Top iOS apps and games of the week #34

There’s a sweet surprise in store for FINAL FANTASY fans this week, as the seventh iteration of the popular RPG title finally makes its way to the App Store. Apart from a bunch of other fun games, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a new GIF creator, a handy keyboard and a useful new location sharing app from LINE.



GIPHY CAM is a fun new app that lets you record and create GIFs right from your iPhone. You can simply press and hold the button to record GIFs on loop, or alternatively tap it to shoot a five-minute burst mode GIF. You can then enhance your GIF with over 40 filters, overlays and effects. GIFs can be sent to friends via text, shared via Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, or saved to your camera roll for use later.


QuickKey_iconQuickKey (Rs 120)

A custom keyboard to make typing frequently-used text easier, QuickKey lets you quickly type pre-defined text like email addresses, personal information and other commonly used phrases for forms easy and other websites. The developers maintain that QuickKey doesn’t track or collect anything you type, since all data is stored locally on your device.

QuickKey_1 QuickKey_2 QuickKey_3


A new app from the popular instant messaging service, LINE HERE makes it easy to share your location with friends and family. You can share your location with individuals, or with groups through ‘sharing rooms’.  You can set a timer to specify how long you want to share your location – anywhere from one hour to 24 hours –  or alternatively enable and disable it at any time. You’ll also receive notifications every time a friend arrives or leaves a particular location.




FINAL FANTASY VII is finally available on iOS, and fans of the hit RPG title will be glad to know that the game is a direct port of the PC version, without any modifications. In the game, you’ll need to battle the evil Shinra Electric Power Company to protect the world from destruction. You’ll be able to customise your characters using the ‘materia’ system, which lets you use any combination of spells and abilities. Apart from the main storyline, you’ll also be able play a bunch of mini games in the Gold Saucer mode.


PAC MAN 256_iconPAC-MAN 256 (Free)

From the creators of popular game Crossy Road comes another arcade title. PAC-MAN 256 is a play on the original arcade game, which would cause a glitch after you went past stage 256. In PAC-MAN 256, the ‘Glitch’ is a super villain, and one you’ll have to stay ahead of to survive. Apart from the original ghosts, the game also introduces three new ghosts called Sue, Funky and Spunky. There are also 15 new power-ups, and a ‘special surprise’ if you perform a 256-dot combo.

PAC MAN 256_1 PAC MAN 256_2 PAC MAN 256_3

Frozen Synapse Prime_iconFrozen Synapse Prime (Rs 300)

The iOS remake of the Steam and PS Vita title, Frozen Synapse Prime is a turn-based strategy game where you’ll need to lead a rebel faction of elite soldiers to overthrow the evil corporation that controls your city. Your team will include shotgunners, snipers, grenadiers and machine-gunners, and you’ll need to issue orders and plot paths to stay ahead of your opponent in each turn. The game features over 40 missions, ranging from protecting VIPs, rescuing hostages, and infiltrating and controlling bases.

Frozen Synapse Prime_1 Frozen Synapse Prime_2

Winter Fugutives_iconWinter Fugitives (Free)

A stealth game where you’re tasked with escaping from an isolated prison in the mountains, in Winter Fugitives you’ll play the last inmate from your ward to join an unexpected escape. You’ll need to make your way through snowstorms and past barricades, avoiding guards, attacking them by surprise or bribing them to get past. You’ll also get the opportunity to free captured inmates, and ultimately uncover the secret behind why your break-out was engineered in the first place.

Winter Fugutives_1 Winter Fugutives_2 Winter Fugutives_3

App of the Week

Quell Memento+ (Free)

As part of Apple’s weekly App Store giveaway, you can download the logic-puzzle game Quell Memento+ for free for a limited time. Set in an abandoned house, the game requires you to restore order by solving over 150 challenging puzzles.

Other noteworthy new games to check out include Demon’s Rise, Galactic Keep and Horizon Chase – World Tour.

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