Top iOS apps and games of the week #37

At its annual September event in Cupertino, Apple announced the next-gen iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, along with the massive iPad Pro and compact iPad Mini 4. Apple fans will be able to get their hands on the new devices in the coming months, but in the meantime we went ahead and scoured the App Store for the best new apps and games launched this week.


Paper_iconPaper (Free)

Paper, the popular note-taking app for the iPad is finally available on the iPhone with the latest update. The app combines your notes, photos and sketches in one place, making executing your ideas and projects easier. The swipe to style gestures help you change headline sizes, create bullet points and format lists, while the photo tool lets you spotlight and annotate images. You can also draw and sketch diagrams, and the app will then modify crudely drawn shapes. You can then export your notes as a PDF, image, Keynote or PowerPoint presentation.

Paper_1 Paper_2 Paper_3

ReBoard_iconReBoard (Rs 60)

A smart new keyboard app, ReBoard enables you to perform multiple tasks within the keyboard, without switching apps. It integrates over 19 apps, including Calendar, Dropbox, Google Drive, Calculator, Reminders, YouTube, Dictionary, Wikipedia, Unit Converter, and more, with additional apps due to be added soon. Every app you use will let you complete more actions, such as copying results, inserting links and attaching images into the app you’re currently using. The app also features 11 colourful themes, full emoji support and predictive typing. 

ReBoard_1 ReBoard_2 ReBoard_3

Next Keyboard_iconNext Keyboard (Rs 250)

If you’re looking for a gorgeous keyboard that offers intelligent word prediction, check out Next Keyboard. The app features beautiful, minimalist themes in a range of colours, over 1,400 emojis and 60 custom designed stickers. It offers intelligent next word prediction and advanced autocorrect, and lets you swipe along the spacebar to move the cursor to make quick edits.

Next Keyboard_1 Next Keyboard_2 Next Keyboard_3

Flotsm_iconFlotsm (Free)

If making decisions is tough for you, Flotsm is social app that wants to help out. The anonymous app lets you post any question without revealing your identity, and get instant results from other users. All you need to do is compose your question, add multiple choice answer options, add a photo and send. You’ll be able to target and filter questions and responses by age, gender and location to get more relevant results. Additionally, you’ll also be able to browse and respond to other user’s questions, and search for and follow topics of your choice.

Flotsm_1 Flotsm_2 Flotsm_3


Star Wars Uprising_iconStar Wars: Uprising (Rs 250)

In Star Wars: Uprising you’ll need to prepare and engage in a new fight against the Empire. You’ll get to choose between a range of abilities, species, customisations and classic gear to mould your Star Wars character or create a new one from scratch. You’ll then need to complete challenging missions on Hoth, Cloud City and more, and fight against evil bosses. The massive multiplayer Sector Battles let you engage in real-time co-op with friends and other players across the world, as you discover the secrets of the Sector and build allies.

Star Wars Uprising_1 Star Wars Uprising_2

Puzzle Craft 2_iconPuzzle Craft 2 (Free)

In this sequel to popular puzzle adventure game Puzzle Craft, you’ll get to rule an entire empire, matching tiles to farm, scavenge, mine, craft and build settlements for your workers. You’ll get to explore the land and seas to search for resources, new species and lost treasures, unlock over 40 puzzles, and complete tons of quests, challenges, trophies and more. You’ll also get to use your influence and magical runes to control the weather and summon villagers, and compete in Royal Quests through Game Center.

Puzzle Craft 2_1 Puzzle Craft 2_2

Drylands Plan B_iconDrylands: Plan B (Free)

In this post-apocalyptic RPG platformer, you’ll play a prisoner who teams up with the people of Serenity to brave the wastelands. The game features a deep quests system, main plot, secondary stories and bounty hunter missions. There are huge levels to explore, with loot and collectibles waiting to be discovered. You’ll also need to hack into computers to control various machinery, and discover codes to access new locations. Along the way, you’ll need fight enemies and boss battles, using different weapons to your advantage. You’ll also get to improve your character, and upgrade your equipment through a range of vendors.

Drylands Plan B_1 Drylands Plan B_2

Oraia Rift_iconOraia Rift (Rs 190)

Oraia Rift is a RPG game where you’ll need to defend the pastoral land of Oraia from the evil Rift Dwellers. In the game, you’ll get to travel across the massive world of Oraia and explore 10 environments, while solving a series of puzzles. You’ll also need to battle enemies using tactical spell-based combat, upgrading your hero along the way. The game features over 10 hours of story-driven gameplay and MFi controller support.

Oraia Rift_1 Oraia Rift_2

App of the week

Infinity Blade III (Free)

Free on the App Store all this week is the popular action RPG Infinity Blade III. The last instalment of the popular sword fighting series will let you play as either Siris or Isa, as you join with the God King Radriar to destroy the Worker of Secrets. The game features all new achievements, detailed story scenes and three new modes.

Other notable new games to check out include Slow Down, Mucho Taco and Rambo – The Mobile Game.

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