Top iOS apps and games of the week #31

All new bird-slinging action, a bunch of addictive arcade titles and a loaded dungeon crawler have been selected as our top iOS games of the week. Our apps roundup includes a useful gallery cleaner, and updates to VSCO Cam and Google Translate.


Gallery Doctor_iconGallery Doctor (Rs 190)

If you’ve got tons of photos taking up precious gigabytes on your iPhone and iCloud storage, Gallery Doctor could be the solution you need. The app automatically identifies unwanted photos, such as those that are blurry, dark, poor quality and duplicate/similar images. You can then decide which images you want to keep or delete, using Tinder-style swipe gestures. The app also learns your habits over time, getting smarter with its suggestions.

Gallery Doctor_1 Gallery Doctor_2 Gallery Doctor_3

VSCO Cam_iconVSCO Cam (Free)

Popular camera, photo editing and photo sharing app VSCO Cam has received a significant new update. The app has gained a new feature called ‘Collections’. You can use Collections to share your work, or search for inspiring photos on VSCO Cam, and double tap to save and add them to your Collections. The new update also adds the ability to snap a photo by using the volume button. 

VSCO Cam_1 VSCO Cam_2 VSCO Cam_3

Google Translate_iconGoogle Translate (Free)

Google Translate has received a useful little update that enables it to offer instant translations of visual text in 20 new languages, including Hindi. Users just need to open the app, click on the camera and point it at the text, which will then be translated on the screen instantly. What’s more, an internet connection isn’t required, a useful feature if you’re travelling to a new country without access to data. 

Google Translate_1 Google Translate_2 Google Translate_3


Angry Birds 2_iconAngry Birds 2 (Free)

Rovio’s original Angry Birds is back, this time in a new and improved sequel. The game now lets you choose your bird for each level. As you play, you’ll be able to fill up your Destruct-o-Meter and unlock extra birds. There are also a bunch of new spells to unleash at the naughty porkers, including blizards, hot chilis, golden ducks and more. Other features include detailed colourful visuals, levels with multiple stages, the ability to challenge friends, and piggy boss battles. 

Angry Birds 2_1 Angry Birds 2_2 Angry Birds 2_3

Race the Sun_iconRace the Sun (Rs 300)

An endless arcade game with beautiful visuals, in Race the Sun you’ll play a solar craft, hurtling towards the sunset at breakneck speed in a race against time. The sun serves as your death timer, and you’ll need to catch energy boosts to delay the sunset, if only for a few seconds. You’ll be able to customise your ship with decals and features like faster turning, complete objectives to level up your ship, and unlock two extra worlds.

Race the Sun_1 Race the Sun_2

Angel Stone_iconAngel Stone (Free)

Angel Stone is a hack-and-slash dungeon crawler where you’ll need to battle your way through demon-infested dungeons to save the world from destruction. You’ll get to choose from three classes – Berserker, Gunslinger or Shadow Mage – as you delve into a story driven experience in a complete 3D world. The game features over 60 missions, 100 powerful skills, unique controls, a range of weapons and armour, and real-time co-op gameplay. 

Angel Stone_1 Angel Stone_2 Angel Stone_3

Battle Golf_iconBattle Golf (Free)

An arcade golf game with a fun twist, in Battle Golf your only goal is to get your golf ball into the hole before your opponent. The game places you and the opponent on opposite sides of the screen, with the hole in the middle. You can use as many strokes as you require, in some cases going for the ‘head shot’ to knock out your opponent for a few seconds and gain time. The game also has a time-based challenge where you play solo, trying to score as many holes as possible in 60 seconds.

Battle Golf_1 Battle Golf_2

Cube Jump_iconCube Jump (Free)

A fun arcade game which is basically Crossy Road in space, in Cube Jump you’ll need to navigate a little cube through space, jumping across various moving platforms to avoid falling into the abyss. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect several smaller cubes to unlock new characters.

Cube Jump_1 Cube Jump_2 Cube Jump_3

App of the Week

Worms 3 (Free)

As part of its App of the Week promotion, Apple is letting you download the military strategy game Worms 3 for free. The game puts you in control of a team of worms, as you battle other teams for the top spot, using weapons, worm classes and a card mode to help you further your goal.

Other notable new games to check out include Operation Dracula, Domino Drop and Mechanosaur Hijacks the Moon.

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