Top iOS apps and games of the week #42

In this week’s roundup of top iOS games, we’ve got some fun-filled titles from all-time favourites Minecraft and the Minions, as well as an engaging multiplayer strategy game. On the apps front, we’ve selected the newly launched Skype for Business, as well as the completely overhauled Yahoo Mail app.


Skype for Business_iconSkype for Business (Free)

Microsoft’s former Lync 2013 app has been relaunched as Skype for Business. The app lets you initiate a group IM or video chat, and join, rejoin or initiate a Skype for Business meeting. You’ll be able to simultaneously watch a speaker’s video and share content during a conference. Other features include the ability to mute or remove attendees, look at your upcoming meetings and join them with a click, find and continue recent conversations, and search for contacts via name, numbers or email addresses. While anyone can use the app when invited for a meeting, you’ll need to have a Lync or Skype for Business account in order to enjoy the complete features.

Skype for Business_1 Skype for Business_2 Skype for Business_3

Yahoo Mail_iconYahoo Mail (Free)

Yahoo Mail for iOS has received a major design refresh in version 4.0. The app now features a cleaner look with intuitive swipe-based gestures. The app now lets you add multiple mailboxes, including AOL, Hotmail and Outlook, and quickly switch between them. It lets you attach multiple photos and videos at once, and easily find contacts, files, photos and emails with smarter search. The company has also introduced a new feature called Yahoo Account Key, which aims to eliminate passwords. This links your account to a mobile device, and approves new logins via push notifications.

Yahoo Mail_1 Yahoo Mail_2 Yahoo Mail_3

Live GIF_iconLive GIF (Rs 120)

Live GIF is a new app that aims to capitalise on the Live Photos feature introduced on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The app lets you save any Live Photo as a GIF, and edit it with any GIF editing app. Alternatively, you can save it as a video, and edit it in a video editor. You’ll then be able to share your GIFs via iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email and more.

Live GIF_1 Live GIF_2 Live GIF_3


Minecraft Story Mode_iconMinecraft: Story Mode (Rs 300)

Minecraft’s creators have come together with acclaimed game studio Telltale Games for this new story-based adventure set in the world of Minecraft. In classic Telltale style, the game is divided into a five-part episodic series. You’ll play Jesse, as you embark on a dangerous adventure through the Overworld to find the Order of the Stone and save your world from destruction. The campaign-based gameplay is different for each player, with the decisions you make impacting the final outcome of the game. 

Minecraft Story Mode_1 Minecraft Story Mode_2

Downwell_iconDownwell (Rs 190)

In Downwell, you’ll play a boy who ventures down a deep, dark well to uncover lost treasures. Armed only with your lethal Gunboots, you’ll need to fend off nasty creatures dwelling in the depths, with each shot slowing your descent. Along the way, you’ll have to collect precious red gems scattered among the rocks, and use your riches to buy useful items from shops or obtain upgrades. While the gameplay follows an endless descent style, each attempt down the well is procedurally generated so you’ll have a different experience every time you play.

Downwell_1 Downwell_2 Downwell_3

Minions Paradise_iconMinions Paradise (Free)

The Minions are back in this fun world building game. Phil the Minion accidentally has accidentally sunk a vacationing cruise ship carrying his Minion friends, and its up to him to turn a deserted tropical island into the ultimate vacation paradise. Along with his buddies Kevin, Stuart and Bob, you’ll need to help Phil throw epic parties, customise the island with hammocks, hot tubs, beach volleyball courts, and more. You’ll also have to aid Phil in building a special resort for the villains from the Minions movie, and help them enjoy their vacation while they put their evil plans into motion.

Minions Paradise_1 Minions Paradise_2

Subterfuge_iconSubterfuge (Free)

Subterfuge is a week-long multiplayer game that plays out in real time. Using strategy and diplomacy, you’ll have to gather intelligence, coordinate with other players and issue orders to influence the outcome of the game. With an in-app purchase, you can unlock unlimited scheduled orders, create private games, play multiple games simultaneously and keep notes about other players.

Subterfuge_1 Subterfuge_2 Subterfuge_3

Orc King_iconOrc King (Free)

An RPG title, in Orc King you’ll set out on an epic adventure to regain your honour and save your homeland from humans. The game features a unique luck-based system which lets you forge, craft and upgrade over 20 levels of weapons like axes, warhammers, maces and more. You’ll also need to collect treasures and scrolls, and spin the wheel of fortune to become rich. Plus, you’ll get to complete several quests, fight boss battles, build your kingdom, and level up your skills.

Orc King_1 Orc King_2 Orc King_3

App of the week

Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy (Free)

This week’s free App of the Week is air combat game Sky Gamblers Air Supremacy. In the game, you’ll have to man a fighter jet, as you fly around the skies and try to take out your enemies. Apart from a full single player campaign, the game also offers a bunch of online lone and multiplayer modes. 

Other notable new games to check out include NBA 2K16, Cloud Chasers – A Journey of Hope and Makibot Evolve.

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