between cards, subscribe to various feeds, and share interesting finds on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and more. Content you’ve already swiped, clicked-on or shared won’t appear again unless you add it to your ‘faves list’, where it stays so you can view it again.

Dull_1 Dull_2 Dull_3

Letterspace_iconLetterspace (Free)

Letterspace is a new note-taking app for iOS and Mac that lets you organise your entries by hashtags and mentions. The app features a handy swipe bar above the keyboard that lets you move the cursor, making it easy to edit or make selections in a note. There’s also an integrated to-do lists feature which lets you check or uncheck items. Additional features include markdown prediction, iCloud syncing, and a document browser with full-text search.

Letterspace_1 Letterspace_2 Letterspace_3


Transformers_iconTRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics (Free)

A turn-based strategy game, TRANSFORMERS: Battle Tactics features over 75 iconic characters from the TRANSFORMERS series, including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream and Bumblebee. You can assemble teams of characters, even teaming up AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS to fight in player-vs-player battles. Additionally, you can link characters together to create Combiners, unleashing critical damage on the battlefield. The game also features a single player campaign, live-events, collectible characters and leaderboards.

Transformers_1 Transformers_2

Ammo Pigs_iconAmmo Pigs (Rs 120)

In this DOS-inspired game set in a post-apocalyptic future, pigs have become evolved enough to fight sentient slaughterhouse machines. Your mission in the game is to save the baby pigs from slaughter, rescue your squad mates and shut down the machines. Ammo Pigs features made-for-iOS gamepad support, and is devoid of in-app purchases and ads.

Ammo Pigs_1 Ammo Pigs_2

Hyper Maze Arcade_iconHyper Maze Arcade (Free)

An endless arcade puzzler, Hyper Maze Arcade is a fast-paced game where your objective is to control a cube as it travels down a moving maze. When the cube stops at an intersection, you’ll need to choose the direction in which it progresses. If you choose wrongly, the cube will fall off the screen, ending the game. Hyper Maze Arcade features two game modes, power-ups and Game Center integration. 

Hyper Maze Arcade_1 Hyper Maze Arcade_2 Hyper Maze Arcade_3

Midnight Star_iconMidnight Star (Free)

From the creators of acclaimed console title Halo comes Midnight Star, a new first-person shooter game set in space. The game follows a group of astronauts who become involved in an epic war that will determine the fate of humanity. You’ll be charged with leading Lt. Charles Campbell and his crew into deep space, as they uncover ancient alien races and battle against enemies. The game features upgrades for guns, skills, ships and luck, Unreal Engine graphics, worldwide multiplayer challenges, open events and more. 

Midnight Star_1 Midnight Star_2

The Detail_iconThe Detail (Rs 300)

The first episode of The Detail, an episodical crime noir adventure game, has just landed on the App Store. In the game, you’ll control the actions of an embittered veteran detective investigating a gang murder, as well as a reformed criminal who is trying to protect his family. Featuring graphic novel style visuals, you’ll be faced with several moral and ethical challenges that will determine the narrative of the game. 

The Detail_1 The Detail_2

App of the Week

Angry Birds Seasons (Free)

Free on the App Store all this week is Rovio’s Angry Birds Seasons. The game has just been updated to v5.0, which brings a new NBA-themed episode with 15 levels. You’ll also be able to take the angry avians for a spin through an additional 550 levels spread over 19 episodes.

Other notable new launches include Immortal Odyssey, The Hardest Flight and Sinking Feeling.

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