Top iOS apps and games of the week #52

‘Tis the season, and even the iTunes Store needs a break every now and then. Apple has put into place its annual week-long holiday freeze, which means developers can’t submit any new apps until December 29th. There were a few sneaky entries that slipped in before the iTunes Store shut down though, and here’s our list (albeit a short one), of the notable new apps and games on the App Store this week. Do note, there’s no App of the Week this time around because of the iTunes freeze.


Viber Wink_iconViber Wink (Free)

It seems like every major player on the App Store wants a piece of the Snapchat pie. Viber is the latest to out its own ephemeral messaging app called Wink. The app lets you send photos and videos that disappear after they’ve been viewed. You can choose how long the photo/video can be viewed for, but unlike Snapchat, there is an option to remove the time limit altogether. You’ll be able to overlay text on the images, and send it to friends on Viber.

Viber Wink_1 Viber Wink_2 Viber Wink_3

Kimoji_iconKimoji (Free)

Remember when Kim Kardashian ‘broke’ the internet with her infamous champagne photo? This time, she broke the App Store. Her new app called Kimoji gives you access to over 250 Kim-inspired emoji and stickers, along with an integrated keyboard. This means you can use the keyboard with messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and more. More emoji packs will be available later as updates.

Kimoji_1 Kimoji_2 Kimoji_3


Geometry Dash Meltdown_iconGeometry Dash Meltdown (Free)

Rhythm-based platformer Geometry Dash is back in an all-new adventure. In the new game, you’ll have to jump, flip and fly your way through dark caverns filled with spikes, flames, monsters and other horrors. You’ll be able to unlock unique Meltdown colours and icons to customise your character, as well as test your skills in the practice mode. The game features three hard-to-master levels, accompanied by some serious dubstep tunes.    

Geometry Dash Meltdown_1 Geometry Dash Meltdown_2

Squareface_iconSquareface (Rs 250)

Squareface is a third-person adventure game, where you play a square-faced character made of paper, who finds himself in an unknown universe where he must confront his arch-nemesis. You’ll be able to explore the vast universe, embark on over 40 challenging missions, customise your character, and manage pets, allies, vehicles, weapons and more. The game features Game Center and leaderboard support, as well as iCloud sync so you can save your progress across multiple devices.

Squareface_1 Squareface_2

Tap Tycoon_iconTap Tycoon (Free)

 Tap Tycoon is a game where you’ll be able to create money out of thin air and use it to invest in businesses. You’ll have to shape your multi-industry company by building and upgrading businesses, and investing in technologies like the anti-gravity fork, luggage shrink ray and holographic window view. You’ll also be able to team up with other players from your country to compete with other countries in global competitions.

Tap Tycoon_1 Tap Tycoon_2 Tap Tycoon_3

Before we sign off, it’s also worth mentioning that Facebook is gradually rolling out support for Live Photos.  

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