Top iOS apps and games of the week #48

Show off your snowboarding tricks, build your goalkeeper head collection and experience a 55,000 word interactive novel in our selection of top games. On the apps front, we’ve got important updates to two popular messengers, plus an app that makes you make super cheap local calls.


Telegram_iconTelegram (Free)

Popular privacy-focussed messenger Telegram has released an important update for its iOS app. The new update lets groups have multiple administrators, who will have the ability to edit and rename the group name and logo, and add or remove members. Groups that have received their maximum 200-member capacity can now be upgraded to supergroups with up to 1,000 members. Additionally, the app lets you quick reply to notifications, and lets you play voice messages directly on the Apple Watch.

Telegram_1 Telegram_2 Telegram_3

Viber_iconViber (Free)

Viber is another popular messaging app that’s received a significant update. The latest update lets you attach files like documents, presentations, archives and more to messages. Quick reply for interactive notifications has also been introduced, as has the ability to send photos and videos directly from your iCloud storage. The app has also received Spotlight search integration, which will now display Viber conversations and contacts when you search for them. The best feature of the update though is the ability to delete messages from a conversation after they’ve been sent.

Viber_1 Viber_2 Viber_3

Ringo_iconRingo (Free)

Ringo, the app that lets you make low-cost international calls without using the internet, has launched local calls in India. With the app, users in India will be able to make calls to any local landline or mobile phone at a flat rate of 19 paise per minute, which the brand says is 90 percent cheaper than what most carriers offer. You can even call people who don’t have the app installed. Ringo works on a pay-as-you-go model, so you don’t need to pay any monthly fees.

Ringo_1 Ringo_2 Ringo_3


Light Apprentice Volume 1_iconLight Apprentice Volume 1 (Rs 300)

Light Apprentice Volume 1 is an adventure game that blends elements from comic books and Japanese RPG. In the game, you’ll play Nate, a Light Apprentice who awakes after 300 years to a world ravaged by war, pollution and mutant monsters. You’ll be able to build your character as a Warrior or Pacifist, with your decisions affecting the storyline. You’ll encounter several enemies like monsters, machines, bugs and bosses, and will have to decide whether to fight or spare their lives. You’ll also get to explore dungeons, collecting items and equipment to improve your stats.

Light Apprentice Volume 1_1 Light Apprentice Volume 1_2

Headshot Heroes_iconHeadshot Heroes (Free)

Headshot Heroes isn’t your ordinary sports game. You’ll be in command of crazy teams comprising of monsters, sushi chefs, cats and more, with the single objective of using power shots to collect heads of the opposite team’s goalkeepers. The more heads you have in your collection, the more bonuses and achievements you’ll be able to unlock. The game features simple one-touch gameplay, charming 8-bit graphics and several crazy teams you can unlock.

Headshot Heroes_1 Headshot Heroes_2 Headshot Heroes_3

Snowboard Party 2_iconSnowboard Party 2 (Rs 120)

Snowboard Party is back in this sequel. The new game features 21 unique locations, and offers a choice of several modes like time attack, freestyle, big air, halfpipe and multiplayer. You can choose from 16 snowboarders and customise their gear from over 80 outfits, as well as unlock a secret big head mode. You can also pick from 50 snowboards with unique specs to match your rider’s abilities, as well as upgrade them. The game features over 150 level objectives and achievements, over 50 tricks to master, hundreds of combinations, a tutorial and Game Center support.

Snowboard Party 2_1 Snowboard Party 2_2

One Button Travel_iconOne Button Travel (Rs 190)

One Button Travel is an interactive novel that spans 55,000 words. The game will pivot you into a mysterious future where you’ll get to explore various social questions that are relevant even today, such as bureaucracy, immigration and more. The novel features branching storylines, which will emerge based on your decisions.

One Button Travel_1 One Button Travel_2 One Button Travel_3

App of the Week

To-Fu Fury (Free)

Platform puzzler To-Fu Fury has been selected as App of the Week. In the game, you’ll play To-Fu, a small, squishy cuboid warrior who embarks on a journey to defeat the evil Hoshi clan, solving physics puzzles and fighting melee battles along the way. 

Other notable new games to check out include Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, Gopogo and World of Tanks Generals.

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