Top iOS apps and games of the week #51

Christmas is less than a week away, and we’ve got a host of new apps and games to fill up your stockings. On the gaming front, we’ve got new entries from popular franchises like Grand Theft Auto, BADLAND and Cut the Rope, not to mention a new hard-to-master puzzle from the creator of Flappy Bird. On the apps front, there’s a professional graphics creator from Adobe, plus a photography app that lets you apply geometric filters to your pictures and videos.


Adobe Post_iconAdobe Post (Free)

Adobe Post is a new app that lets you easily create beautiful graphics for social sharing. It features professionally-designed templates, design filters, a selection of curated fonts and shapes, and free high-quality photos. The Magic Text feature lets you resize your text and automatically applies beautiful typography, while Auto Recolour lets you change the entire colour combination of your design with a single tap. The app lets you easily access saved projects, and lets you directly post to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. 

Adobe Post_1 Adobe Post_2 Adobe Post_3

Messenger_iconMessenger (Free)

Facebook’s Messenger has received a few significant updates. First up is Photo Magic. The feature detects which friends are in your photos, and automatically creates a group thread you can use to share the images. The feature can be turned off if you prefer. The update also lets you change the colour of a thread, update formal first names, and view snowflakes on the screen when you send or receive winter-themed emojis or stickers. You can now also reach out to people on Messenger by sending them a message request. Additonally, the update adds support for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Messenger_1 Messenger_2 Messenger_3

GeometriCam_iconGeometriCam (Rs 120)

GeometriCam is a photography app that lets you capture gorgeous geometric photos and videos in real time. The app lets you change the size and aspect ratio of the geometric grid, choose from various shapes like triangles, squares, diamonds, circles and lines, apply standard or monochrome colours, and fine tune results. You can choose from existing presets or create your own, and either capture photos and videos from within the app, or import existing files from your camera roll.

GeometriCam_1 GeometriCam_2 GeometriCam_3


BADLAND 2_iconBADLAND 2 (Rs 300)

Popular side-scrolling adventure BADLAND is back in this sequel. Just like the original game, in BADLAND 2 you’ll guide the round, furry character through a beautiful world filled with deadly obstacles. The new game features elements such as liquids, flamethrowers, frost, magma, water and volumetric burning light. Apart from the single player campaign, you can also take part in online challenges. Thanks to iCloud support, you can save your progress across all your iOS devices. As per the developer, more levels will be available soon as free updates. 


Cut The Rope Magic_iconCut the Rope: Magic (Rs 60)

Cuddly monster Om Nom is back in this new Cut the Rope puzzler. In the latest game, Om Nom has been transported to a magical world where he’ll need to transform into new forms to escape from an evil wizard’s traps and tricks. There are five magical forms you can choose – Bird Form, Baby Form, Fish Form, Spirit Form and Mouse Form. The game features 100 levels and boss battles, with more levels and forms coming soon.

Cut The Rope Magic_1 Cut The Rope Magic_2 Cut The Rope Magic_3

Swing Copters 2_iconSwing Copters 2 (Free)

The creator of Flappy Bird is back with Swing Copters 2. The new game is just as insanely difficult as its prequel, and requires you to control a little pilot with a helicopter hat, tapping the screen to change direction, You’ll have to avoid obstacles as you fly higher, and try to rack up as many points as you can to add more pilots to your team. While the game is free, an in-app purchase will get you access to more characters and remove ads.

Swing Copters 2_1 Swing Copters 2_2 Swing Copters 2_3

GTA Liberty City_iconGrand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (Rs 420)

Nearly 10 years after being released for PlayStation Portable, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories has been ported to iOS. The game follows wise guy Toni Cipriani, as he returns to Liberty City after coming out of hiding. You’ll have to help Toni deal with hit men, tycoons and politicians, as he tries to bring Liberty City back under control of the Leone family. The mobile game features 60fps gameplay on the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPad Pro, 3D Touch support for multiple control options, physical controller support and custom soundtrack support.

GTA Liberty City_1 GTA Liberty City_2

Scribblenauts Unlimited_iconScribblenauts Unlimited (Rs 300)

Popular puzzle game franchise Scribblenauts is back in an all-new adventure. In Scribblenauts Unlimited, you’ll help Maxwell summon any object you can think of to help him solve puzzles. You’ll also be able to apply adjectives to existing objects and transform their properties. The game is set in a massive open universe you’re free to explore, and features new characters like Hipster Lincoln and Robo Einstein among others.

Scribblenauts Unlimited_1 Scribblenauts Unlimited_2

App of the Week

Attack the Light – Steven Universe Light RPG (Free)

This week’s App of the Week freebie is an RPG based on popular Cartoon Network show Steven Universe. In the game, you’ll team up with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven as they harness their special powers to stop a powerful gem weapon.

Other notable new games to check out include Gods of Rome, Rust Bucket and Biker Mice from Mars.

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