Top iOS apps and games of the week #46

Mozilla’s Firefox browser has finally made it to the App Store this week, along with a loaded GIF keyboard you won’t want to miss. On the gaming front, there’s the iOS port of popular PC game Lost Horizon, a miniature rogue-like dungeon crawler, plus an endless runner set in Thor’s homeland, Asgard.


Relight_iconRelight (Rs 190)

Relight is an HDR app for the iPhone that automatically corrects lighting and exposure. The app features eight preset modes – Enhance, Low Light, Clarity, Artistic, Sky, Dramatic, Overexposure and Fog. There are also a full range of adjustments you can tweak, and over 50 filters you can apply. The best part about the app is that it offers real time HDR, showing you live previews before you snap. You can also import and edit existing images from your camera roll, and share results to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  

Relight_1 Relight_2 Relight_3

Firefox_iconFirefox (Free)

Mozilla’s Firefox browser is finally available to iOS users. The open-source browser features a Private Browsing mode that retains your bookmarks but not your browsing history. Even in regular browsing mode, you can delete your browsing history, passwords and private data. The app features visual numbered tabs that are easy to access, and remembers your previously searched results across search engines. Additionally, if you have a Firefox account, you can access your history, bookmarks, open tabs and passwords across your desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Firefox_1 Firefox_2 Firefox_3

Giffage_iconGiffage (Free)

There’s no dearth of GIF keyboards on the App Store, but Giffage looks like the most interesting yet. Being a keyboard, it lets you share GIFs in any other apps. It features a vast database of GIFs that you can browse by category or from the trending section. You’ll also be able to search for GIFs from within the app, and ‘heart’ the ones you like for easy access later on. Plus, the app lets you create your own GIFs, apply filters and add text.

Giffage_1 Giffage_2 Giffage_3

Sleep Cycle_iconSleep Cycle (Free)

Premium intelligent alarm clock Sleep Cycle has gone free in this latest update. The app automatically analyses your sleep and determines the optimal time to wake you up. All you need to do is place your phone near your bed or on the floor, and the app will identify or ignore sounds generated by movements on the bed. If there are two people sleeping in the bed, the app can link both phones to determine where the sound is coming from, and attribute it to the correct user. The app also features a Trends tab, displaying long-term sleep trends, correlations and visual overviews of your sleeping patterns. 

Sleep Cycle_1 Sleep Cycle_2 Sleep Cycle_3


Lost Horizon_iconLost Horizon (Rs 370)

Popular point-and-click PC adventure game Lost Horizon has finally been adapted for iOS. Set in 1936, game follows Fenton Paddock and his ex-girlfriend Kim who embark on a journey to Tibet to track down a group of missing researchers. However, they are intercepted by a Nazi secret task force who are searching for the same group. The game features an immersive storyline, challenging puzzles, fully dubbed cut-scenes and several exotic locations you can explore. The game is divided into multiple chapters, and for a limited time, you’ll be able to unlock all of them for free with a single purchase.

Lost Horizon_1 Lost Horizon_2

Tiny Rogue_iconTiny Rogue (Rs 190)

In this rogue-like dungeon crawler, you’ll play a tiny hero who must traverse as deep into a dungeon as possible. You’ll need to navigate the dungeons strategically, using spells and potions, slaying enemies, earning experiences and levelling up. The game features randomised maps, RPG-style upgrades, main missions, collectible items, plus achievements and leaderboards.

Tiny Rogue_1 Tiny Rogue_2 Tiny Rogue_3

Asgard Run_iconAsgard Run (Free)

Asgard Run is an endless runner with RPG elements. Set in the world of Asgard, you’ll be able to play different characters including Thor, Loki, Njord and more, equipping them with weapons and armour that provides special abilities. You’ll need fight enemies like warlocks, skeletons and zombies, and avoid hazards like traps, ruins and falling meteors. The game is set in a unique rotating world, filled with secret locations that feature rewards and upgrades.

Asgard Run_1 Asgard Run_2 Asgard Run_3

Five Minutes Before_iconFive Minutes Before (Rs 120)

In Five Minutes Before, you have just five minutes to evacuate people stranded on rooftops before the world ends. You’ll need to fly a propulsion jet, zooming from building to building, trying to rescue as many survivors as you can. The game features two modes – Five Minutes, where you have to save as many people as you can – and 12 Men, where you’ll need to rescue 12 people, but with an unlimited amount of time on your side. You’ll also be able to unlock different worlds as you progress. 

Five Minutes Before_1 Five Minutes Before_2

App of the Week

PDF Expert 5 (Free)

This week, Apple’s giving away the super useful productivity tool PDF Expert 5 for free. The app lets you easily open PDFs, highlight text, fill forms, create notes, draw with your finger, sign documents and make bookmarks. Other notable new games to check out include Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey, The Last Vikings and Wizards and Wagons.
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