Top iOS apps and games of the week #43

Guide a family on an epic quest for survival, team up with other players in a massive online shooter and discover a beggar’s true destiny in our roundup of the top new games. In our selection of new apps, we’ve got a one-touch photo editor and a fun new video app from Instagram.


Boomerang_iconBoomerang (Free)

Instagram has launched a new video app called Boomerang, which lets you create one-second mini looping videos. The app features a simple interface with a single button that captures a burst of 10 photos. The images are then stitched together, sped up, smoothened out for bumps, and converted into a looping video. You can use either your front or rear camera, and share your videos directly to Facebook or Instagram.

Boomerang_1 Boomerang_2 Boomerang_3

Great Big Story_iconGreat Big Story (Free)

Great Big Story is an app that brings you curated, interesting videos from across the world on a daily basis. Videos are divided across categories like New Frontiers, The Human Condition, Flavors and Planet Earth. All videos are delivered in HD, and display a small summary you can skim through. You’ll be able to favourite videos for easy access later, and share them with friends too.

Great Big Story_1 Great Big Story_2 Great Big Story_3

Lucid_iconLucid (Rs 190)

Always wanted a photo-editing app that does all the hard work for you? Lucid might be your best bet. The app analyses each photo, makes up to 18 corrections and delivers professionally edited images with a single tap. There are five preset corrective effects you can apply, such as Fix, Fix Dark, Fix Tint, Fix Noise and Beautify. The Beautify mode is meant to enhance your selfies, and instantly removes blemishes, dark circles, shine and red eye, while also whitening teeth and contouring faces. While the edit process is automated, you can fine tune details if you want more control. 

Lucid_1 Lucid_2 Lucid_3


Afterpulse_iconAfterpulse (Free)

Afterpulse is an online mobile shooter that lets you engage in free-for-all battles and eight-player Team Deathmatches, while letting you hone your skills in a training mode. As a soldier, you’ll get to customise your headgear, body armour, grenades and equipment. You can choose from an array of battle styles such as handgun, shotgun, assault, sniper, rockets, etc., and evolve and combine over 35 primary and secondary weapons. The game features console quality Metal-enhanced graphics, photorealistic urban backgrounds and customisable controls.

Afterpulse_1 Afterpulse_2

Brothers_iconBrothers: A Tale of two Sons (Rs 300)

In this touching, story-driven game, you’ll guide an ailing father and his two sons as they set out on a journey to find the Water of Life. The game lets you simultaneously control both brothers, Naia and Naiee, in a single-player mode using dual virtual joysticks. You’ll get to solve puzzles, explore stunning locations and fight boss battles, using the varying strength, speed and size of each brother. The game features gorgeous 3D graphics and an emotional storyline that will keep you hooked.

Brothers_1 Brothers_2

The Beggars Ride_iconThe Beggar’s Ride (Rs 250)

The Beggar’s Ride is a charming, platform puzzler where you’ll play an old beggar who uncovers a mysterious mask that leads him into an entirely new world. The game will take you through mystical and beautiful lands, where you’ll be able to solve fiendish puzzles, unearth collectable items and secret areas and discover your true destiny. There are a total of four masks to discover, each with their unique set of God-like powers. 

The Beggars Ride_1 The Beggars Ride_2

Zombie Deathmatch_iconZombie Deathmatch (Free)

A genetically engineered serum has turned humans into zombies, and the evil leader Papa Rainbow has unleashed zombie hordes on mankind. You play a human immune to the virus, tasked with building your own zombie-fighting team to defeat the enemy. You’ll get to collect various zombies spanning three classes – Brute, Mauler and Stalker – and equip them with deadly armour and weapons. You’ll get to compete in four fighting leagues, defeating zombie bosses and becoming the ultimate champion and saviour of the human race. 

Zombie Deathmatch_1 Zombie Deathmatch_2

App of the Week

Dr. Panda’s Postman (Free)

This week, Apple is giving away popular children’s game Dr. Panda’s Postman for free. In the game, kids will get to be a postman, explore a world filled with mountains, villages, forests and fields, and interact with over 10 animals. They’ll also get to paint their own postcards and make their own packages.

Other notable new games to check out include Please Don’t Touch Anything, Neo Monsters and Future Sense.

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