Top iOS apps and games of the week #5

It’s been an action-packed week on the App Store, with several new apps making an appearance, and some of our favourite ones receiving big updates. All time favourites Snapchat and Pushbullet have received some interesting new features, but it was Microsoft’s new Outlook app that stole the show. In our top games, we’ve selected a colourful 2D platformer set in a paper-collage environment, a massive open world survival game, and a space puzzler where you’ll be tasked with setting off destructive chain reactions.


Outlook_iconMicrosoft Outlook (Free)

Microsoft has released a brand new Outlook app for iOS, which works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365,, iCloud, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. The free app automatically sorts your emails, displaying important mails first and sending the rest to an ‘Others’ folder. It features iOS-style swipe gestures to delete, archive or schedule emails, and lets you view your calendar to make appointments and schedule meetings. Additionally, the app lets you easily scan and attach files from other emails, OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Outlook_1 Outlook_2 Outlook_3

 Hydra_iconHydra (Rs 190)

Hydra is an HDR-focussed photography app that lets you capture both videos and stills. The HDR mode takes up to 20 images and stacks them to create a good image in poor lighting conditions. The High-res mode enables you to capture up to 32MP images from the iPhone’s 8MP camera by upscaling them. There’s also a Video HDR mode which uses single-image tonemapping, a Lo-Light mode that remove noise from images, and a Zoom mode that improves photos taken in 2x and 4x zoom. 

Hydra_1 Hydra_2 Hydra_3

SnapchatSnapchat (Free)

In its latest update, popular ephemeral messaging app Snapchat has received a brand new ‘Discover’ section. By tapping on Discover, you’ll be able to explore videos, photos, articles and more from big media names. You can tap on any of the icons to open a channel, swipe left to browse through Snaps, and swipe up on a Snap to view more. Keeping in tune with Snapchat’s nature, the content is refreshed every day, with older content being deleted. 

Snapchat_1 Snapchat_2 Snapchat_3

Pushbullet_iconPushbullet (Free)

One of our favourite Android apps, Pushbullet has been around on iOS for a while, but its functionality has been limited so far. But with its latest update, the app now lets you view notifications from your iPhone on your Mac, thanks to the recently launched Mac app. Apart from viewing and dismissing notifications, you can also use Pushbullet to copy paste between devices, sending messages, links and files. Along with the new Mac app, Pushbullet has also introduced a much-needed extension for Safari.

Pushbullet_1 Pushbullet_2 Pushbullet_3

TL;DR Email_iconTL;DR Email (Free)

Another new app that wants to rethink the way we read email, TL;DR Email aims to turn your inbox into a Facebook-like scrolling newsfeed. TL;DR in internet lingo is short for ‘too long, didn’t read’. When using the app, you’re encouraged to send short 30-word summary emails, but you can choose to add more text if required. For those receiving emails, the first 30-words are displayed as a short post, whether they’re sent from the app or not. The app is compatible only with Gmail as of now. 

TL;DR Email_1 TL;DR Email_2 TL;DR Email_3


Radiation Island_iconRadiation Island (Rs 190)

Radiation Island is an open world survival game, where you’ll find yourself trapped in an alternate reality. Set in a massive world, you’ll get to explore huge forests, abandoned villages and old military compounds, fending off wild animals, zombies and other dangerous creatures. You’ll also need to hunt and gather food, mine and craft weapons, find hidden treasure, and uncover lost firearms and equipment. The game features gorgeous graphics, full day and night cycles and a multiplayer mode. 

Radiation Island_1 Radiation Island_2

Evolve Hunters Quest_iconEvolve: Hunters Quest (Free)

Based on the acclaimed console shooter game, in Evolve: Hunters Quest you’ll have to use match-three puzzles to complete over 100 missions in the Evolve universe. By matching three tokens of the same colour, you’ll be able to unleash deadly attacks on your enemies, and fill up energy bars to active your hunters’ special abilities. You’ll also be able to earn Masterly points to rank up your character, complete your collection of exotic wildlife in the Bestiary, and earn art for the console game.

Evolve Hunters Quest_1 Evolve Hunters Quest_2 Evolve Hunters Quest_3

Combo Queen_iconCombo Queen (Rs 120)

A fast-paced endless hack-n-slash game with RPG elements, Combo Queen features gorgeous, colourful pixelated graphics. The objective of the game is to plough through as many enemies as possible, while taking on various challenges. You’ll be able level up, learn new combo sets and unlock powerful equipment. The game also features a bunch of mini-games, end-game challenges and random dungeons.

Combo Queen_1 Combo Queen_2

Destructamundo_iconDestructamundo (Rs 120)

A puzzle game set in space, in Destructamundo you’ll be tasked with setting off chain reactions that can destroy planetary systems in one go. The game involves strategy and planning, requiring you to fire off a warhead and unleash combos to cause as much destruction as possible. It features single-tap gameplay, various power ups, and a total of 72 levels.

Destructamundo_1 Destructamundo_2

Yet It Moves_iconYet It Moves (Rs 190)

Based on the Steam and Wii games of the same name, Yet It Moves is a 2D puzzle platformer set in a paper-collage world. In order to navigate the game and solve puzzles, you’ll need to run, jump and rotate the world to avoid obstacles. The game features colourful graphics, four different environments, several levels and daily run leaderboards. 

Yet It Moves_1 Yet It Moves_2

App of the Week

ProCam 2 (Free)

Free all this week is acclaimed photography app ProCam 2. Offering an array of professional features, the app is great for taking photos and videos alike. The app also features extensive editing tools, including filters, lenses, adjustment controls and more.

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