Top iOS apps and games of the week #4

This week, we’ve got a great selection of apps and games that will keep you entertained over the long weekend. A weather app with a sense of humour and a useful app for shift workers headline our selection of top apps. On the gaming front, we’ve got the official game from The LEGO Movie, a racing game with one-touch controls, and an endless walking game with visuals that will remind you of Monument Valley


Handle_iconHandle (Free)

Taking productivity to the max, Handle is a new app that combines your email inbox, to-do list and calendar in one place. You can view your to-do list in a timeline view, turn emails into actions, set contextual reminders based on time or location, create projects and more. The app features integration with Gmail and Google calendar, and also has a Chrome plugin for access from your PC.

Handle_1 Handle_2 Handle_3

Weather or Die_iconFunny or Die (Free)

Funny or Die is a brand new weather app with a sense of humour. The simple interface gives you details on weather, complete with background animations and hilarious ‘Daily Thoughts’ and ‘Weather Facts of the Day’. It also gives you details on 5-day forecasts, barometric pressure, wind speed, humidity, UV index, sunrise, sunset, moon phases and tides, and lets you add locations from across the world.

Weather or Die_1 Weather or Die_2 Weather or Die_3

Shifts_iconShifts (Rs 120)

For those of you working shifts, this is the app that wants to organise your life. Appropriately called Shifts, the app lets you create custom shifts and add them to your calendar. You can set up to two shifts per day, enable shift rotation, and view a month’s or year’s worth of shifts. You’ll also be able to view your personal iCloud calendar over your schedule, add personal notes to any shifts, enter your hourly rate to view monthly earnings, share your schedule with friends and family, add vacation dates, and set shift reminders.

Shifts_1 Shifts_2 Shifts_3


Rocket Cars_iconRocket Cars (Free)

Selected as this week’s Editors’ Choice, Rocket Cars is a new racing game that uses simple single-touch controls that let you steer, accelerate and perform stunts with a swipe of a finger. In the game, you’ll be able to race monster trucks, buggies and pick-ups, and choose from 15 racing cars and five car categories. The game features 67 levels, five game modes, 50 tracks, as well as missions and daily challenges.

Rocket Cars_1 Rocket Cars_2 Rocket Cars_3

The Lego Movie Video Game_iconThe LEGO Movie Video Game (Rs 300)

The official game of The LEGO Movie is finally out on iOS. In the game, you’ll play Emmet, an ordinary citizen who becomes the key to saving the world. The game features over 45 levels, with 90 characters from the film you’ll meet along the way, including Batman, Gandalf and Superman. You’ll also need to smash LEGO pieces in environments made of LEGO bricks, and collect and use LEGO instructions to make Master Builder creations.

The Lego Movie Video Game_1 The Lego Movie Video Game_2

Invertical Touch_iconInvertical Touch (Rs 60)

A new puzzle platformer, in Invertical Touch you’ll need to guide the cubical character called Qube as he tries to find his portal home. In order to find the route back, you’ll need to invert colours so that Qube can run across levels, avoiding creatures and traps along the way. The game features 60 levels, 10 unique chapters and 150 collectible items like scrolls and books.

Invertical Touch_1 Invertical Touch_2

Skyward_iconSkyward (Free)

At first glance, Skyward looks like a blatant rip-off of Monument Valley, but apart from the M.C. Esher-inspired geometric visuals, the gameplay is completely different. Skyward is essentially an endless-walking game, where you need to control your movement through simple, one-touch controls. As you climb higher, you’ll be able to unlock more patterns, although they get harder as your progress.

Skyward_1 Skyward_2 Skyward_3

App of the Week


Apple has chosen the gorgeous puzzle game SHADES as its App of the Week selection.  The game requires you to create a row of like-coloured blocks to clear a row, stacking different shades to create a darker colour if necessary. The game features three difficulty levels, and recently received improved controls thanks to a new update.

Other notable new apps include Potatoman Seeks the TroofMoneygrabber! and DRAGON QUEST V.

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