Top iOS apps and games of the week #3

This week, the App Store was flooded with several interesting new apps and games. On the gaming front, there’s a gorgeous new shadow-themed puzzler, an intense 3-on-3 combat game involving your favourite WWE stars, and a pirate-themed action strategy game. We’ve also shortlisted a wonderful app that lets you help the visually impaired, a news app with a historical twist, and a big update to Google Translate.


Timeline_iconTimeline (Free)

Timeline is a unique news app that puts a historical context on current news. It displays news in a timeline format put together by the app’s editorial team, letting you scroll through connected events that took place in the past. The app lets you discover news by topic, bookmark your favourite timelines, and share them via Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS.

Timeline_1 Timeline_2 Timeline_3

Complete_iconComplete (Free)

Complete is a new app that aims to turn your to-do lists into a social network. Using the app, you can make your list and share it with friends, colleagues and followers, who will give you advice and motivation to achieve your goals. The app also features private lists, and the ability to add notes, priorities and images to tasks.

Complete_1 Complete_2 Complete_3

Sunny_iconSunny (Rs 120)

Sunny is a relaxation and meditation app that helps you unwind by combining stereoscopic beach sounds with calming beach scenes. The are six beach scenes on offer, and additional sounds like music, rain, rain on tent and birds you can add according to your preference. Provided you have the data, Sunny can read your heart-rate from HealthKit and display it on a relax session graph.

Sunny_1 Sunny_2

Be My Eyes_iconBe My Eyes (Free)

A wonderful app that enables you make a difference in the lives of the visually impaired, Be My Eyes lets you literally ‘see’ for a blind person. The app sets up a live audio-video feed between you and the blind person, letting you see what they’re pointing at with their phone’s rear camera. The required help might be in the form of something simple, like checking the expiry date on milk or helping them to navigate new surroundings. In case you miss a help call, the app automatically transfers it to the wider user network.

Be My Eyes_1 Be My Eyes_2 Be My Eyes_3

Google Translate_iconGoogle Translate (Free)

Google’s Translate app has received a major update on iOS, bringing automatic language translations in speech mode. Once the app detects which two languages are being spoken, it provides translations for both in real time, enabling you to have a fluid conversation with the other person. The update also brings a new Word Lens feature. By pointing the camera at a sign, menu or any text, the app will automatically overlay the translated text, even without an internet connection.

Google Translate_1 Google Translate_2 Google Translate_3


Shadowmatic_iconShadowmatic (Rs 190)

A beautiful puzzle game, in Shadowmatic you’ll be tasked with rotating objects in a spotlight to find recognisable shapes in their shadows that are relevant to the surrounding environment. The game features nine rooms, each with their own distinct atmosphere and accompanying soundtrack. There are over 70 levels to complete, as well as a hint system to help you with difficult puzzles. 

Shadowmatic_1 Shadowmatic_2

Raids of Glory_iconRaids of Glory (Free)

Think Clash of Clans with pirates, and you’ve got Raids of Glory. The action strategy game will have you building your own stronghold, assembling your crew of fearsome buccaneers, and destroying rival bases to become the biggest gang in the land. The game has a single player campaign where you’re tasked with wiping out the evil Reeking Rogues, but you can also team up with friends to form stronger gangs and battle against thousands of other players online.

Raids of Glory_1 Raids of Glory_2

Flockers_iconFlockers (Rs 120)

From the creator of Worms comes a new spinoff called Flockers. In this game, the Sheep, who were used as weapons by the Worms, are now making a run for it. You’ll have to guide them through 60 treacherous levels, avoiding crushers, buzz-saws, deep trenches filled with spikes and swinging meat cleavers. There are over 18 types of sheep, including robot, zombie, pirate and skeleton varieties, each with their own talented abilities. Along the way, you’ll be able to collect different types of wool to earn rewards.

Flockers_1 Flockers_2

Gunslugs 2_iconGunslugs 2 (Rs 190)

The second game in the Gunslugs series is filled with chaotic run-and-gun action. In this game, the Gunslugs are tasked with stopping the Black Duck Army from taking over the galaxy. The game features seven worlds, each with eight levels and accompanying boss battles. Adding to the commotion are weapons like tanks, hell-worms, rocket launchers, lightning guns and huge spaceships.

Gunslugs 2_1 Gunslugs 2_2

WWE Immortals_iconWWE Immortals (Free)

From the makers of Injustice and Mortal Combat comes WWE Immortals, a new game where your favourite WWE players are endowed with superhero abilities. Each player has their own unique superpower, and you’ll be able to use them to pull off special attacks and combos in 3-on-3 combat. Among the featured superstars are The Undertaker, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Triple H and many more. There’s also a multiplayer mode where you can take on other players in online battles.

WWE Immortals_1 WWE Immortals_2

App of the Week

Marvel Pinball (Free)

Free for one week, in Marvel Pinball you’ll be able to play an Avengers themed pinball table. There are other tables based on Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America and more that can be unlocked with an in-app purchase, and these are also being offered at a 50 percent discount during the week-long promotion.

Also check out Words on Tour, The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault and Lowlander.

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