Top iOS apps and games of the week #30

Endless kung-fu action, a pole-vaulting arcade title and a remake of the classic Qbert greet you in this week’s top games. Among our shortlist of apps, we’ve got a smart recorder app and the iOS edition of Google Spotlight Stories.


Popsicle_iconPopsicle (Free)

Popsicle is a mobile messaging app that lets you chat with your Twitter friends. Provided you follow the person on Twitter and they have the app installed, you can tap on their contact to begin chatting. The app features privacy settings, so you can decide who can send you messages. It’s devoid of spam and ads, and syncs chats and contacts in the background.

Popsicle_1 Popsicle_2 Popsicle_3

Google Spotlight Stories_iconGoogle Spotlight Stories (Free)

Google Spotlight Stories is finally available on the App Store. The app features specially designed mobile stories that use 2D and 3D animation, 360-degree spherical video and sound sphere audio. The app offers a bunch of story experiences, which are a little different each time you watch. 

Google Spotlight Stories_1 Google Spotlight Stories_2 Google Spotlight Stories_3

Pio_iconPio (Free)

Pio is a smart recorder app you can use for interviews, meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions and more. The app lets you mark important moments in a conversation, and lets you skim through a recorded clip by listening only to marked moments. You can also export clips to Dropbox and Google Drive, complete with the original recording, marked clips and annotations. Additionally, you can go back to edit the recording, removing or added marked clips. You can even create projects and colour-code them for easy organisation.

Pio_1 Pio_2 Pio_3


Fingers of Fury_iconFingers of Fury (Free)

In this kung-fu brawler, you’ll need to defeat endless waves of axe-armed thugs, with the battle escalating as you progress. You’ll also need to make your way through multiple training halls, making sure you don’t harm civilians who get in the way. The game features intuitive two-tap controls, a punch combo system and Game Center integration.

Fingers of Fury_1 Fingers of Fury_2

Vault_iconVault! (Free)

An endless arcade title, in Vault! You’ll need to use your pole-vaulting skills to advance as far as possible. The game features simple one-touch gameplay, but you’ll need to contend with several obstacles like cliffs, bouncy springs and wobbly red balls along the way. You’ll also come across gold coins, which can be used to unlock unique characters.

Vault_2 Vault_1

Qbert Rebooted_iconQbert Rebooted (Free)

The classic 1980’s 2D arcade game Qbert comes back to life in this new title. Qbert Rebooted retains the pixel art of the original game, but is optimised for touchscreens. The game requires you to jump around an isometric cube pyramid, converting each block’s colour while avoiding old enemies like Coily, Ugg, Slick, Sam and more. Levels become harder as you play, with more enemies appearing and multiple jumps becoming required to change blocks.

Qbert Rebooted_1 Qbert Rebooted_2

Prune_iconPrune (Rs 250)

Prune is a gorgeous game that’s dedicated to the beauty and love of cultivation. You’ll need to swipe your finger to grow and shape a tree towards the sunlight, while trying to avoid the dangers of the world. The game features minimalist art, a meditative soundtrack and iCloud synchronisation. 

Prune_1 Prune_2 Prune_3

App of the Week

Spongebob Moves In (Free)

Free all this week is the adorable Spongebob Moves In. The game starts with Spongebob’s first day at Bikini Bottom, where you’ll need to move him into his Pineapple house, get him a job at the Krusty Krab and turn the town into a bustling underwater city.

 Other notable new games to check out include Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, The Long Siege and Stupid Zombies 3.

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