Top iOS apps and games of the week #32

Explore a mysterious mansion from the perspective of a spider, build and expand your farm, and battle evil felines in a dogs vs cats space shooter in our selection of top iOS games. On the apps front, we’ve got Microsoft’s answer to Google Translate, and two loaded photo editors.


Microsoft Translator_iconMicrosoft Translator (Free)

Microsoft has launched Translator, its answer to the popular Google Translate app. As the name suggests, the app helps you translate languages easily. The app lets you speak the phrase or word you want translated, and displays the translated text in full screen cards, making it easy to communicate. And if you’re not sure how to pronounce the translation, the app will say it for you. You can also bookmark translations for easy access, or look up recently translated phrases.

Microsoft Translator_1 Microsoft Translator_2 Microsoft Translator_3

Darkroom_iconDarkroom 2 (Free)

Popular image editing app Darkroom has received a major update in version 2.0. The app features a new Pro Kit, which includes Curves, Color and Tone. The Pro Kit also lets you share your custom filters on social media, which other users can download and use. Other new features include premium filter packs, complete filter management tools, the ability to inset your photo when adding white borders for Instagram, ‘Favourite’ and ‘Delete’ options within the app, and more. 

Darkroom_1 Darkroom_2 Darkroom_3

Bestie_iconBestie (Free)

From the folks over at Camera360 comes a new photography app, this time for selfies. Bestie aims to help you capture the perfect selfie by offering 26 specially designed filters. It features face retouching technology, letting you change skin tone, slim your face, enlarge your eyes, remove acne, highlight bridges and more. There are also blur and vignette tools, a night mode with noise reduction, the ability to switch between front and rear cameras, and integrated sharing options.

Bestie_1 Bestie_2 Bestie_3


Spider_iconSpider: Rite of the Shrouded Moon (Rs 300)

In this mysterious adventure game, you’ll be tasked with exploring an abandoned mansion from a spider’s perspective, as you attempt to find out the truth about its existence. The game features real time day and night transitions, so if it’s dark outside, it’ll be dark in the game. You’ll need to solve cryptic puzzles, spin webs to trap insects, explore the various rooms and uncover buried secrets. The game features 30 levels, seven puzzles and 48 unlockable achievements.

Spider_1 Spider_2

Paradise Bay_iconParadise Bay (Free)

In Paradise Bay, you’ll be able to create the island of your dreams, develop a bustling port and explore new worlds. You’ll get to explore your island, unlock its secrets, discover and rear the island’s animals, harvest resources, craft goods, and buy and sell items in the marketplace. You’ll also get to trade with islanders, merchant ships and friends, and discover lost treasures at sea.

Paradise Bay_1 Paradise Bay_2 Paradise Bay_3

Farming Simulator 16_iconFarming Simulator 16 (Rs 300)

In this open world agriculture simulation game, you’ll be able to manage your farm in realistic detail. You’ll be able to plant and harvest five types of crops, including wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet and potatoes. There are huge tractors and farming machines you can control, from over 20 different agricultural manufacturers. You’ll also be able to feed cows and sheep to produce milk and wool, harvest wood and sell timber, buy fields to expand your farm, manage Artificial Intelligence helpers and play with friends in local multiplayer mode.

Farming Simulator 16_1 Farming Simulator 16_2

Apocalypse Meow_iconApocalypse Meow (Free)

In this cats vs dogs space shooter, the evil felines have unleashed devastation on mankind, and it’s up to man’s best friend to rescue survivors as you battle hordes of enemy ships. The game features dynamic missions, boss battles, arcade action, daily rewards and multiple difficulty levels for each sector. There are several upgrades for weapons, shields, health, mystery tech, etc, as well as achievements and leaderboards. 

Apocalypse Meow_2 Apocalypse Meow_3 Apocalypse Meow_1

App of the Week

Matter (Free)

Free on the App Store this week is photo-editing app Matter. The app lets you embed unique 3D objects to your photos, make them reflective, refractive, translucent or opaque, and adjust the shadow to create ethereal results. 

Other notable new games to check out include Manowar, Rockstars of Ooo and Sling Kong.

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