Top iOS apps and games of the week #49

Embark on a new adventure with Rayman, tap to the rhythm and build your alien planet, and put your sniper skills to the test in this week’s top games. In our app selection, we’ve got revamped versions of Yahoo Messenger and LinkedIn, plus a loaded photography app. 


Yahoo Messenger_iconYahoo Messenger (Free)

Yahoo Messenger may have been forgotten, but it’s not gone. In this latest update, Yahoo is hoping to revive its once-popular messaging platform. The app has received a major design overhaul with support for swipe-based gestures. The app lets you chat one-on-one or in groups, share full resolution photos and animated GIFs, ‘like’ messages and photos in conversations, and even unsend messages. The app also features an offline/low connectivity mode that will send your messages once you’re back online.

Yahoo Messenger_1 Yahoo Messenger_2 Yahoo Messenger_3

LinkedIn_iconLinkedIn (Free)

LinkedIn is a professional network, but the latest version 9.0 of its iOS app might have you thinking it’s a social network. The app has received a fresh new redesign and is now organised around five tabs – Home, Me, Messaging, My Network and Search. The app also lets you find your connections from Spotlight search in iOS 9, and supports 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus.

LinkedIn_1 LinkedIn_2 LinkedIn_3

Hypelight_iconHypelight (Free)

Hypelight is a photography app that lets you shoot, edit and save your images. The app features an instant timer function, single and double exposure options, manual controls, a 3D Touch shutter button and a split mode for different frames. In the edit mode, you can adjust colour, batch edit multiple photos, apply a range of filters, and save your progress to come back to edits later. You can easily create albums through the app, and bulk upload images to Dropbox as well.

Hypelight_1 Hypelight_2 Hypelight_3


Rayman Adventures_iconRayman Adventures (Free)

Rayman is back in a brand new adventure to rescue the Incrediballs, ancient eggs that sustain the sacred tree. The new game lets you play as Rayman or his Viking companion Barbara, as they set out to recover the scattered Incrediballs in the mythical world of Olympus. You’ll have to find and collect all the Incrediballs, take care of them, feed them, and unleash their power to battle minotaurs, bandits and other monsters you encounter.

Rayman Adventures_1 Rayman Adventures_2

Groove Planet_iconGroove Planet (Free)

Groove Planet is a rhythm-based clicker game, where you’ll get to build an alien planet. You’ll do this by choosing a song, and tapping to the rhythm to earn ‘Notes’, which you can use to create and upgrade buildings, expand the population and earn profit. You can choose music from the selection within the app, or tracks from your own music collection. 

Groove Planet_1 Groove Planet_2 Groove Planet_3

Sniper Fury_iconSniper Fury (Free)

Sniper Fury, as the name suggests, will have you put your sniper skills to the test. The game features over 130 action missions, with enemy classes ranging from soldiers to armoured vehicles to air units. You can choose from weapons like sniper rifles, assault rifles, railguns and more, as well as upgrade and personalise your arsenal. The PvP multiplayer mode will let you break down the other player’s defenses, as well as build a strong squad to keep your loot safe. You’ll also be able to earn extra rewards for taking part in special events. The game features exotic locales and urban skyscrapers, as well as atmospheric effects like sandstorms, blizzards, rainstorms and more.

Sniper Fury_1 Sniper Fury_2

Squareboy vs Bullies_iconSquareboy vs Bullies (Free)

Squareboy vs Bullies is an old-school beat ‘em up with retro pixel art and chiptune music. In the game, you’ll play a young boy who decides to fight back against a gang of bullies. The game features Gameboy-style controls on the screen, and a square game screen. This lets you play the game in either portrait or landscape orientation, which is pretty cool. There are a total of 13 levels, and only a single in-app purchase which can be used to get rid of ads.

Squareboy vs Bullies_1 Squareboy vs Bullies_2

I Wanna Be A Hero_iconI Wanna Be A Hero (Rs 190)

I Wanna Be A Hero is a rogue-like game where you’ll play a little protagonist who ventures into a monster-filled tower to prove himself a hero. You’ll be able to choose from over 30 different skills to create your own unique hero. You’ll have to learn to dodge various enemies in the grid-like gameplay, and eventually work your way up to face off against the Monster of the Tower. The game features procedurally generated levels so that each time you play will be a different experience. 

I Wanna Be A Hero_1 I Wanna Be A Hero_2 I Wanna Be A Hero_3

App of the Week

Monument Valley (Free)

This week, Apple has a big treat in store for you, because the amazing Monument Valley has gone free as App of the Week. The award winning game will have you guide Princess Ida through an Escher-inspired geometric, shifting world, as she attempts to outsmart the mysterious Crow People.

Other notable new games to check out include Totes the Goat, Aralon: Forge and Flame, and Defense of Fortune 2

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